Ive been trying this out a huge amount in all of the beta releases over the past five months or so, and every time I have Ive always filled those videos with ifs, butts and maybes, because its been quite buggy to say the least, but now its officially Out, I think, its time to make a full review video of it so lets get right into it. Okay, before we get started to get this set up, youre going to need one of the empowered iPads so thats, the 2022 iPad Air with M1, the 2021 iPad Pro with M1 or the M2 iPad Pro from 2022.. All of the other iPads, regrettably, dont work so youre going to need one of those first off. Secondly, youre going to need to make sure that your iPad is on the latest software, or at least on 16.2 or higher, which, by the time youre watching this, you should be. Thirdly, youre going to need to connect a keyboard and mouse to the iPad and obviously youre going to need to connect it to a monitor as well. Any monitor up to 6K should work. Absolutely fine and a lot of ultra wide monitors are supported too, which is really good. Just to note this wont work unless you have a keyboard and mouse attached to the iPad. It wont even come up as an option, but once you do once you plug in it should just pop right up and you should be ready to go right.

Lets get into the good stuff because theres plenty here, which I really really like, and I think a lot of you are going to enjoy as well lets start off the most obvious thing. Having your iPad apps open in multitasking. Real Windows is a legitimately cool experience on the big screen, its nice to have them all there and open and being able to switch between them in a very similar fashion to Windows or Mac. Os is really really great and when it works well, it works really. Well, you can almost forget youre actually sitting on an iPad and it can feel like youre sitting on a normal kind of desktop computer, which is a really cool experience, not to mention when you drag some of those apps full screen. They really have that room to breathe some good examples of that are lumafusion, which is a video editor, but that opens up into a full screen experience and it feels like youre, then in Final Cut or Premiere Pro or something like that. Its the same with Lightroom, which is where I edit all of my photos, if you open that up on there, it takes up the whole screen and its great to work on. I also find some iPad apps are actually better than their internet, so the Twitter app, for example, on iPad, is great and having it on the screen is fantastic, its the same with Pinterest too scrolling on there. I find a much more pleasurable experience than I do.

Just opening up in the browser – something else I really like too, is the fact that stage manager, which is whats running on the iPad, when you use an external monitor kind of forces, you to work in separate zones, and I actually find that really useful. When youre trying to focus, for example, I can have all of my social apps open up on one page of stage manager, and I can just swipe to get back to my productivity one. So I can have notion and Google Docs and my to do list open on one. For example, I could have YouTube open on a full screen in another, and then I can have all of my socials sitting on another. So I could just flick between them really easily and having your workspaces all separated up like that is actually really interesting and its quite a nice way to make sure you stay focused without losing track of what youre up to not to mention. While all of this is going on, your iPad remains fully functional, so you can still use it as a touch base interface, and if you you have it in front of you in front of the keyboard, for example, which is probably the best place to put it, You can still have apple pencil input. You can still do all of your touch based apps and more than anything, youve always got that constant, second screen. So if you just want something up like a Lo, Fi playlist or perhaps your to do list or perhaps something else that you need to keep referencing, you can just glance down or to the side or to wherever your iPad is and get all of that information.

Its a really nice feature and in a way youre getting a second kind of smart monitor, just thrown into the setup in terms of performance as well. Its really good now Im on the M2 iPad Pro for this video, but I havent noticed any clear difference between the M1 and the M2, because Ive tried them both, but performance across the board is really really really quick. Youre not going to get any massive slurps on here and Ive, not had any stuttering or weirdness or any kind of indication that its slowing down, and that goes for heat as well. Ive been checking the iPad every other hour to make sure its not getting too hot or anything like that and its always been relatively cool. Obviously, that will change depending on what youre doing Im sure. If you spend three or four hours gaming, then its going to get hot and itll probably throttle at some point, but for all of the use, Ive been doing as a kind of creative, nothing slowed down and nothings got too hot and thats a really relieving thing To have, I also really like that this is kind of an instant Computing experience once you plug the iPad in its up and ready to go straight away, theres, no loading, theres, no waiting or anything like that when turning on a more traditional desktop. So if I need to work away from the desk, I can just unplug one cable and go and then, when Im back, I can just plug it in and instantly.

I have that full desktop experience, so yeah theres plenty of really really good stuff here and its almost tempting to make an entire desk setup based around it, which I I did do back in the betas. So if you want to see that Ill link it up here but its nice to think an iPad can now power an entire desk setup before we move on. I wanted to thank the sponsor of this video speakally. Speak V is a language learning app thats, actually been developed by two polygots theyve researched, thousands of language learners for over six years and together theyve created a unique app that teaches words and sentences based on their relevance in real life situations. This means you dont actually learn anything you cant actually use everything is relevant and essential, and it actually helps you start speaking. The language faster weekly gives you everything you need to get to grips with a new language, new vocabulary. Speaking and writing exercises listening comprehension and it will even suggest music recommendations in the language, youre learning so youre, truly surrounded by it. This unique methodology helps you learn languages up to five times faster than normal, so youll go from nothing to a solid set of speaking skills in around three to four months of using the app for around 30 minutes a day, and of course you dont have to Do it all at once, you can set reminders at your preferred time of day for short, bursts of learning that suits you.

