Today i will show how to let the ipad as a pc with atem mini pro and live streaming on the ipad. Ok, atem mini pro. I connect two video source. One video source is …, logitech webcam. You see logitech webcam. The second video sauce is sony camera. Here you see. Okay, this is the ipad livestreaming on ipad. Channel 2 is a logitech webcam logitech webcam channel 4 is sony camcorder. Not only is i also connect a wire ethernet and usb keyboard usb mouse and, at the same time, ipad can display on a tv – and this is atem mini pro, its hdmi output as multivew. This is my demo for the first demo. I will show you how to let the ipad connect a lightning hub. This is a lightning hub. Lightning hub can support three usb port and the tv out tv out. Okay, hi everyone. This is lightning hub, lightning interface, and then you have a three usb port and one hdmi output. I will connect the ipad and display on a tv first connect a power. This is a lightning charger. Cable connect this one and then connect ipad, connect, hdmi, cable with tv and then set out something in the ipad mirror to this device. Magic link. Ok, after you do this, the ipad monitor will minor to tv. You see the second step. I will show you how to let lightning hub connect with usb mouse and usb keyboard and usb ethernet wire ethernet.

The second steps i will show how to let the lightening hub connect usb mouse, usb mouse, usb keyboard and usb ethernet. Okay, this lightning hub just have three usb port, so i add a usb hub. Okay, this is a usb hub. This is usb ethernet. Okay, this is the usb mouse. Usb keyboard ..connect it okay, you see, you can use the mouse. This is a mouse okay and you also can use the keyboard. I use …, keboard and mouse. You see i type of the g g g g g g g g g g, i type of the z jjjjjjjjjj. Ok, so you can use the usb mouse and the usb keyboard. Okay, the third demo. I will show you how to later the lightning hub connect, atem mini pro. This is atem mini pro, okay and then livestreaming on a ipad. This is atem mini pro and then i can. The tv tv power connect. Hdmi cable, connect, tv, hdmi, output, connect, tv; okay, you can see the multiview the first camera. I connect sony camera. I connect chnnel 4, okay, chnnel 4 … sony camera. I also connect a logitech webcam. This is this: is logitech webcam? Okay, how do we connect atem mini pro? It is usb interface, so you cannot connect it directly. It cannot. Okay, how to do you need prepared this one? This is a FEBON LOGITECH WEBCAM to hdmi adapter, FEBON, LOGITECH WEBCAM to hdmi adapter. It can turn the logitech logitech webcam into hdmi output, usb webcam input and hdmi output.

Okay and hdmi output connect the termini atem mini pro chnnel 2 and then connect the power hey. You can see the FEBON logo and then wait. Okay, the video is from the logitech webcam. This is the logitech webcam logitech webcam, okay. Finally, i will let the atem mini pro work with the ipad … how to do. How do we let the atem mini pro live streaming on ipad? This is atem mini usb c output. Usb c output connect it okay, you, you cannot connect on ipad. Direclty ipad cannot work, it cannot work. So you need to prepare this one this one. This is? U usb webcam to iOS hdmi adapter uvc webcam input the source. I will connect atem mini pro the output. I will connect to ios ios connect this one and ios, and you also need the power. I connect a dc 5v voltage power. Ok, finally, blue cable connect. The lightnning hub, okay, we can see turn on the app medialink switcher medialink switcher turn on okay, the video is from atem mini pro atem mini pro. I change it. Channel 2 chnnel4 chnnel, 4 chnnel, 2. Okay, so i can do the live streaming and turn down. We can do the facebook live. Facebook live okay, this is my atem mini pro with ipad.