Now, I probably would recommend people not to buy this iPad anymore, its approaching 11 years old this year, which is pretty wild, but I will say this was a very interesting choice from I. You know from Apple at that time and Im actually really happy that they ended up making this iPad, because a lot of people may not know this, but this iPad kind of paved the way for some major design changes from Apple, so Ill talk about that. In a second, but if you want to pick up some iPads, I would recommend this year links to be down in the description you can get them from there. You can help support the channel. At the same time now, starting off with the outside of the iPad Mini on the front, we did have a 7.9 inch IPS LCD panel on the front. It was a pretty low resolution panel. It was 768 by 1020 by 1024 and you know definitely not the highest resolution, but this iPad did come out in 2012. So again were approaching 11 years old at this moment, and I do think a lot of people at that time probably will tell you this panel at that moment was actually a pretty big deal. It was also the smallest iPad we ever had at that moment, and I do think that in and of itself was very, very interesting as well, and since then I mean some could argue that this iPad Mini lineup kind of did flush out the iPhone Mini series.

As well, that lasted for two generations, so who knows you know theres a little bit of overlap there as well with the naming convention, but one other major thing, and probably the biggest thing that happened with this iPad. Besides the size is the slim down bezels on the sides of the iPad. So if you remember, I think the iPad, 2 or 3 were out at this time. Those iPads had a supreme thick bezels. It was crazy how thick the bezels were on that iPad. When you compared the bezels on the iPad Mini, even though mini One Mini too many three, that pretty much had the same design over and over again, the bezels on the side looked pretty slim and I liked how the side bezels were Slimmer than the top bezels. It gave you the impression that it was of a more modern machine and thats something I really liked about it. So I will say, if you look at you know a lot of iPads now nowadays the iPad 9, the iPad 8 iPad 7. Maybe some other iPads Im missing out on too theyve, kept that same, like slim bezels, on the side, with the top and bottom bezel. Being a little bit thicker, I definitely do think it looks an ages a little bit better than you know if they were the same thickness all around like the iPad 213.. Now on the bottom, we have our lightning Port. We have our headphone jack as well, which is awesome and on the back we do have our standard aluminum back, which is perfectly fine, so this iPad came out.

I think around the same time as the iPhone 5., so this was one of the first iPads. I think as well to have that lightning Port, so that was another cool thing: the fact that we had that type of capability, although it wasnt the first device to have a lightning Port. I think that may have been the iPhone 5., its still nice, that we had a little bit of a change here, which was pretty cool at the end of the day. Now that aluminum back is still perfectly fine, I think it holds up very well. You have a you know, single camera setup on the top left as well, which is really cool and just those things in and of itself. You have to remember the first iPad came out like two years before this thing. So since then, we already have a smaller iPad. We have a little bit of a newer design. We have, you know, I think, a better looking body. We also have cameras now on the sidepad and its faster than its original one and a new charging port. Those things were pretty big changes at that moment and, although nobody really remembers too much of the first iPad Mini, I think its still pretty cool what Apple was able to do at that time for this specific iPad. So in terms of that, that kind of covers it up on the outside now in the camera Department. You know this is definitely not going to be a good camera anymore, but you know for what it is.

You know at that time it was a five megapixel. You know camera on the back and a 1.2 megapixel front facing camera. Now you have to remember like what iPhone was out during this time. So at this moment we did actually have the iPhone 5 at this moment, which was cool Im glad we had that type of iPhone. You know those iPhones have a lot of capability, so the fact that this thing kind of matched that iPad you know, or vice versa – was actually really cool, and I was very very happy about that. So, with this iPad Mini what youre basically getting is a pretty solid camera for a 2012 device, but its definitely not going to be that great anymore. Another thing I want to say is that Apple, even though it may have the same megapixel count or whatever Ive noticed that Apples iPads tend to have like watered down sensors compared to their iPhones. Sometimes they may look identical, but I dont know if its like the viewfinder like because the viewfinder so big it makes pictures, look so much more blurrier Im, not too sure, but in this specific example, I wouldnt, you know be the first one to recommend getting this Type of iPad, because of the camera, but again for the first generation iPad Mini 2, have that type of camera was really cool. You know, and that again, in and of itself is a really cool thing that when I look at this type of iPad, it really does get a thumbs up for me from that standpoint.

