By the way they release it on iPad last year than 2022 at my mom features 2 12 MP sensors that support ultra white videos and photos at this about this iPad has the all new M1 chip exclusive iPad pros and MacBook Pros its a mid range iPad. Air and a flagship chips – Music, their fifth generation – really looks good in premium. Well, I think that should be given amank. I said this is Apples newest or the 2022 recently released. The mid range iPad Air actually by means of physical appearance, because it retained the overall. This enemies, my iPad Air, 4 from 2020. that even extends the dimensions, meaning. If you have cases or temperature from the iPad Air 4, it will surely fit the iPad Air 5th generation, so so build again Sim London from the iPad Air 4.. We have an aluminum frame and housing on this iPad has 461 grams, as you can tell, but because its an iPad so moving on, supports the man so wait Focus. We have the power button that also acts as the fingerprint sensor and medium transitions technology compressed iPhone. Sc second generation fingerprint sensor, super simple unlock from the home screen or lock screen and, to be honest, I was kind of hoping is the iPad Air fifth generation. We have the microphone so below. We have the all new USBC charging port, now take note, iPhones and lightning ports to Flagship Android phones. We have the camera sensor, Apple logo, iPad branding and the SMART connector adapter for the magic keyboard.

So in guys overall for me, the iPad Air 5 has a premium design very clean, sleek and decent looking so thats nice specifications. We have a 10.9 inch liquid rate in the IPS LCD, the same LCD or displays iPhone 10r and iPhone 11.. So resolution monitor 640 by 2360 pixels and 264. Pixels per inch is equal bezel distributions numbers display quality. For me, its really great super sharp and crisp namaha texts, images and basically everything I see – is my iPad actually, especially for my schoolworks or my academic purposes, on YouTube again. Super immersive experience cost at 10.9 inches experience among iPhones, 6.1 inches computer laptops, PC and stuff. Like those guys for watching purposes, so you want to summarize display quality is with criminal anyway, no problem with the iPad Air 5, its like a super, reliable and decent in display quality in the iPad Air 5, so thats, nice, so suspects disciple, is powered by the All new powerful, acre M1 chip number eight gigs of RAM and, as mentioned more luxurious Flagship devices, iPad pros and MacBook Pros: storage variants, 64 and 256, so thats nice, so tanong is 8GB of RAM. Does it make a difference? Well, obviously, its great? In a way? Now, even the most powerful iPhone, its only maxed out to a16 and 6db RAM and thats the iPhone 14 pro Max. So, to give you an example, its a normal scrolling, some on social media platforms, react veto, share the own react on and stuff like those practically for most of us in a difference, especially iPhone 11 and 60 hertz, the similar as iPad Air 5 Casa, most likely.

If not iPad broken or iPhone, 13 or 14 pro Max refresh rate and promotion telegram, youll notice, our experience is quite a difference because again now, 60 years longer iPad Air 5.. However, where this M1 chip and 8GB of ram shines, SMS, more hardcore activities or multitasking, essentially the ecosystem Flagship iPads like the iPad Air or somehow Pros or Telecom built for extensive and hardcore usage with more stressful Works to let them multitasking just cool stuff and extensive Editing wow grab a Sabine iPad. Those were a piece of cake telegram. I barely experience and lugs kite, Madame application surroundings, the background so thats nice. Yes, the iPod. There also excels aspect: NATO, theyre, more Jeep and 8GB of firm are capable enough to handle kaitima, Ultra or Manga over the top or top tier graphic intensive games. Again I seldom The Experience more game problems. I put air 5 and bonus turned on Champion immersive and bigger screen. I think this specific size is not for everyone, especially um generally or for gaming purposes. Specifically, the best option, in my opinion, is the iPad Mini 6th generation or, if kindness, just wait for the iPad Mini 7 generation. Unfortunately, it doesnt have the same power in the iPad Air 5th generation cassette. It doesnt have the M1 chip nor 8GB of ram. It only has the a15 and 4GB of ram, which firm is still Dependable in this current generation, but yeah anyways overall performance wise super reliable for an iPad Air 5th generation, and it still does great as a recommendable iPad.

So thats nice a few moments later: yo whats up guys order from shopee, so its actually for my iPad Air 5. So Im not sure YouTube guys, but yeah well see but anyways. This is an iPad Air, 5 accessory so excited about inbox for later so so suspects megapixel sensor in my f stop 1.8 aperture and a whopping 4K at 60fps, the video resolution or surprising, because its not usual for an iPad to have 4K resolution anyways from Camden. We also have a whopping 12 megapixel sensor in the F sub 2.4 aperture. Now my ultimate capability and Max video resolution at 1080p at 60 FPS, so share coding. One of the main features in front cam Ultra with sensor and iPad. Air 5 is the center stage. 4 face time whenever we do FaceTime or video calls nothing, but with the current new feature in the center stage, it can now give out ultra weight angle or review sakavi, not an orca video. Nothing and the sensor also follows us. Wherever we go so halimbawa or Sakana, or vice versa, the camera will follow us, so thats nice anyways, going back quality, wise direction is, or even videos are not really utilized or used for taking pictures in the first place. Well, I think, for kids CS or for documenting photos or memory, foreign Music, against that belief, by offering a sensor in a similar among iPhones, because to take note, I am not saying that iPad can now replace in quality in a professional levels among iPhones.

Well, at least for now cyber they have been comparing the iPad Air 5th Generations, among predecessors, its really a big dip and its nice to see how iPads have become or how far they have become or became. Anyways here are more shots from the iPad Air 5th generation, so lets do it Music. Thank you, whats up executors, who are currently filming using the iPad Air 5th generation and currently not Ultra retired players. So, by the way to promote betting games, you might want to check out One X bet so its a young International betting game that you can play many sports or even Esports, ranging from basketball, soccer, tennis and other kinds of sports to use this code for 7K Pesos first deposit bonus: do your own research and bet wisely, so thats nice, normal usage, it can last for about 10 hours. I dont necessarily use an iPad or any kind of gadget for Straight No 10 hours for watching YouTube videos or even moves, or generally I dont use a gadget for 10 hours, but based on my experience and how I use an iPad, it can last a day With minimal or basic usage, long were most likely for heavy usage. It Will Rain faster since requires more battery. I mean basically its the same science generally for most iPads or gadgets out there, but then overall for me good, so good battery life now iPad Air 5 talagang. It can last all of this stuff or Works iPad.

So thats nice surprise someone if youre planning to buy the iPad Air 5th generation song anyways. If you plan to buy the iPad Air 5, well be investing around 27 000 pesos to 35 000 pesos. Well it actually. It varies because well for me I would say yes definitely suited to iPad Air 5., so guys thats pretty much my review about the iPad Air, 5th generation or iPad Air M1 for this year. 2023. If you learned something from this, video dont forget to like comment: share subscribe in this YouTube channel.