This is shubham from crytex tech and i would love to do the ipad air mind you this after the release of the ipad air from six months ago, and this review is coming from the perspective of ipad pro user. I was ipad pro user 12.9 inch 2015 and i used it extensively for quite a few years now coming to the ipad air. Initially, i felt a bit cramped compared to the pro 12.9 inch, but now i’m loving the design and here’s my review of the ipad air, so i’m, a universal student in australia and i usually use this ipad for media consumption. Slash study, slash work purposes, so this is not the ideal way of taking notes on ipad, but it really suits my needs as i use it for the university purposes and straight away for marking the documents. I also use this for surfing the web here and there definitely use the ipad for youtube now. I’Ve noticed one thing that youtube only runs well on an a12 bionic chip and later my old ipad, pro 2015 couldn’t run youtube on 4k. Now, let’s start this review. Now, if you want to see unboxing of the apple pencil and showing the overall build of the ipad, i have here the rose code version of the ipad, which is 256gb of storage and the touch id sensor on the power button. Now i don’t really like the touch any sensor: the power button, as my old ipad had it in the front, and it was a real blessing.

Even the face id is really good on the new ipad pros. The volume buttons are on the right of the ipad. This is the wi fi version of the cellular one. So if you get the cellular version, you’ll get the sim card on the right of the ipad but mind you. This only supports 4g and not 5g. Like the pro model, i have the temper screen protector on my ipad and i also have a transparent case use the ipad in the portrait mode. So i don’t really like the folding case now. The accessories are the ones that make this ipad really interesting. As this comes with the apple pencil and a magic keyboard, i don’t really have the magic keyboard with me, but here’s the apple pencil, and i have an external keyboard and mouse attached to it. Now, if i want to char nodes or just scribble down whatever i need, i do it quickly with the apple pencil now this is really good for studies. So, if you want to get more productive, you can add a keyboard and a mouse to it. You can see if i really want to get productive. I will introduce my macbook and not my ipad, so yeah. I will say that mac os is more mature than ipad os, but if you’re a student, even the basic that is ipad, 8 chin is more than enough for a student now i’ve written the whole script for this review on my ipad.

So, coming to the software side of things, this ipad is running on ios 14.. This is the final version of ios 14, as you can see here, and it has no major box, it runs so fluidly in this ipad now mind you. This is the ipad air from 2020, so this ipad is going to get software support for ages to come now, ios 15 beta has released for the public, and i don’t want to install it on this ipad. As this is my personal device – and i don’t want to be a beta tester, yet it has some new multitasking options. Now let’s start with the display of this ipad, no saying the specification: this is a 10.9 inch display with 60 hertz panel resolution of 2360 by 1640. This has all your phobic coating, true tone display and 500 units of brightness with dc ip3 color gamut support. Now, keeping the specs aside, i must say that this is a really nice screen, even if it is 60 hertz compared to the 120 hertz on the ipad pro. This is a really nice display can even show you the youtube footage shot by jonathan in 4k hdr and the colors here are really awesome. I’M, comparing it with my note, 10 plus. The colors are not that vivid, but yeah. This is a really nice screen, putting it up against the budget ipad. I must say this is a really nice display with the ipad pro that just has a really nice display.

Now, comparing this screen with the 12.9 pro – i guess the 12.9 is pro – does have a really big screen, as it can open two apps side by side with a full screen, and i really enjoyed the experience on that. But taking into account this ipad pro, i can certainly use this over ipad mini, which has this really small screen compared to this one coming to the specs of the ipad. This has an a14 bionic chip with 4gb of ram and 256gb of storage. Specifically for this model, now i must say the a14 is a really good chip with the four graphic cores and it just performed like a champ. This is the same chip that is found on the 12 pro max now, comparing this with my old ipad pro, which had a 9x chip. This is a real significant upgrade. I must say the 144 display might limit the chip a bit, but in games and day to day tasks it’s a breeze. I won’t show you the benchmarks as it’s, not that relevant to my use case, but i will show you some clips of my games that run on this ipad and they just run smoothly here’s a gentile impact test like if you’re considering this for gaming. This is a really good option and if you want a cod test, it will be at the end of the review now coming to the battery life of the ipad. It gives me around 8 hours or so so let me go to the screen time here.

You can see i get 6 sauce with even more battery remaining, so this is easily a 2 day ipad, even like when i’m playing two to three hours of pub g it only drains about like 30 to 35 percent of battery is not really bad. This is, if i’m, including the full brightness and full volume for someone who consumes a lot of media. I must say this battery life holds up pretty well, even while soft browsing or watching videos or web surfing. Now the battery life may depend from person to person. So i can’t say your use case, but yeah. It will definitely go for more than two days now. This ipad has a single camera on the back. This is 12 megapixel and it can record 4k and the front camera is 7 megapixel. Now i don’t really use my ipad for radio taking or photography, but it just does the job that is scanning the documents or just facetiming. Anyone now, comparing this with the normal ipad, that is eighth generation channel, has definitely weaker cameras compared to this, and the pro has an ultra wide camera that is 12 megapixel, so those are really good cameras, but comparing them with ipad air, though the camera just. Does the work for me it’s not a high priority, but yeah? The pictures taken from the camera are satisfactory. Concluding my final thoughts. I will say if you don’t need the laminated display, as well as a better a14 chip, if you’re fine with the a12 chip and an older design, i think the ipad 8th generation is a better bang for your buck compared to the ipad air, especially if you’re.

Okay, going with the 32gb variant now, comparing this with the ipad pro ipad pro is a bit expensive, especially the 12.9 inches. Comparing this with the 11 inch ipad pro, it has a 120 hertz display and an m1 chip which makes it a tad bit better than the ipad air, but most people don’t need that upgrade anyways. So, comparing it with the 12.9 inch pro that has a better display with the mini led on it, and i guess that’s just novelty factor. If you want a better screen, a thunderbolt port, a better processor, a better display yeah, you can go for the 12.9 inch. If you have already made up your mind, ipad air is a no brainer, so you can go with it any day. It is a great product and the software is going to last you for a long time.