So again, although it wouldnt be the first iPad, I would recommend buying anymore. I think it was a pretty big change at that moment and Im still, you know a fan of what Apple did at that time. So gets a thumbs up for me too, but its not really a good camera anymore. Now, in the software, the longevity portion of this iPad – this is another thing I mean its definitely not worth it anymore. In my opinion, but this thing started off with iOS 6. It did go up to iOS 9., so thats, another cool thing. The fact that it did last that long, it lasted for quite a bit of time, which is pretty cool, especially for these earlier generation iPads. So what Ill tell you is with the iPad Mini, I mean again this wouldnt be the first iPad I would recommend buying. But when I look at this iPad, you know I still think for what it was at that time for it lasting as long as it did ending off at iOS. 9 was a pretty good thing. Considering iOS 10 was a little bit of a weirder update. We look at how the iPhone 5 kind of lasted on. You know iOS 10, and although that was a little bit more stable, I do think I was 12 if it just got two more versions of software. That would have been perfect, but with the iPad Mini, it is what it is its no longer getting software support so because of that, its a pretty clear answer that I wouldnt recommend buying this thing anymore and again, thats kind of whats expected.

You know when these iPads get this old. It makes very little sense to buy an iPad like this, especially nowadays, so I would probably just recommend not purchasing an iPad like this anymore, mostly because its no longer supported with software. So in terms of the that kind of covers it up there as well and the performance side, this iPad had that Apple A5 chip inside of it and it had 512 megabytes of ram. So, how crazy is that that iPad, that this iPad at that moment had that low amount of RAM and basically the low amount of just power within it? Now its totally expected and Im not hitting on this thing too much because thats kind of what we expect at that moment, but its still a very crazy thing that when you think about it, this iPad was one I mean it was supposed to be a powerful Machine and if you look at the power within it, its actually fairly low compared to how it is, but it was pretty powerful at that moment now. You cant really do much with this iPad anymore, and I remember using this iPad like five years ago, and even at that moment I was like yeah. This iPad is like very like I cant really do anything with it. I was trying to type documents with this iPad at that moment and even then it was barely able to do it. It was able to, but it was a very choppy experience so with this iPad.

Not only are you, are you severely outdated with you know software, but now youre also getting an iPad thats, very, very just slow in general, so its not a knocked iPad Mini at all, because I love the iPad Mini 6 and I think the mini 5 is Actually, still pretty powerful too even the Mini 4 a little bit, but this iPad I mean its clearly not a good performing iPad anymore, so let alone the software updates and the security of this iPad. Its also not that good of a you know performing iPad anymore either, so that kind of covers it up there. The battery life was also one of the more interesting things about this. It was pretty solid, 4490 milliamp hours it wasnt. It was supposed to be smaller again, its a smaller device, so youre not going to be able to get that big of a size battery inside of it, but I was really happy. Apple was able to make a good size battery for this thing at that time. So, to kind of sum up this whole entire video. What Ill tell you is, I think, the iPad Mini. You know the first one is completely not worth it anymore, but I do think at that moment it was a pretty solid device. It brought a lot of cool things to the table. It changed a lot of things within the iPad lineup as well, and even the mini moniker actually ended up coming out for the mini iPhones as well.

So there was a lot of overlap between these iPads and those iPhones at that time and although theres a lot more differences now I can see why lot of people would look at their iPads and be like wow. This is just a bigger iPhone since then. I think that you know stereotype has changed, but for sure, when this iPad, you know came out, it was pretty powerful and even now I still like it. I just wouldnt recommend buying it anymore, so that pretty much covers it up. If you have any other thoughts or questions, let me know in the comment section below hit the like button: thatll be so much, but definitely hit that subscribe button. More importantly, everything I also love every single one of you guys, hopefully Ill catch. You guys in the next video peace out till then Music.