Se 2022 review video gagawan konin review of horse young bagong ipad air. I dont know the moment that apple changed from the intel processors to their own um silicones like the new m1 chip for their first one im talking about their max hindi, ko in assume, actually that it will ever come down to this moment now. Even their tablets will adapt from them so yeah um, m1 ship, nayana, bago, technically hair series. We only got two storage choices: parasa ipad air 5., the 64 gigabytes cost 35.990 pesos, while the 256 gigabytes cost forty, four thousand nine hundred and ninety pesos and the ipad air that we got right now has the 256 gig storage by the way may 5g models. Then, on an air 5 and like last year in a voila, we got 4g only for the 5g model. We got 44 990 pesos for the lowest storage and 53 990 pesos for the 256 gig storage and for reference and comparison ipad air do owns a previous ipad pro nalumabas, which also has somehow the same specs just like what we have right. Now we got the 11 inch and the 12.9 inch. We actually have four storage options for the pro version, starting from 128 gig, all the way up to one terabyte and the cheapest ipad. The pro nam abi bill in your ass of the moments of market is 45 990 pesos for the 11 inch 128 gig storage worth it, of course, features and, of course, for its price.

By the way, now guys what i got is in uh purple. Actually, it comes in new colors now in the long purple. It also now comes with starlight, um, pink and, of course, a blue mist piece great in a man but Music the past few days. Aside from that, we also got here, of course, some paperworks and um. Unlike the iphone s inna, you previously saw it comes with two big apple stickers and since indiana one cellular version, young vanillinating, we dont have a pen and dot and of course, as usual, we got here the usb type c to type c keyboard. And, of course, the charging brick somehow guys, i am glad guessing charging break parental. You know, iphones now no longer comes with this one and the do take note in samsung galaxy tab, s8 plus Music. There is really no change design wise. So, yes, they are bringing the exact same design from the previous ipad air 4., not just the design, but also the dimensions. Your old ipad, air or even your ipad pro can still be used on ipad air, which is somehow a good news. Honestly, no hardware wise, of course, from the previous 4 gig of ram. We now are getting an 8 gig of ram. We now are getting a 12 megapixels ultra wide camera, which means peden and attend center stage, um, of course, looking forward to seeing ipads and, of course, they bump up the chipset to the new m1 ship version of from the display size.

The display specs are somehow identical parent from the ipad air fourth generation, so yeah theres, really not much to say about the physical appearance of our new ipad. Air pero italian, strong point in terms of physical appearance is, of course, the speakers. We got a quad speaker setup, so ipad pro, which is why most fuller and the louder you all yo nalumanu. As with the new ipad air, we got the same two speakers from last year, complaining guys. Honestly, though um it still is quite loud and kona. I wouldnt really buy the pro version just because of the additional two speakers. Next thing, you will notice this. Of course, the camera setup happens in your adidas ipad air. We still have a single camera set up, while this is a pro version technically tatlow because of the lighter and, of course, the ultraviolet camera document purposes and, of course, video calls. Hindi machado, i rarely use my ipad for family photos, landscapes or even um, should we say concert another one is of course their usbc port, but usbc guys, but for the ipad pro cassette. I think this one has a thunderbolt, which is why we can have faster data transfers, even use young attic manager hard drives. Unlike details, ipad airiness, usual usbc portland. Another difference of them is, of course, the touch id and the face id um keyboard. I prefer using young adding face id for daily because of the keyboard just to unlock my ipad, but before the mating on update.

No, when working outside working in a coffee shop must not appreciate beauty or beauty fullness. Its not like its a hassle because um on different orientations, time to talk about the display of the new ipad air five come on senior bezel wise, the non parentia guys but hindisha as thin as we saw from the galaxy tab. S8 series must manifest the disappointing part with the ipad. Air is, of course, it remains at 60hz, refresh rate not like im complaining were talking about a nazo flagship tablet from apple. I know naman, then that apple knows how to make 60hz right, but coming from an ipad pro nasa knight from the promotion display, it really is very noticeable. So, yes, coming from my perspective, young scrolling, animations, not in sanya, is noticeable and not just actually the scrolling. Whenever i use the apple pencil details, ipad air natura, its not as smooth compared to the ipad pro so yeah ipad air fourth generation, you really wont notice any difference in terms of its display. But of course, if you are this persona, hindi makapak decide. If you will be getting the air or the pro version here, are their differences um very noticeable. For me, italian differences, the ipad pro has a better display panel. Actually, it uses mimi, led technology, nanocore produced and deeper blacks and maybe highly freshly dense up to 120 hertz and yes, its noticeably brighter as well uh outdoors. So outdoors and guys with the ipad air but indoors in terms of brightness.

That is because 600 nets and ipad pro, while the iphone air kind of up to 500 units of peak brightness. So yes, the 100 net difference, is only noticeable outdoors. Now, if we were to talk about the performance of the ipad, air, fifth generation and as well as the software, the madeli, because performance and the software behavior, is the same here on the ipad air, 5, 20 22 as the ipad pro or the older 2020 ipad. Air peruvian animation, stutter or application freezes. So yes, still everything works and the one big reason talaga why? I think you should choose this ipad air 5 over the base model ipad and, of course, the ipad mini lag indirectly. Disappoint la luna, if you really want to take advantage of course, of the m1 ship and kumejo limited in young budget, you will be able to experience the beauty or should we see the power of the m1 ship for as low as 35 000 pesos because of Its uh lack of promotion on display, but somehow the previous ipad air 4.. It still gave me the same battery performance by the way since were not talking about the pro tablet of apple im charging speed into guys. I measure my bag um again. This is only capable to be charged up to 18, what fifteen percent battery in 15 minutes mouse and a keyboard between, of course, your imac and your tablet. Yes, it do support universal control, so um, if you are planning on, of course, combining your ipad air to your mac pero along you know, one good thing tablets or not just their tablets, but their products in general is that they really keep their devices up.

To date, meaning you will still get the latest software for many years, something that most tablet. Manufacturers, doesnt really offer us kaiyana mandan hindhi, koren, mabib, yung iba, if ever man, that they will choose apple tablets over android anyway, f, 1.8 camera and is capable of 4k video recording and a 12 megapixel front facing camera on ipad air 5. Theres really not much to talk about you are not getting any portrait mode or night mode, detox, ipad air compared to the pro version. But honestly on my pro on my ipad in fairness, guys in camera, 12 megapixel silicone performed better than the ipad air 4. Probably because of its new m1 processor kohini had an impressive rear camera. I am impressed amongst the front facing camera. It actually lets you record videos as well, using the wide and the ultra wide angle and, of course, among video applications like um, facetime or zoom, but i think featuring a center stage from the previous ipad air. This is not the kind of feature in a predating ipads; they really make it exclusive to their newer ones. So, yes, if i were to describe the camera ui its very simple, nothing really! You know compared to the iphones or the ipad pro its useful, its functional Music um. We also got the ipad mini. We also got the ipad air, Music and laptop. It also gives you access to most applications, the exclusive london app store. So, yes, its really more of a luxury option.

I do think more than enough 35, 000 pesos, or should we say 35 990 pesos to spend on a gadget tablets. Smartphones id rather get the ipad pro base, which is the 128 gig again were talking about a 256 gig storage configuration so yeah thats. Basically, it actually for our review of the ipad air fifth generation, somehow sana im worth it im pagante in adidas video netted again by the way before and after the ending video, i am actually selling the ipad air so follow in the lanyard.