It really did not do much for me in terms of productivity until recently, with windows being a staple in my life and my eagerness for change, i decided to try out something different and use the 2020 ipad air as my daily computer. So these are my thoughts. Hey guys, my name is kjos, and this is going to be my review of the 2020 ipad air after about a week reviews. So the 2020 ipad air is a refresh of the older model, aesthetic wise. It looks very similar to the ipod pro with just slightly thicker bezels, one camera at the back and an all new touch id, but we’ll talk about that later in the video. So one of the reasons i have been using this apart from testing it for this review is that this thing is very portable and easy to carry. It has a 10.9 inch display with an aluminum back and frame that’s, very easy to grip without having any issues. It’S soft to touch and is like a hybrid between how the iphone 11 pro feels and the grip of the iphone 12, so it’s pretty sweet. It is honestly one of the nicest computing experiences and the price isn’t so steep, it’s, currently 600 bucks for the base model of 64 gig and 749 for the 256 gig variant. I wish there was a middle ground like an in between model that had 128 gig of storage, because for one 64 gig might be small for some and for others, 256 gig is kind of overkill.

The display is a liquid retina display. It has true tone with max brightness reaching 500 nits. The lack of the pro motion – 120hz refresh rate, is very noticeable. If you have a phone that supports 90 or 120hz one older model ipad for some it matters and for others it really does not. So if you’re an illustrator or a content creator and use the apple pencil on the ipad a and the ipod pro, you will notice a bit of latency issues on the air and it is a lot smoother on the ipod pro. In terms of experience, i mean, if you have an iphone and you’re transitioning to the ipad, you won’t really notice much of a difference, because all iphones to further notice have 60hz screens and apple does make great 60hz screens, if i do say so myself now. Speaking of which there is no face id on the 2020 ipad air, instead apple decided to go with the touch id. That is infused with the power button, and i kind of like it it’s pretty accurate and it’s a great addition because of the pandemic. That we’re, still in while it’s needed, it’s not the fastest, so the pixel 5’s fingerprint scanner unlocks your phone without even tapping the screen, which makes it super fast with the ipad air. You need to wake it up by tapping the screen or tap on the home button, as you unlock it also because of where it’s stationed i registered a lot of fingers on a touch id so from any angle, i’m covered the 2020 ipad air has quad speakers.

Two on both sides and they sound pretty decent but it’s, not something i use on a regular basis because half the time i am connected to my google home, but it’s better than most tablets that are out there. It has a 7 megapixel front facing camera and a 12 megapixel camera at the back. I don’t use tablets to take pictures because i have a smartphone and i think a lot of people will do the same, but video calls via facetime or zoom. The camera is not in the middle, so i have the time or most of the time i tend to use my ipad on portrait mode to have conversations and that’s. Why i give the samsung galaxy tab s7, a few pointers because they put the camera right in the middle, so that makes it easier when your landscape mode, because most of the time our tablets are in landscape mode apple. Finally, added usb c to the ipad air ditching, the customary lighting cable that came with the older models and the iphones. Now this just allows easy transfers between your ipad and your mac or your ipad or your computer, or even your ipad or your camera. Now you see when everything is just usbc, your life is easier apple. Please make the iphone 13 usbc. It just makes everything faster and a lot more efficient attempting to use an ipad. As my daily computer, i had to get a keyboard that was suitable.

Enough gave me great value and didn’t cost a lot. The magic keyboard is pretty nice, but it’s 299 bucks and it’s pretty pricey. So i went with the logitech folio touch, which was about 159, and that was one of the best decisions i have made now. The typing experience reminds me of my service laptop. This stand is pretty sturdy and it offers a backlit keyboard, something the magic keyboard does not have. So my choice was a no brainer. The logitech folio touch supports smooth scrolling and three finger gesture navigations. So if you have a macbook pro or macbook air, it will seem very similar and familiar. Logitech is the only keyboard, apart from the magic keyboard that gets full gesture navigation supports because they work hand in hand with apple to develop their ipad accessories and because of that relationship, apple granted, logitech permission to use the smart connector in their accessories. So other third party keyboards won’t, be able to give you the same, feel and efficiency as a logitech keyboard. Setting up the keyboard is pretty easy and straightforward. You fit the ipad into the case and it connects instantly without having to turn on bluetooth or wi fi. The trackpad cursor is visible and has no lags whatsoever, so the value from the logitech keyboard is pretty much insane. The only downside i noticed well two downsides – i noticed about the logitech keyboard – is that the trackpad is not as wide as i wanted it to be, and the keyboard width was pretty small.

I have pretty big hands, so it took me a while to adjust to the keyboard itself anyway, it’s doing a good job. So far of me not missing my laptop, and i think it can replace it in the long run for the easy stuff so creating content or writing content down consuming content and just doing general work on my ipad. My experience with the ipad os is sort of a mixed bag, while it’s pretty similar to ios and its features. It falls short with this multitasking support for multiple users and the lack of picture in picture when you’re using video call apps like zoom, for example, it did not dampen my experience. Don’T get me wrong, but it can be better and hopefully a few software updates can make the operating system a lot better. The battery life on the 2020 ipad air is pretty good and it’s, something we already come to expect from apple it’s, a one day or two day battery life. Depending on your usage. For me, it was about a day and a half, sometimes maybe one day, if i’m working on my computer all day, it’s a 706 billion pounds of battery and comes with a 20 watt charger charging wires is not as fast on the ipad. It takes about 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours to charge it to 100, so i’m, pretty sure you can use this on your iphone 2 and that charges your phone just as fast the 2020 ipad air was a big deal because of that a14 bionic chip.

I mean it’s fast, like really really fast, even faster than the ipad pro in some certain benchmark tests like the single core speed and arguably it’s faster in general, but there’s a ramp difference between both devices. There is 4 gigs of ram in the ipad air and 6 gig on the ipad pro on paper right now. They perform slightly at the same pace, but in the long haul i believe the 6 gig ipad pro will maintain its speed better than the ipad air. For me, right now there are no lags or stutters and i’m pretty happy with my experience, especially since i have been using this every day, so the question most people will ask themselves is: should i get the ipad air or should i get the ipad pro so Here’S my take the ipad air. Does everything that the ipad pro can do, except a few exceptions? You should definitely get the ipad pro if you care about the pro motion. 120 has refresh rate a lighter scatter, the ultrawide camera at the back and the bigger screen, because the ipad air is 10.9 inches or slightly almost 11 inches and that’s pretty much everything. If you don’t care about these things, you should definitely get the ipad air. I mean it’s way less money that you’re going to spend on the ipad pro and it gives you more colors to choose from than the ipad pro honestly. I have had fun using mine every single day since i got it, and i have no issues whatsoever.

I’M. Going to make this so i’m going to continue using this as my daily computer to further notice and turn my service laptop 2 into my video editing, uh computer. What do you think, though, would you get the ipad air, or would you get the ipad pro or are you going to get an ipad to replace the computer? You already have comment below and let me know thank you guys for watching. My name is kj os and i will catch you guys to the next one.