So in test number one, a company selling a product offers a regular option and a premium option and four out of five people pick the more premium one. So then, in test number two, they added a third cheaper option to see if they could maybe increase revenue by looping in an audience thats looking for a cheaper lowest possible price turned out, the cheapest option was kind of just ignored, but it completely flipped the ratio Of standard to premium purchases, because now people would assume that the middle one was the appropriate value. So then, in test number three, they took away the cheap option, but then added an ultra premium option over the top, and this ended up flipping the ratio right back to the original premium one, but also some portion of people just went with the more expensive one. Just because thats what they want, and so this ended up with the highest overall revenue generated pricing. Ladders are very real and very much designed to get you to spend as much as possible and make those companies as much money as they can. This is the new 2022 ipad air, with the new m1 chip inside. You can tell because its a nice shiny, deeper blue color, its nice, but it is one of the stranger apple products that ive seen in a long time because of its price and where it sits in the lineup, because it kind of messes with the ladder a Little bit so look its actually very simple to understand what youre getting here with this spec bump, which is an even more powerful version of the ipad.

We already know i already reviewed the 2020 ipad air and ill link that below the like button. So you already know what youre getting on the outside and then ive already reviewed several computers with the m1 chip, including the ipad pro with this m1. So you know what youre getting on the inside too. This is a thin 11 inch tablet same exact dimensions as the last ipad air, so those cases all still work. Your single camera on the back usb type c at the bottom, the touch id fingerprint reader in the power button up in the corner and the 11 inch 60 hertz display up front running the exact same ipad os as every other ipad. The reason its so strange is this is the most ive ever seen. One apple product seem to overlap another that other product being the ipad pro, so the last ipad air was already very close to the ipad pro right. It had basically the same dimensions, same exact, camera, same battery life and the same software features of all the other most expensive ipads. It works with the same 2nd, gen apple pencil, its just as thin. In my review, i called it the one true ipad pro killer, because its 80 of the tablet for 200, less dollars and so this year, now that the new ipad air also gets the incredible massively overkill new m1 chip inside its one, more thing that they do Exactly the same, so the ipad air starts at 5.

99 and the 11 inch ipad pro starts at 7.99, but lets take a closer look at this pricing see this is a pricing ladder, after all, so its designed to have something available at every price and then every Time you arrive at one price, theres, something a little higher to try to nudge you up and try to get you as high in that ladder as they can so. The base price ipad air is only a 64 gigabyte ipad for 600 bucks in 2022. Thats. Not really great, i mean we got 20 gig games today. So, of course, the only available storage option is straight up to 256 gigs, which is 150 extra dollars so now youre playing in the 750 territory, which is a lot of money to spend on an air when, for just fifty dollars more, you can get a pro Right so now you might as well just bump up to the ipad pro, so you can see what theyre doing right. Theyre nudging you up a little bit by a little bit, but the thing is the ipad pro is more expensive, but its almost the same tablet. In so many ways, so theyre already practically the same dimensions to the point where the ipad air works in all the same cases and keyboards that the ipad pro works in theyre, the same primary camera. On the back, the same usb c, port, the same battery life and now the same m1 chip, so youd have to think extra hard about spending extra money on an ipad pro when the list of reasons to do so is smaller than ever before.

Now, as someone whos used both tablets, honestly, one of those reasons is pretty huge and then the rest are all pretty minor, but lets just go through each of them. So the only reason i still pick an ipad pro as a better overall experience, a better tablet than the air is, the pro motion display so theyre about the same size and resolution, but the faster 120hz refresh rate is one of those things that just makes everything About using the pro smoother and snappier and more responsive and thats the thing that makes the m1 chip in this ipad air so funny, which is it theoretically, closes the gap in performance versus the pro with you know, rendering and exporting and compiling, and things like that. But it does not feel as fast because of the 60 hertz, so those big animations, where your hand moves across the entire screen, the unlock animation, the multitasking gestures, the big stuff like that, you could put a 30 90 in here and it wouldnt feel as smooth As the pro motion ipad now sure, some people need to see them side by side and even then they barely see a difference, in which case yeah. That person should just get the ipad air, but im telling you for me. If youre like me, thats something i would spend the extra money for, but then the ipad pro has one extra camera: the 10 megapixel ultra wide plus a lidar scanner and a flash.

The ipad air just has a single camera, no flash. So you know for the occasional video call or document scanning thats totally fine for me and, like i said its, the same main camera as the ipad pro, so there isnt even a quality difference here, then the ipad pro has quad speaker audio. Instead of the dual speakers of the ipad air theyre, both very solid speakers and its definitely a bit fuller and louder from the pro but thats, not something youre going out and spending extra money on specifically and then the pro has a higher max storage. So you can go up to 2 terabytes instead of just 256 gigs and the usb c port is thunderbolt on the pro instead of just faster usbc on the air, so that might open up some potential peripheral options for actual pros, plugging in drives, etc, and then Of course, you have face id on the ipad pro where youve got the touch id fingerprint reader on the ipad air. Honestly, at this point, its kind of preference, like you get used to having face id on the tablet very quickly when you have it, but also the good old fashioned two fingers registered on the ipad air works really well too. So in portrait its the right index finger that unlocks and then in landscape its the left index finger great, you know, whats funny, though the only other update to the air. Besides the m1 chip being inside is the selfie.

Camera is now the ultra wide with center stage, so its got the newer selfie camera and its convenient. It follows you around the room, its kind of in an awkward location, but its decently, smooth with face time, zoom calls etc, but because the ipad pro has the face id sensors and stuff technically only that older selfie camera will support animojis and memojis, and things like That so theres that but thats, basically it right thats the differences so now hearing that list, you probably already know if you would be tempted to move up one more rung on that ladder. You know maybe 50 extra bucks for promotion. Does it for you like it, does it for me, or maybe you just want a larger tablet, because you do have the 13 inch ipad pro with mini, led if youre tempted to go large but other than that. You know the extra camera lidar the face id. The speakers all pretty minor things, but then the funniest part usually right. The ladders are designed to try to nudge you up to try to get you to spend more and more money, putting one of the features from the more expensive model in the less expensive model. Just removes one reason to upgrade and may actually encourage a small number of people to move down, because now that theoretical person who would have spent the extra money to get the hugely improved processing power of the m1 now just has one less reason to get the Pro they can get it in the air.

Well, that is until the m2 version comes out anyway, either way its fascinating. Its always interesting to see these new products come out at these different various price ranges. I think in that example, from the beginning of the video you know, apple clearly has a baseline ipad, an ipad air and an ipad pro, and most people dont need to spend the extra money to get the most premium ipad pro. I think the promotion is enough. Just for me, and a lot of people would too, but theres also going to be a bunch of people that just spend the extra money just because they want the most premium thing. Fine, but this ipad air is another great spec bump.