, this time in the year of 2023 – and you know this is getting pretty old products to be honest, but I think it still has use Cases some great use cases for people who are into this specific iPad. So what are they? Is this product still worth in the year of 2023, I mean, as I said, its getting pretty old. The design is not the newest anymore. It never actually was even when this iPad was released. You know the processor, the you know, famous a12 is almost its over four years old and the product you know still being supported, but is it really worth lets get to that and well to even review the eye about me at first we got ta talk about The use cases for the mini lineup, because you know many people it has become pretty apparent – fell in love with the iPad Mini 6.. We are reviewing the iPad Mini 5, but you know these rules will kind of apply, and the thing about iPod mini is that, while the bigger iPods try to be something special, you know something better: they introduce stage manager, you know to M1 products to iPad, Pros, Etc, you know they are trying to push iPad OS to be a laptop replacement which it isnt anyway. But you know its just crazy things. Apple is doing with the Apple lineup, but when it comes to the iPad Mini like its still something that it was always supposed to be, you know it is bigger than your iPhone, its way more comfortable for reading watching some movies videos.

You know uh even some older boxing videos that Im watching in the you know, four by three aspect ratio. It looks really good on that. One uh, as I said, its good for some researching typing, but its also, not too huge, so you can carry it all around. It has decent bar life and its overall. You know Universal product for gaming and doing the typical iPad stuff and thats the whole idea about the iPad Mini because you know, as I said, its not trying to pretend to be something. It is not. It actually gets the job done and even the iPad Mini 5. You know the kind of lets say a little outdated generational with older Pros or older design, uh older type of speakers, older Port, its still a very functional device. That gets the job done, and the craziest thing is that, even though Im using the M1 iPad Pro right now, since I have many, you know essays many papers to read for my college stuff, Im still picking up iPad Mini instead of my iPad Pro or iPhone 14 pro, you know, because the size is just so good for reading and for longer sessions, holding that its way better way, more comfortable to actually read on that one and hold it for long sessions, its still pretty capable, since its being fully supportive iPad. Os 16. Probably will get ipados 17.. The power is still decent. You know its no longer blazing fast, but it definitely gets the job done.

The 60hz doesnt bother me that much you know, even though I love High refresh rate, I would even go for 240 hertz. If I could, like the 60 hertz, is still pretty fine on this model, you know it was never really that much of a big deal in this particular mini lineup. The port, in this case doesnt really matter too much for me, even though its lightning, because Im literally transferring any files Im using everything you know via iCloud or just through airdo Im sending you know some uh papers and stuff like that between my devices. So the port is not a problem. The speakers are not the problem, since you know Im mostly using you know either my Sony xm3s or maybe you know airpods Pro, so it doesnt matter to me anyway, and if Im watching you know some videos Im rather using the iPad Pro, even though, as I Said the iPad mini is still pretty good. You know for watching videos, it has quite a decent display. You know typical brightness, but the colors are really nice, its still pretty sharp, of course, 60hz, as I said, but no its a kind of basic LCD display in the year of 2023 that still gets the job done. Its pretty easy on your eyes were not really Tire you out its an overall solid product with solid capabilities and for what its supposed to be – and you know, thanks to the software still being supported, the processor is still getting the job done.

Uh this product really does what it needs to needs to do. You know uh if you can find it for a cheaper price for a cheap price for a good deal. If you can really get this one for cheap – and you are, you know into some smaller iPad, maybe you dont want to really pay uh too much for iPad Mini 6. You think that you just need smaller and four Factor, as I said for some reading, researching. Maybe watching some videos on a go and your smartphone is just too small. Maybe you need a bit better battery because you know, even though this product is not the newest, the battery is still holding pretty nicely in my particular model. So I have no complaints whatsoever. As I said, its a very basic mini iPad that will still get the job done and if you want to get it for a very cheap price, you absolutely can you know, since this product has been out for a very long time. As I said, its getting pretty old, but just because its getting pretty old its kind of crazy how well this product lasts, you know I talked about this in my 2021 review, then in the 2020 Tour review, and now in 2023, Im still saying pretty much. The same things, yes its not as fast as it was its not as good for gaming as it once used to be, but you know it still handles everything pretty well.

You know the eight wolves, the Aging really nicely. It still has the newest features of uh iPod OS, like you know this, this feature when you can just literally drag an object out of out of the photo – and you know its just gon, na work really decently, so I guess its still a decent choice. If you want to go for it, if you dont mind the older design, I mean, for the price is going to be an absolutely fantastic product and yeah. I still highly recommend iPad Mini 5, which is kinda insane anyway. I hope you enjoyed this video if you have any questions about iPad Mini make sure to drop them down in the comments, if you like, the video, make sure to press the like button and if you are interested in iPad Mini, you know, Ive got plenty of Content about the overall mini lineup were gon na record. Another video about the overall state of iPad mini that includes iPad Mini 6 in the year of 2023. So you may want to subscribe for that. I think this is going to be a really good video.