This is the new and improved version. Of course, they’re always doing something to try to get you to buy another one and we’re going to take a look closer. Look to see if it’s worth doing really what this is is an aesthetic change. It is thinner, it is lighter and it feels a lot nicer in the hand, but you know there’s really. No new compelling feature that I’m going to say is worth an upgrade. If you’re happy with the one you have but let’s take a closer look at the hardware, though it is thin as you can see, and it is a lot narrower because what they’ve done is they’ve shrunk, the bezels down, so they, as you recall, on the iPad Prior versions of the iPad, you had a lot more of the side bezel here that they made thinner kind of looks like the ipad mini and the iphone 5 now, so they kind of followed that design language. When you put this one up against the prior version, you can see just how much thinner it is it’s. Also, a lot lighter and it’s also a lot balanced in your lot, more balanced in your hand, because on these prior versions, the battery was kind of on one side of it and one side of the device was a lot heavier than the other. So I like how they’ve bounced the weight out for sure it feels a lot nicer. The screen is exactly the same size though, which is nice so I’ve always liked the larger screen.

The ipad mini appeals to a lot of people, but it really doesn’t appeal to me because i like having a larger screen to look at on my tablet device, so that was kind of nice to see that they were able to really make it feel. A heck of a lot nicer without having to sacrifice the screen size, which is good now. The only thing in it that you run into when you make something smaller and lighter is that it feels like the glass is a lot thinner and I don’t know if that’s going to be a problem when you drop something on it, perhaps or if something gets Placed on there feels very spongy in the middle, which is really uh Napa, like I’m surprised about that and I’ve been reading some folks online, who have also been noticing this and it’s, apparently just how it’s built now. So when you do make something lighter there’s going to be a sacrifice, their these screens always felt more solid than this one does, especially in the middle, and it feels different based on where you’re tapping on the screen. So on the edges, it feels a little bit nicer than it does in the center, so that’s, something to keep in mind it’s beyond that there’s, really not much else to show you there’s a they changed the the volume up and down buttons, a rocker to just Two distinct buttons: you have this switch here, of course, that you had on the prior versions.

You can make that your screen lock or your mute button. They did improve the camera a little bit, it’s still not like an iPhone 5s camera but it’s. I think it’s like an iphone 5 quality camera, so it’s not bad. Does the 1080p video and that’s great, but it’s really, you know it’s, not a really a picture taking device, although I know a lot of people use it for that there’s a dual microphone on it now as well to try to make your voice calls Duke go A little bit better and now, of course, it’s using the Thunderbolt adapter on the bottom. Now they also improved or I don’t know if they made it necessarily an improvement, but they’ve updated the Smart Cover. They haven’t changed the price, but they made it smaller to account. For the new screen – and they also took away a lot of the manufacturing complexity from it, because now it doesn’t have that really nice metal hinge to it anymore, it’s, just basically a continuation of the cover here, like a polyurethane or whatever the material is to kind Of extend the lip here for the the hinge and it connects via magnets slides. It did before so, as you can see here, it just snaps in there and attaches just kind of like the way the other one did and, of course, its folds over it’ll put the unit to sleep if you’ve configured it to do that, and you can also Use it as a stand, so you can prop it up this way to type on it or, as you could before, make it work like that as well.

So that is pretty much the changes there. So the big question is: should you upgrade to the new one and that’s always the question I get from folks and there is no compelling feature that’s in here that’s going to really make that justified if you’re happy with the one that you already have. In fact, these new processors that have come out for the iPhone and the iPad are really just brand new. In fact, developers haven’t had a lot of time to really cater their apps to all the new things you can do with a faster processor. So I think it’s going to be a while before we see any real changes there. So I would say the only compelling reason to upgrade is if you want something lighter and you don’t like how big the and heavy the current versions of the or the older versions the iPads are then that’s a good reason to upgrade. But beyond that, I might wait a little bit and see where it goes now. The ipad mini comes out next week. It has the much improved screen. In fact, the screen resolution is the same as it is on this big one now. So that is a really neat feature, so if you’re looking for something smaller and something lighter, then the mini might be worth can see, but I would upgrade if you’re looking for something new but there’s really no compelling reason to do it just yet.