It would be really easy for me to sit here and tell you that its better than the last one its got some cool internal updates like center stage on the front camera and the a13 chip and then just to leave it at that. But with apples. Positioning of this being a student directed device, i think its only fair to judge this ipad on how good it actually is for student work. So over the past week, or so ive done a bunch of studenty things with this ipad to see if it is indeed good enough to go to school college or university with and if you are a fan of ipads and ascetic tech videos be sure to subscribe. Ive got loads of them here on the channel, so go and have a browse and come and join the community anyway. Lets get right into it. Okay ill admit, i havent actually been a student in a few years, but i was a teacher around a year or so ago. So i do know one of the main things that students spend a huge amount of their time. Doing is typing things up whether its research notes, essays or ideas youll likely be spending a lot of your time typing on any computer. You come into contact with, so that seems like a good place to start with this review. Assuming you have a keyboard of some sort, the typing experience on ipad is generally very good.

I wrote this entire script for the video on this ipad. I didnt have any troubles with the apple keyboard case and became quite fast on it. After getting used to the size, ipads have become a great place to word process over the years and i think a lot of people are going to enjoy it. For this. Once youre used to the multitasking features on ipad os 2, you can easily research websites alongside your work and craft essays as such, as you would anywhere else, if youre not into typing, then the apple pencil experience on here is pretty excellent. Im really used to the second gen pencil, but the first gen is really no slouch. No taking on this ipad is an excellent experience and its a great companion for any lesson or for just taking notes in general. The drawing capabilities of this ipad and pencil combination are also fantastic. Drawing sketching and designing on procreate feels as good as ever and the size of this ipad and funnily enough, the bigger bezels makes it a great canvas to move around and to work on. Ive done a huge test on note, taking apps for the ipad. Before on this channel, so ill link that below, if youd like to see it, but there is one that i keep coming back to and im really excited to tell you that theyre todays video, sponsor good notes. Goodnotes is a note taking app for the ipad. That really leans into the physicality of having an actual notebook, its what ive been using for the past year or so to keep track of all my shot, lists, ideas and work notes and combined with the apple pencil, its a fantastic way.

To keep all your note. Taking digital aside from being a great note, taker good notes is also opening up a community feature. So imagine a cloud based library where you can browse and download other peoples notes, follow creators, add comments and even leave likes. You can browse any type of notes. You like with easy to use category files and search bars, theres loads to take in here and its always expanding ive personally been really enjoying notebook covers and design notes that people have made. These often contain color codes or just give me an inspiration for making my own notes even better. If you want to, you can add your own notes to the community and share them too, and as a bonus, if you do decide to do this, you get a ticket which you can use to enter the monthly prize giveaway, which includes prizes such as ipads iphones, Airpods and bloats more so, if you do fancy checking out the new community system in good notes, then head over to the link in the video description to get onto the early access waiting list. And, of course, thanks again to the kind folks over at goodnotes. For sponsoring this video next up, i jumped onto a zoom cool with a few of us, to see how the ipad held up – and this is where the new center stage comes into play really nicely. The new front facing camera on the ipad will track you while youre on a call, so you always remain in the frame.

Its a really neat little feature: thats, come over from the new ipad pro models and im, not someone who personally moves around a lot when im on a video call. But if youre presenting something to a teacher or a class, then this is going to be a really useful addition. I do still have one huge bugbear when it comes to video calls on ipad, os and ios. By extension, you cant navigate away from the video call without losing your video feed. This is a real shame, because a video call is already quite a disjointed experience, especially when youre trying to learn something. But if you are navigating around the ipad while youre on the call, then its only going to be exacerbated by you appearing and then disappearing on. Everyone elses end. There is a way around this by setting up your call in a multitasking window, but its really far from ideal, and i really hope apple – do try and sort it out soon. Of course, work isnt. The only thing youll want this ipad. For luckily content consumption has always been a strong point of any ipad and theres no difference here with the 9th gen catching up on youtube, netflix or disney plus on here is as good as its ever been, and you can even get some decent gaming experiences on Here too, gentian impact runs well on low settings with 60 frames per second and games like pokemon, unite, run really nice and smoothly thats all being helped along by the a13 bionic chip.

