Now I will definitely tell you this iPad may not be the first one I would recommend to people. I still think its a very interesting iPad that Apple made, though, and if you want to pick up some iPads, I would recommend this year links to be down in the description you can get that from there and you can help support the channel. At the same time now, the iPad Air of lineup was a very, very interesting approach that Apple made and I still think its their complete airliner, including their iPad Air and their MacBook airs are some of the most. I guess like a neutral feeling devices I have like they are so good for that price tag that theyre selling at and this iPad, although it didnt originate the air moniker. It was the first iPad Air which was really cool, so this iPad actually came out in 2013., so its been 10 years since this iPad actually came out which is actually pretty insane. So I think this came out around the same time as the iPad 3 or the iPad 4. There may have been some other iPads around this time too. Maybe the mini two or three came out by this time as well, so their iPad, the lineup, was definitely fleshing out. But what was crazy is the original iPad came out in 2010. So the fact that we already had a new iPad lineup like two or three new iPad lineups beyond the standard iPad, is actually pretty crazy.

Now, with the front of this iPad, we had a pretty decent 9.7 inch IPS LCD panel. Now we did have pretty big bezels around it compared to devices nowadays. Nowadays, we do have way Slimmer, bezels and we dont even barely have a home button anymore, but we do have a home button on this specific iPad which Im okay with theres, no Touch ID on the front theyre. Actually, the display itself was probably one of the more interesting things too, mostly because, with the iPad Air 2, they ended up fixing this display. They ended up making the display look so much better. So this one like the display didnt, look all that great. It was still a high resolution, but the panel itself there was something weird going on with it. In this specific case, I still think it looks fine for the most part, but definitely I would say that successor of this stuff fixed a lot of things wrong with this one. Now, on the bottom, we have the charging port, which was great. We had a headphone jack on this iPad as well, which was awesome and the power button at the top like it was a pretty slim iPad, and I think that was another kind of selling factor for it. The fact that was a fairly slim tablet was pretty cool and, on the back we had our aluminum back, which is great. This thing felt very premium. Every single iPad that Apple has made has felt very very premium, and that is something I love about these iPads, but a single camera up top and overall, I would still say the body of this thing and the way it feels and the way it performs for The most part is still up there.

You know it still feels very good. It just internally theres a lot of issues, but I would say, besides the panel being like a little weird looking. Sometimes I think its a pretty good looking, you know device for the most part. I still think it holds up fairly decently in 2023, now, actually moving on to the camera side of things, this probably was also not the best selling aspect of the specific device. So we had a five megapixel standard camera on the back. We had a 1.2 megapixel front facing camera now. The thing we have to keep in mind here is that, for the most part, this specific device is definitely going to be. Probably this is probably going to be one of the weirder aspects of this specific device, so its definitely not like the best camera of all time, and even at that time it really wasnt that great either. So that was one of the things that you know personally, when I actually looked at this specific device, it was the one thing that was kind of trailing me off when you know with using this camera now I will say at that time: it really wasnt that Bad, you know having a five megapixel camera on the back and a 1.2 megapixel camera on the front. You know back then really wasnt that bad considering. I think we had like the iPhone 5 at this time. So definitely wasnt like a bad camera by any means, but you know nowadays I mean compared to at least the iPad Pros.

You know. For being honest, we are missing things like ultra white cameras were missing things like 4K video portrait mode. Like thereof I mean even your iPhone nowadays will have a better camera than this thing. So theres really not a huge point of even getting this iPad for the camera unless youre just wanting like some sort of like 24 7 surveillance thing or something like that, then maybe thatd be a little different. But in this case its not going to be that big big deal in my opinion, so the camera lies – I mean it was good back then, but definitely hasnt held up that well throughout the years. So that kind of covers it up there now in the software and Longevity portion. This is also a very interesting thing that Apple did so when this thing first came out, it kind of had the same chipset at that time, kind of as like an iPhone 5S, which was pretty interesting. So it must have been the iPhone 5S that this thing kind of you know came out with, so that was really cool, so it lasted pretty much as long as that device, which was awesome, but it started off with iOS 7. Definitely not like the you know. Best software for this thing to start off with mostly because iOS 7 did have a lot of bugs in it at that time, but this thing actually ended off with iOS 12.5.6. So this thing started off in 2013 and I think it ended off in about 2019.

But I believe it Custom Security updates here and there for the last few years as well, so its been lasting for a lot longer than you would think now that doesnt mean its going to be worth it just because of that and Apple has recently changed. Some things basically stating that, if they, you know in order to get the most secure version of software, you have to be on like the most recent version of software. Even if theres a security fix that doesnt mean its going to just automatically fix the issues that the latest software has something along those lines. So I do think this is no different. I think, with the iPad Air one its a decent iPad, that it lasted that long like that is a very cool thing that Apple ended up doing here, but that doesnt mean its the first iPad I would recommend buying and because of that, that is probably the Main reason why I wouldnt recommend buying this iPad anymore, the fact that it is unsupported with software just kind of makes this thing not really worth it and thats kind of the sad thing you know I love using these types of iPads, because you know theyre very Theyre very very cheap, but they still have pretty decent Hardware in this case, theres really not too much. You can do with it, especially with applications being unsupported after a certain amount of software updates too. So this brings us straight into the performance side.

This device has that Apple A7 chip inside of it with one gigabyte of ram. Now at that time, I think this may have been one of the most – I guess powerful iPads of that moment, which is pretty crazy to think about. You would probably never think that something like that were to happen, but that is essentially whats going on here now. I do think, with this type of iPad, really youre going to be stuck in this strange situation, where youre not going to really be able to do much with it. Now, if you have some applications or if you just need a like a screen to kind of watch things on, then I think this is okay, like if youre just watching videos or something and its going to be fine, but if youre, even planning on doing anything More than that, like if youre planning on like using this thing as a camera or using this thing as a multitasker, that you can go ahead and you know, pull applications on or whatever youre really not going to be getting too much of a youre, not getting Youre not really going to get too much capability in this specific standpoint, and that is kind of the issue that youre kind of having here is that not only are mostly applications not supported, but its also, not like that powerful of an iPad anymore. I feel like the iPhone 5S is a more powerful machine than this thing, which is very weird, so I would probably tell you in the performance side of things its definitely an area.

I would stay away from again its just one of those things its not like. You know decide that personally, you know when I used it from you know many years on this. I think I used it for about a year, then I switched to the iPad Air 2.. I had a great time with this thing when I used it back in like 2016 2015 – something like that but, like I said nowadays, it just doesnt hold up too well and there really isnt that big of a reason to actually use this thing anymore. To be honest, now in the battery life segment, this is a really good area. You know 8 800 or 8 600 millibar battery. That is a very big size battery to have on this type of iPad, and that is another thing that I actually like about this iPad. You know very big size battery, for the most part, youll be able to use this thing all day, which is beautiful. So, at the end of the day, thats kind of another good thing about this iPad that I actually do like a lot so to kind of sum up this whole entire video. What Ill definitely tell you is, I definitely do think the iPad Air was worth it back in the day, but nowadays theres just really not that big of a reason to use it anymore and youll probably be better off. If you just end up buying something like an iPad Air 3 or an iPad Pro first gen, something along those lines, this iPad really isnt worth it that much anymore, so that pretty much cover is it up? If you have any other thoughts or questions, let me know in the comments section below hit the like button: thatll be so much, but definitely hit that subscribe button.

More importantly, everything else I love every single one of you guys hopefully Ill catch.