If you’re on my channel please subscribe and hit the notifications bell. So you’re notified every time i post a new video let’s get into it today, we’re going to be reviewing the ipad air 4.. I have the sky blue version, there’s, also a silver, a space gray, a rose gold and a greenish version, but um. It also has 256 gigabytes, uh there’s, also a 64 gig version, but this one will last me longer most likely and it is wi fi. There is again also a cellular version, but this one is the one i went with just for my sake, um. It is actually a really pretty blue. I have had it for a couple weeks now and i’ve been using it for a while see if you can get that blue color on the camera. Uh i’ll switch to a photo montage of this in a few different lighting conditions. So you can see the different colors of blue because i realized when i went to purchase this. I could not really get the right blue color and i didn’t know i’ve heard stories that it’s more gray, i’ve heard stories it’s, more blue and i’ve also heard that it just depends on the lighting condition and after getting this, i realize that it’s true, so i’ll Switch over to that right now, the rear facing camera on this ipad shoots: 12 megapixel photos. It can also shoot 4k at 12, 30 or 60 frames per second.

I can also shoot 1080p, but let’s be honest. If you’re trying to shoot a video, you want in 4k, not 1080p, the front facing camera can take 7 megapixel photos and it can shoot in 1080p at 60 frames. A second one of the things i love about. This is that it has touch id on the power button, so you’ll turn it on set your finger on it and it will open up your ipad now. That is really helpful, especially right now during coveted times, so that when you’re trying to do face id you don’t have to pull down your mask or, if you’re, in a hurry. Just set your finger on the power button and you’re in the display on this ipad is a 60hz display. It is i’ve heard noticeably different from the ipad pro. I don’t have the ipad pro, so i have nothing to compare it to, but if you are downgrading from the ipad pro i’ve heard that it is definitely noticeable. Also, if you are a creator – and you are trying to use this for editing – i use premiere rush. I should use whatever other apps that are better, but this is what i can afford right now. This premiere rush. As my channel grows, i will probably use more expensive apps, but for now i use premier rush. I will also make a video of me editing on this. It’Ll just be a quick time lapse, but if you want to watch that you can on this ipad, you’re going to have a 10.

9 inch liquid retina display uh that has 500 nits max brightness. So right now the ipad is at its max brightness. The ipad has stereo speakers. It has two on the bottom right here and two on the top right here. It also has a dual microphone system, which is good for calls taking videos etc. Other things like that, um and i’ve been watching videos on it for the last couple of weeks since i’ve had it, and i actually really like the audio. I also know that the ipad pro does have more speakers, so once again, if you’re downgrading from the ipad pro, there is probably going to be a noticeable change in sound quality, but this is good enough. For me, this is what i want for, because um it’s cheaper, and it does almost everything that the pro can do. One of the many other things that i like about this ipad is that it has flat edges much like the ipad pro and the newer iphones. These three little dots in the back are for, if you’re, going to connect the magic keyboard or the smartfolio, and this is for connecting the apple pencil, which just magnetically connects to your ipad that pretty much wraps up our review today. Um, please leave a like on this video and subscribe to my channel um, and i will see you guys in the next video thanks. I’Ll also switch right now to a little. If i get bigger, i will probably use lightroom for stuff so i’m, not pretty rap.