Speakally is available on iOS and Android and its free for the first seven days and then, if you do decide its for you, you can get 60 off a yearly subscription by checking out the link in the description. So if speaking, another language is something youve, always fancied then make it happen in 2023, with speakally. During all of my testing for this I actually found theres some useful stuff. You can do as well to make your experience a little bit better and for me, one of the best things I did was. I generally found I wasnt using the iPad itself loads. When I was working on the external monitor. I was always on the external Monitor and not so much on the iPad, so I made a kind of iPad Control Center and I used loads of widgets to make a new home screen and on that home screen is everything I would need to kind of quickly. Control stuff, so Ive got my shortcuts on there. Ive got my files on there. Ive got a bunch of other things like calendar and weather app, so I can quickly glance at it to get some information. I actually have this set up as a shortcut which is a little button on my home screen, so when I plug in the iPad, I press that, and I go to this kind of iPad external monitor, control setup, which I really really like. Another thing I like to do as well and something I really recommend is to use a trackpad rather than a mouse.

I tend to find the iPads touch. Interface. Software just works a lot better with a trackpad. It feels a lot more natural than a mouse which feels kind of sticky and strange when going around iPad OS, especially on the bigger screen so thats worth keeping in mind. Also in settings, you can toggle on or off the sidebar for stage manager and the dock. As well for the external monitor, personally, I like leaving the dock on, so I can swipe apps up from it and bring them into the multitasking window. But I leave the sidebar off because swiping between the spaces is just so easy, but its nice that this preference is here and you can pick what you want moving on now to the bad points or to things which I think could really do have some improvement. So to start us off, and I think this is the thing people will have the most trouble getting used to. Is you cant resize the windows, exactly how you want, and you cant put them exactly where you want, while the iPad interface does look like Windows or a Mac, the second you start interacting with the windows youll realize that its actually very different. They all snap into places, and some things look very odd if you scale them wrong or you drag the window to kind of like a size, its not used to and you cant put them anywhere either. Secondly, on the other bad points is some apps are just outright not ready for this.

They just kind of dont really work on the external Monitor and one of the best examples of that is knap. I use all the time, which is good notes. 5.. The second you open that up on an external display, it just scales incorrectly immediately or it just opens up and looks really strange and the app kind of just doesnt work. And unfortunately, if you open it up on the iPad, instead, it actually hijacks the main screen. Two, so you cant really use that app, which feels like such a shame, because I use it all the time. Not all of them are that bad, but some of them just dont, make use of the space at all Affinity photo, which is another kind of pro level app. Just doesnt fill the screen. You can make the window quite big, but it wont fill it and even DaVinci Resolve which is being held as this new big video editor and the first. You know professional Pro app that wont even fill the big screen either, and sadly this goes for gaming too. I tried out a huge amount of games on the iPad with external Wireless support and not one of them gave me the full 16×9 ratio. I really hope developers will get behind it, but I think this is one of the biggest kind of shames. And lastly – and this is probably one of the biggest deals for me and for everyone that will be using it – it still crashes quite a lot.

Theres been times Ive been using, it and everythings been going fine, and then I go to resize an app or just to switch between apps and then Ill. Just get booted straight back to the home screen and Ill need to unlock my iPad again. Its just kind of really really weird, not to mention sometimes as well when I havent been using the iPad for a few hours, and I come back to it. Some of those apps will just show as black windows, which dont have any way to interact with them. Other than closing them and reopening them and thats never a nice feeling, especially if youre working on something. So those are the big things which I hope kind of get addressed first, so we can start using it as a more desktop style setup but theres a huge amount of small things which are just kind of really weird or kind of strange to pick up on. So Ive made a list of those or the worst ones, so lets go for it first up. Is you cant sleep, the iPad, without sleeping the external monitor, so you cant have a single screen experience on this, even if you want to theres no decent audio output. Settings so you cant kind of say where you want the audio to come from whether its coming from your monitor or some external speakers or your airpods or you know other headphones. Sometimes audio will just cut out too for no real reason.

So if youre listening to Spotify and then you switch to a YouTube video, thats paused or something like that, it will preemptively pause your Spotify, so it can play the YouTube video, even if playing, which is frustrating as well. On that audio note as well, a lot of volume controls in apps, just dont, work, YouTube, doesnt work and Spotify volume doesnt work either. If you click the options menu at the top right on the monitor it opens up on the iPad, not on the monitor, where youd expect it to be webcam. Support is all over the place as well. You cant plug in an external webcam, which is a real shame, so you have to use the inbuilt one, which would be fine, but the second you open up, Zoom or Google meet or something like that and your iPad isnt facing you exactly. You appear upside down or the wrong way round on whatever youre, using so to round up what I think of external mono support on the iPad is, I think it shows so much promise and I really do love the idea of being able to use an iPad For kind of everything, but honestly this still feels like a Beta release, even though its a public one theres so many little issues across here, which just makes using it in the long term, really really tough. I think some people will be able to use it really. Well, though, if you just work in the browser – or you know, working the kind of more simple based apps, you can get a great experience and its really really nice to have, and you know, being able to plug it in and plug it out really quickly and Just go somewhere and come back to the desk is a wonderful experience.

So if you do do more professional things and you need access to those more kind of powerful and creative apps, then I still dont think the iPad is the way to go for a desktop setup, especially not for someone like me who makes content full time and Hes saying thats going to be super reliable and right now the iPads just not the way to go for that, so that just about perhaps up this video, I hope you enjoyed it if youve been using the external monitor support on your iPad. Let me know in the comments below what youve been enjoying about it, what you havent been enjoying about it or, if theres anything you think, Ive missed in this video.