Well definitely, this name. There is no new, as I have already reviewed several of their products in recent months, as it is an emerging brand that manages to combine quality and convenience, and this tablet is no exception and speaking of convenience, I would say to start immediately from its price that You I show directly from the tablet on my official telegrah channel, the best of els, his ipad plus crust from Italy, just under 250 euros from china, instead around 200 euros, or rather something less thanks to the coupon that I publish below in video descriptions. We are around at 190 euros and you understand well that it is less than 200 euros for an 11 inch tablet. It’S, really a lot of stuff. The packaging is the usual dc in its recycled cardboard packaging. It will never be a prize. The ecological choice is conceivable inside, however, we find only the charger with Italian socket the power cable is usb data transfer usb type. Yes, in addition, of course, to the tablet. The first contact with this tablet left me for a moment bewildered because it really seems to have in my hands a much more expensive ipad is the build. Quality is really high and, at least in my opinion exceeds the price at which it is sold. Starting from the front glass bands with super thin and modern frames, add passing through the all aluminum body, with a really unexpected tactile feedback, I would say really beautiful diamond edges.

I don’t know if you can see them in this shot. They are a bit apple style to stay on topic. Despite the size, it is really light. It weighs 500 grams. I used it without any problem as a monitor for my dj mavic 2 pro fantastic and at the same time it is also very thin. Only 7 mm five reality if we do not consider the two millimeters stolen from the ugly protruding camera or guys tell me what you want, but to me these protruding cameras that are now so fashionable you just don’t like it. Well, I understand that they are an obligatory choice by the manufacturers of the manufacturers to obviate the increasingly larger size compact and thin their products. However, I would have preferred a completely flat aluminum tablet, also giving up the rear camera which, as you know on tablets, is quite superfluous and almost always of quite poor quality, but so much so that we should also point out the presence of the LED flash below That it really makes a lot of light, also present magnetic contacts to connect an external keyboard keyboard, currently not available as a pen dedicated to this beautiful display is not yet available. That would be really a lot of stuff along the frame. We find two microphones usb and psi input for power supply and transfer power button data which, unfortunately, not n, hides no biometric sensor for fingerprints, two keys to control the volume; a third microphone, I think for the suppression of background noise, stereo speaker on both sides as Well, as a slot that attention does not allow you to insert a telephone sim.

Unfortunately, this tablet has no 4g module, but is only used as an external micro sd to expand the storage memory. Its connectivity is entrusted to the dual band wifi and bluetooth 5.0 and, as you have seen, it also lacks a jack input to connect headphones with the much loved wire. Cable. Ok is an old thing, but considering that on a tablet, we have so much space available. I would have liked another great strength of this on the ipad plus is definitely the display. Look how beautiful it is. Ok, I know that I have to reduce the brightness for a moment that it is really very high. You can see very well even in direct light, otherwise to accept my 11 inch ips display top camera. I n 2k resolution being gp in 100 percent is in four thirds format, which seems a foregone conclusion, but believe me, friends, it’s not like this. I have tried many tablets and they are almost all sixteen ninths, but also 16 tenths, and I don’t like this because they force us to use them in landscape mode. I like to use tablets vertically call me old let’s play a video in 4k, so that you too can realize the qualities of this beautiful display. The colors are beautiful. Dvd on it almost looks like a very, very nice amoled display. Even the blacks are very deep. Excellent, the contrast is even the viewing angle is really acceptable. Indeed, very good.

I let you enjoy some more images. This is a bit of my test. Video for all portable tablets, really really satisfied with this beautiful display. L ‘only note is that it holds the fingerprints very much. I do not know if you can realize it, but there are already a lot of them under the hood. We find so much m storage memory, 128 gigabytes, expandable, 4 gigabytes of ram and mt 81. 83. Processor, assisted by cpu gpu, but read 72, not a monster of power and true. Well, you can see it too from this benchmark, but it is suitable for any type of use more than enough from the internet, browsing without particular, jamming to youtube. Netflix light photo editing and even gaming, not too pushed positively. This processor not very pushed and not too demanding of resources, allows you to extend its autonomy. I have reached just over two days of use on a single charge and the quality of the stereo audio speakers is good, did not exaggerate too much with a volume. No, the two cameras instead. Well, you see they do not shine, particularly they are good and right for video calls, but let’s say that on tablets like this, you find really quality cameras, rare if it is not possible. In conclusion, friends, this on the ipad plus net of some small deficiencies in the really satisfied it is really beautiful and at least in my opinion, it is worth much more than what it costs now.

It does not overwhelm themes of dislike, but in my opinion, we are almost at the levels of apple and I’m, not kidding friends. I was able to try both products and the ipad for the latest model. Is this ipad plus and to a careless eye without turning on you notice, the presence of android 10 above well, they could almost be exchanged to those. I would recommend it nice. I would definitely recommend to those looking for a nice Latvian tab cheap, because, yes, an 11 inch tablet from just under 200 euros, is really cheap and wants to use it to browse watching some movies on netflix amazon, prime video youtube, but also to work in its Small display is really beautiful, s will never arrive. A stylus is dedicated, will be a lot of stuff and also to play without too many pretensions. If you want to buy it, I leave you all types of purchases with any coupons below in video descriptions. Instead, updated coupons because this product will surely be snapped up, you will always find them on my official telegraph channel. Tecnest say it is also linked below in description together with my facebook group. Is my instagram channel enter it now guys? I would like to know your opinion on this tool and ipad plus you like it. I don’t like it, would you buy it or not? You have already tried it. I am not interested. Let me know by leaving a nice comment below, it is for doubt, questions.

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