That apple has popped in here this year, which in real world use, means that the ipad flies through most tasks. You throw at it ive, yet to see any real slowdowns between all of the apps i use and if youre, focusing on those more simple student tasks. Like ive mentioned, then this is going to be plenty powerful enough and youll get excellent software support for a good few years too, which means this ipad should easily. Last you four to five years battery life is also going to be super important on this ipad 2.. If youre, using this from writing, notes to zoom calls to watching videos and other general use, youd hope that this could last you all day and im pretty happy to say that the ipad 9th gen should sort you out for an entire day of standard use. Thats good news, because charging on here is still really slow. I tried fully depleting the battery and then charging from there and after half an hour i only topped up 20 and after a full hour of charging, i only got around 50. So its not quick at all to juice back up, if you are in a pinch honestly, though, after using this ipad alone for around a week or so, i can see why apple hasnt really updated the design on this, its still a totally functional look. The bezels are a little large, but it lets you grab the ipad without leaving smudges on the screen and the touch id home button is such a nice feature.

I never felt like. I missed it compared to face id, but when you use it again, it just feels like home its a nice overall package too, even with a keyboard and apple pencil intel. The ipad is a small and light thing to carry around all day. So if you are throwing it in your bag or youre, just carrying it, its never going to weigh you down as ever, nothing is perfect and the ipad 9th gen doesnt go unscathed. The big one here is the use of a lightning port over usbc and look. I dont think apple will bring that down to this model anytime soon. The ipad mini air and pro models are all there for that, but its still a very limiting port, especially for students, its slow and you cant plug much in directly without having some sort of lightning dongle. On the flip side of that, though, the headphone jack is still here, which is lovely to see. So, if youre not rocking any wireless headphones, you can still plug them in, while keeping the lightning port free for charging. I also cant help but think that a quick charge function would also be a world of help, especially if youre jumping from class to class, and you need that quick top up. Then i think that feature would be really really welcome here on these entry level. Ipads before giving you my final thoughts, i wanted to comment on the apple keyboard and the pencil and whether you need them or not, and look only you can really decide this.

But for me i think at least grabbing the apple pencil is pretty much an essential to any ipad experience and, despite the still goofy way, this one charges, i would say its certainly worth considering unless you know, drawing or marking things up like pdfs arent going to Be in your wheelhouse, of course, if you cant quite stretch to the apple pencil, then there are alternatives too. The logitech crayon is about half the price and is well regarded, so thats well worth looking into the apple official keyboard is the hardest sell, though i dont think theres any doubt that this is one of the best keyboards come case out there for this ipad. But the price point, which is 159 pounds, really makes the overall value proposition of the ipad a little harder to swallow. If you buy this and the apple pencil that brings the price up to 567 pounds which would net you a half decent laptop. The good thing is, though, theres a huge variety of options out there for a keyboard on the ipad. Logitech makes some great ones on the higher end, but you can pay as little as 10 to 20 pounds for a simple bluetooth keyboard and its going to work. Just fine theres, also one painful issue with the apple keyboard: theres no space to store the apple pencil, meaning that its going to be loose in your bag or pencil case, which could result in an expensive loss.

I wish there was a pen loop attached here or just something to hold the pencil. I mean theres, even a ridge which feels like the perfect place for a magnet or something but its not here, and i think thats a bit of a shame. Overall, though, i do think its well worth getting a pencil and keyboard or a decent alternative, if you can, despite how you might end up using the ipad, these add to the experience in really key ways and youd be missing out. If you skipped on them, lets run this video up with some final thoughts. Theres a lot to like here in the ninth generation of ipad, the a13 chip is nice and fast center stage is a cool addition, and now that it starts with 64 gigabytes of storage. Over 32 and keeps that same 329, pound price point, it makes it a really appealing way to get into the ipad ecosystem and to start using it for your day to day work, however, before i say, go and grab this ipad, you need to look at what Youre studying doing or even planning to do in the future and consider if the ipad can do it all if it can youre going to have a wonderful experience on here that will beat out any laptop at the same cost and i think youll likely enjoy working On here a lot more than youd think, however, if you know you might need access to certain apps or the functionality of a classic laptop, then i would still say youre safer over there, at least for now that rounds up this video and review.

Let me know in the comment section below, if youre, using this ipad, 9th gen or one of the previous models id love to know how its holding up for whatever youre doing and if youre a student. Let me know if you use the ipad in general.