Usa tablet. But this time this is a very cute tablet to make it unboxing ipad mini 6.. But before we talk about it fully again to breeze authentics for sourcing me, the ipad mini 6.. Again, you can check them out on instagram. As you can see, it comes in this box, kuma poppins in you guys it has a mini, textness scribble, and then your storage configuration in miranda right now is the 64 gig. We also have another one which is in 256 gig before we open it. It just makes me sad, and i um a 64 gig and then young configuration is of course the 256 gig. There is no middle ground, which is the 128 gig, which is, i think, is the sweetest spot. Say 64 gig can be a bit lacking, especially if you will be downloading a lot of applications now, of course, neenah. Nothing padding is stored, something external, usb or hard drives. Now, for the 256 gig storage, major mahal nasha and not everyone, indianapolis storage, but again its apple and quinoa, its very apple of them. So, unlike the new iphone 13 series, guys me plastic in packaging ipad mini, but when it comes to the cover of the ipad mismo, it comes with this paper. Also, you will be getting two apple stickers and what i like about this, of course, me power, brick, sha and a usb type c, 2, usb type c charging cable and to those who are wondering this is the 20 watt power, brick, so naka, iphone 12 or Even the new iphone 13 series padding feathering attention dual.

Why is it so special meri as well generation? Why? Because the new ipad mini has a complete redesign, it has the same look and the feel do once again: ipad pros and the ipad air actually more like the ipad air, its like a mini version of that it has flat sides and mass squared nyon canyon. Actually, young canyon screen size is much bigger compared to on the previous ipad home bottom. By the way before we proceed, come up happens in your miranda pencil. Why? Because the new ipad mini supports the second generation apple pencil, so padding padding attention Music, of course. So, yes, you are free to draw whatever you want on this new ipad mini. What makes me sadlang is, of course, well im not compatible keyboard from apple better. If marathon cute option pro 12 point, grab 12.9 inch um tablet magic keyboard, but who knows? Maybe third party companies like logitech or the brand moft and many more guys keyboard for the new ipad mini guys ipad mini. It feels like its the type of tablet that doesnt really need for you to get an external keyboard. It sits better on the hanagan middle ground and iphones and, of course, nang ipad. Pro the size is just perfect for you to read books, habanka yo i of course nakamura. It acts as a notebook if you have the apple, pencil, second gen and, of course, to those people with smaller bags. Anyway, we still have biometrics on the ipad mini before touch id now touch id parentheman guys, but it is now located the power button, which is located on top and also located on top, are the volume keys? What i like about this is, of course, the orientation capacitor portrait volume up is on the right and then the fact i know the landscape volume up is.

I have no problem with its touch id guys. It is still responsive its the same with the. We now have usb type support, which is good, so, for example, if you have other devices from other brands like, of course mimo android kaio. This is the beauty of having usb type c, sadly same with the ipad air, guys velashank headphone jack. This is very okay, if you have the airpods or other wireless earphones, but also their phones, so youll have to opt for a dongle. A lot of people are saying that the ipad mini is the bigger version of the new iphone 13 series because of the chipset being used here, which is the e15 bionic chip, but at all young same nanometer named iphone 13 pro and pro max. But for me its more like the smaller version of the ipad air, so beside me is the new ipad. Pro 2021 11 inch same size with the ipad air. 2020 11 inch, the long double channel portrait ipad mini now, if you guys want more size comparison. This is the ipad pro 20 21 12.9 inch mini literally to the ipod pros of 0.9 inch, so its bigger than a quarter of the ipad pro 12.9 inch. These are small questions that you guys told me for the ipad. Mini review is kunkaya bangla type in one hand, definitely not even on other pro max iphones indian kaiomonk type in one hand, but young ease of use hanya while typing the sakanyan keyboard is definitely very much easy, and this is definitely the type of tablet.

90 kilograms. External keyboard Music. Now, when it comes to its display its not your typical oled display in the hakita semanga pro version, it also doesnt have a high refresh rate, but it stays at 60, hertz and, of course, lcd panel, but as compared to the new ipads like the ipad air. 2020 and of course, young ipad, vanilla, ninth generation, mass mata, aspara and proyong needs of peak brightness, the jelly scrolling and since ive experienced this from the ipad air. Not all units are experiencing this kind of problem since its not that big of an issue. But if you are very specific when it comes to display also from the perspective now user in an ipad pro display, i will be very honest with you guys. Sobrangs followed the host of 120 hertz nang ipad pro, which is why, if you guys have the ipad pro money bag, but again its not a pro device, refresh rate, its just an epic mini, basically a refresh of the ipad mini 5th generation Music. Now it comes to performance against inapica, nina that it has the a15 bionic chip that you guys will be seeing on the new iphones and the ipad air compressor from last year has the a14 bionic ship only so high nominee. It is indeed still more powerful than the ipad air. I did not experience any lag on the ipad mini guys or 15 safari tabs the speed when it comes to performance, ipad mini it will definitely not disappoint you on ipad os, of course, literally its a mini mastermind widgets.

Now, when it comes to speakers, you wont be disappointed. No man, since it has four speakers, the la baseball compromise, Music, Music, marinating, camera bam nyon, unlike the previous ipad mini, but we now have bigger sensors and what makes this very unique nova lassa ipad. Air is, of course, seeing center stage in 12, megapixels front camera and 12 megapixels rear camera gives a pretty decent set of photos. That is okay when it comes to video calls like school purposes and, of course, meetings. But i wouldnt really suggest it for live streamers and para runs a line of work, but instead of bringing guys at home an ipad pro costume at a coffee shop or just basically me going outside the studio, spreading, padded ipad mini and, of course, just one smartphone To those who dont know and its their first time to watch an ipad review im center stage, guys if you are on conference, calls meetings, google meet or even facetime and center stage when it comes to battery life, guys apple promised 10 hours of battery life. But for me major most impressive pasha than what apple promised under promise from the past. It gave me more than 10 hours in a single charge, siguro manga, which is very impressive for a small tablet, so heres my verdict for the new ipad mini to be honest, gusto na young released nilan mangabagong ipads its not almost every year. My dedicated timeline self for each tablet, apple products, tend to retain its value.

Well, one and even years, this ipads a modern form factor and, of course, along with its a15 bionic ship, will really ensure you name it for over half a decade, meaning guys future proof. Young jet nabini, on the other hand, ipad mini guys. Since again, most of us are spending our time indoors and, of course, is really a need to get a very cute compact tablet. So thats the question that i will be leaving to you guys so sabotage or maybe let me know also your opinion about the new ipad mini lets – have a conversation, vanilla, ipad, 9th generation review coming soon, so thats.