It was this guy, the sixth generation ipad mini. This was a much needed design refresh to a tablet that hadnt seen a major update since the release of the first generation all the way back in 2012.. If you guys watched any of my iphone 12 mini videos last year, youll know that im a big fan of smaller devices and this ipad mini is no different. What apple has done here is effectively taken the ipad air that came out last year and then shrunk. It down to ipad mini proportions. The 10.9 inch display on the air shrinks to just 8.3 inches on the mini. Now, if you want to get a good grasp for how small this tablet actually is just attach the second generation apple pencil, which is now compatible with it, the pencil basically takes up the entire length of the mini. Some people might be a little disappointed that apple still hasnt moved to oled displays with the ipad mini like they did with the iphones or like samsung, did with some of their tablets and normally yes, i would probably agree with them. Oled looks way better because of the much higher contrast ratio but heres the thing because of what the ipad mini is going to be used for. Oled, probably wouldnt have been a good idea if youre interested in the mini, you might be looking at it as just a general use tablet. Maybe youll use it to scroll through your social feeds or watch youtube or netflix, or maybe you want to use it to take notes in class and the mini will be great for all of that.

Dont get me wrong, but the business and professional world sees this ipad completely differently. These things are going to sell like hotcakes for businesses that want small tablets for point of sale or other purpose built applications. I mean i myself tweeted about the fact that i want to turn this thing into a dedicated smart home control center that gets mounted in my wall. Oled is susceptible to burn in when the pixels dont change for an extended period of time. So for those cases an ips panel was actually probably a better move and its not like this is a bad ips panel either the colors are still great for watching any kind of media content and because this is a small screen, the 2266 by 1488 resolution is Still definitely sharp enough its still a 60hz display, though so its not gon na, feel as smooth and fluid as the ipad pros, with their promotion 120hz displays. The only thing i dont like about the display is actually software related its how small all of the icons are and how strange the spacing looks on the mini. I know all ipads have this kind of padding between the bezel and the icons, but it just looks like a waste of space to me on something thats, so small. Another huge upgrade to the mini this year is the new front facing camera. Apple has brought their 12 megapixel ultra wide camera to the ipad mini, and it makes use of the center stage feature which attempts to keep you in frame, no matter where you go in apps, like facetime or zoom.

Interesting. Considering the ipad air has a lower resolution front facing camera without this feature since theres no longer a home button at the bottom of the mini theyve relocated the touch id fingerprint reader to the power button at the top of the ipad. Now i love that, but what i find is a little strange is that theyve also relocated the volume buttons to the top of the mini as well. I dont mind it, but when the tablet is in portrait mode like this, it is a little awkward to have to reach up to access them. The back of the new mini looks more or less the same as the ipad air same 12, megapixel, wide angle, camera on the rear and same all, aluminum industrial, looking design with the rounded corners and flat sides while were here, though, can i just take a second To rant about the color, so i bought a sky blue ipad air earlier this year and in a lot of the marketing photos, it looked pretty vibrant, but when you get it in your hands, unless its under a bright light, it looks more gray than blue. Its extremely desaturated same story with the ipad mini under my studio lights. This lavender color looks great, but take it literally anywhere else and it looks way more gray than lavender its kind of disappointing. To be honest, you know whats not disappointing, though using backblaze the sponsor of this video for only seven bucks a month.

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Thank you. Apple. Now do the same to the iphone as soon as i said, the word accessories, i had a thought that i didnt plan on putting in this video, but now i kind of feel the need to mention it. One thing you should consider is that theres a good chance that you wont be able to find a good keyboard case for the mini anytime soon. This tablet is so small that, even if someone did make a keyboard case for it, the keys would be so tiny and close together that typing on it would be uncomfortable anyway. So if using a keyboard with your tablet is essential, you might want to look at a different ipad model, either way. The other advantages that usb c brings to this tablet are pretty big. The last ipad mini with the lightning port, took over three hours to fully charge from dead. This new mini seemed to cut that in half with the 20 watt usbc charger that was included in the box, the battery life was actually better than i was expecting too. I could easily get through a full day of pretty heavy usage with some extra juice left to spare. So i dont foresee battery life being an issue for you. Unless you intend on playing games all day long apple says you can get about 10 hours of web browsing or video watching with it. Naturally, the ipad mini also got a performance bump. It uses the new a15 bionic cpu that the iphone 13 lineup has giving it.

Yet another edge over the now year old, ipad air. It also gets an extra gig of ram up to 4 gigs from the previous minis 3.. Now are you going to feel the difference in real world use? Probably not, but itll be nice to have as the device ages over time its actually a lot of fun to play. Games on a tablet thats this small, given how comfortable it is to hold it, makes me wish even more that they gave the mini a 120 hertz display. As much as i love this little ipad, though, im kind of having a little bit of trouble, trying to figure out who should buy it, like i mentioned earlier, the size of it makes it perfect for certain specific applications, but if youre not buying it. For a specific purpose, you might want to consider buying apples, 9th generation ipad, especially given the price disparity between the two. The new ipad mini is a hundred bucks more expensive this year at 500 us dollars. The 9th gen ipad is about 170 less expensive and it gives you a much larger 10.2 inch display now. Obviously, there are quite a few things here and there that the mini has that the 9th gen ipad doesnt. But if you just want a tablet for things like watching movies, on the go or doing some light work, the 9th gen or even the ipad air is worth considering. Nevertheless, i still think its a fantastic little ipad.

It might not be for everybody, but im really really glad it exists. Let me know if youre interested in seeing a video on how to turn one of these into a wall mounted smart home control center.