I go through my usual recommendation. If youre on a budget get the bare bones, ipad want portability, get the mini craving for the absolute best experience go for the pro and, if youre looking for a happy medium, you cant go wrong with the air. This is the newly launched ipad air. With several upgrades that edge it closer than ever to the pro models, so does this change anything the headlining upgrade is that it now includes the apples m1 chip which gives it the exact same processor as the ipad pros heck im using a mac mini thats powered By the exact same chip now does that much power make sense on an ipad right now, im, not too sure, but it does mean you should feel pretty safe for the next four five. Maybe six years theyve also upgraded the front facing camera to a 12 megapixel ultrawide sensor with a center stage. Double the speed of the usb c port and tossed in mid band 5g support to round up the upgrades. So the screen remains unchanged. Its a 10.9 inch liquid retina lcd display that goes up to 500 nits of brightness. One of the ways apple separates their pro. Lineup is with pro motion, aka apples, fancy name for an adaptive 120hz refresh rate display. Basically, it makes scrolling and interacting with the ipad pro look and feel silky smooth, so the ipad air has a standard 60hz refresh rate, which is honestly fine.

My take on promotion is that its really hard to go back to a 60hz screen once youve experienced 120 hertz, but if none of your other devices have a high refresh rate display, then youll be perfectly happy here. This is a nice sharp good, looking panel with great color accuracy paired with that screen our dual stereo speakers that totally exceeded my expectations. They seriously sound great the cutouts sort of give you the illusion that there are four speakers but nope. There is actually only one on each side for a total of two. The extra cutouts are functional, though, because it allows sound to funnel through them. If you accidentally block the actual speaker vents while holding it to unlock the air. Steel rocks touch id no face id here. These fingerprint scanners embedded right into the power button, are probably my favorite way to unlock my gadgets face id is great, but i just find that i block the cameras way too often. Now a stylus is a big part of the whole ipad experience. This one supports the second generation apple pencil that magnetically attaches to the side like this, for charging itll run you an extra 130 dollars, but if you have any interest in taking notes or doing any sort of art id say its worth picking up, i actually edit All my thumbnails for youtube on an ipad pro with the apple pencil using affinity photo. The experience on the new air is just as great.

I can totally get the job done on a computer but theres just something about doing it. On the ipad, with the apple pencil that i find way more enjoyable, its really hard to explain something: ive also been trying to build a habit of is daily journaling and, from a note, taking perspective its been great as well. They introduced this quick note feature in ipad. Os 15 and ive been loving it for jotting down quick ideas throughout the day. The writing experience. Isnt perfect, i mean ive, never been a big fan of the plastic on glass feel of the apple pencil, but, like anything, is something you can adapt to pretty quickly. The air is also compatible with both the smart keyboard and ultra sleek magic keyboard. So this is a 300 keyboard. Listen im a cheapo at heart, okay, so ill be the first to tell you to get a third party keyboard plus most and call it a day. But i can totally see why someone will splurge and treat themselves to this. Its honestly, a really nice compliment to the ipad air and come on it just looks so damn cool im, slowly falling in love with this keyboard, but dont get me wrong. Its still silly expensive, though youll be completely fine with a nice bluetooth, keyboard and mouse. So i was fully expecting apple to not include a charging brick in the box, like you know, on the phones but clearly surprise.

The new ipad air still comes with a 20 watt charging brake, i mean even samsung. Doesnt include a charging brake with their tablets anymore. So ill take it my biggest gripe with this new ipad air is the 64 gigabytes of starting storage. They should have really gone with 128 gigs here, for example, after downloading all the apps. I normally use its up to 55 gigabytes already. My suggestion check your current ipad. If youve used more than 64 gigabytes, then yeah the base model here probably wont cut it. The only other storage option is 256 gigabytes and if youre gon na pay for that upgrade, then youre getting awfully close to the 11 inch ipad. Pro pricing, which starts at 128 gigs, so whats. The experience like with this thing well its running ipad, west 15 and if youve used any ipad before its the same tried and true ipad experience, youve got the ability to run split screen multitasking with the option to run a third app in this handy slide over Window im a big fan of how smooth everything feels, even without the high refresh rate apples, always been great at polishing the little details and yeah i cant help but appreciate the extra effort like look at this. This is such an apple thing to do the mouse pointer, literally flips, between dark and light mode, depending on the background like come on thats seriously, cool performance is great, as youd expect, since its rocking the exact same chip as the pro models, but lets be real.

Its probably overkill for how most people use their ipads with that being said, the extra power will definitely come in handy for graphically intense gaming or editing. Multiple layers of 4k footage and, like i mentioned itll, ensure your ipad will run silky smooth for years to come. Apps are where the ipads really shine since thats, where youll be spending most of your time. I love that apple includes their microsoft office, alternatives, pages numbers and keynotes as a free alternative. If you want to dabble in some video editing, imovie is a free, simple way to get the job done. If youre, looking for more advanced functionality, lumafusion on the app store is likely the best touch based video editor right now, then theres apps, like procreates, for you, artists out there and also plenty of third party note taking apps if apple notes, isnt doing it. For you. Basically, no matter what youre trying to do youve got the options: Music im, not a big gamer ill, occasionally dabble in some call of duty mobile, which looks amazing on this tablet by the way. But my sister in law is a huge ginshin impact fan. She mainly plays on her phone so heres her initial impressions of the experience on the ipad air. So the thing im most impressed by is the graphics. This looks really good its actually. The best quality ive ever experienced this game in um because im a mobile player 36 stars by the way, plus its so smooth, i usually play on my phone and i have to play in the lowest settings or else itll lag.

But look at this. We are playing on the highest graphics, quality setting and it is smooth you can see there, the current performance load and everything is just its just its really good. Its really amazing one of the things that apple mentioned that the m1 chip enables is on device. Intelligence live text is an example of that. Okay, so check this out. Im gon na take a picture of this popeyes fly here. Dont judge me now when you long press certain things like a number. For example, look at that you can place a facetime call, thats, crazy or long pressing. This address here lets you open up maps and navigate to it. Keep in mind. This is a picture that im touching right. Now i mean this is cool and all, but i imagine it will be more useful on a phone either way theres a lot of potential here. So is this ipad air a laptop replacement it can be, but a laptop is probably still going to be more capable and efficient for most people, id love to see apple, add some sort of desktop like mode similar to what samsung does with dex. For me, the ipad air is more like a really nice companion device. I mean even built in features like sidecar, which lets you use the ipad as a second display or universal control which lets you share. The keyboard and trackpad across multiple devices are both features that showcase the ipad as a secondary device.

Alright, so if youre in the market for a premium, ipad experience and cant justify the 799 dollar price tag of the pro models, then yeah, the new ipad air gets you closer than ever to the ipad pro experience. The lack of a 120 hertz display is probably the only thing i actually noticed during day to day use the base models. 599 dollar pricing really is the sweet spot between value and performance for students or mobile gamers now thats. Only if you can make 64 gigs of storage work and you need to think about it very carefully, because these days 64 gigs will fill up faster than you think. As a content creator dealing with tons of pictures and video files, the base model just wouldnt work for me, i would have to pay up for the higher storage option and, if im, going to pay that much im 100 going with the 11 inch ipad pro instead, Which starts with a more reasonable 128 gigs of storage, youll get a higher refresh rate display. Quad speakers face id and a faster usb c port too. That just makes sense to me as usual.