This is, of course, the xiaomi me pad 5 pro versus the all new, the newest ipad. The ipad 9 lets go ahead and jump in all right, as always. Lets go ahead and jump on the price breakdown and were going to start off with the ipad 9 here. So if you want to pick up this ipad here, thats going to run you anywhere between 300 and 30 dollars. As of the shooting of this video here, of course, if you want to buy the matching apple pencil, first generation, thats gon na run you about a hundred dollars for a grand total of between 400 and 430 dollars, depending on when and where you buy it. From now the xiaomi me pad 5. Pro price breakdown is actually kind of interesting, so bear with me here. So normally you would get it for roughly ‘5 if we just go based off the current conversion rate, so lets say roughly 400, but there is no global version available. As of the shooting of this video and we dont even know if there will ever be one. So if you do want to get your hands on this guy here, it should run you about 475 off of ebay thats, the only place where i find it that cheap. You know you might be able to find something cheaper somewhere else, but on ebay, the cheapest right now is going to run you 475 and the xiaomi pen. Assuming you want to go with that, you want to pick up one of those thats going to run.

You 83 for a grand total of 558 and thats, of course, for the base model with 128 gigs. Remember i mentioned earlier the ipad 9 64 gigs for the base model, the xiaomi mi pad 5, pro 128 gigs for the base model, but now that weve covered that lets go ahead and jump on design. Now, starting with the me pad 5 pro here, which is boasting an 11 inch, ips display – and you have this pretty sleek and modern – looking tablet here – pretty solid, build too overall, with a premium feel to the touch, an actual, pretty good reminder of the ipad air. 4, in terms of looks now highlighting some of the pretty nice feature. Physical features on this tablet well start off with the power button, which is a combo of a fingerprint sensor and also a power button. You have a quad speaker setup as opposed to the ipad, where we only have two. So here you have a quad speaker, setup on the xiaomi mi pad 5 pro, but it actually has eight speakers and its definitely louder than what you have on the ipad 9 and the sound is fuller than what you have on the ipad 9. Very nice entertainment. Then we have a standard port for charging, which is a usb type c, along with some additional features that are not so great about the xiaomi mi pad. Five pro is the fact that you know the standard port.

A usb type c cannot push out video signal, but then again the ipad 9 doesnt either. You also do not have a headphone jack on this tablet and also you cannot expand that internal storage so that 128 gigs of internal storage that you buy thats pretty much. All you get, you wont, be able to expand that now going to the ipad 9 here, its also a very, very familiar look, especially if you already know what the previous one looked like. It is, boasting a 10.2 inches. Also ips retina display here pretty solid, build as well, and you also do have some pretty nice physical features, of course, starting off with the touch id button. There super fast to unlock the tablet and its also pretty secure. You have a headphone jack on here, which is something thats disappearing on. You know new generation tablets, but its always nice to have. You also do have these pins here to connect to a keyboard. Now, some not so nice physical features here will be just the tablet. Overall design right its its just that that old design with those pretty thick bezels – and you know i do know that some people like it, but the vast majority of people are just hoping for this to be upgraded to the newer design of the rest of the Ipads next here is the speakers location. You get two speakers at the bottom of the tablet here, but it doesnt really play well, especially for, like you know, watching movies or, like entertainment, youre, just playing games or whatever its really easy to just cover that side.

Where you have the speakers – and you get almost no well – maybe not almost no sound, but it muffles the sound and the other. Not so great thing here is the fact that you have a non standardized port here, so apple decided to just stick with the lightning port, so slow transfer also non expandable storage, as i mentioned, with the ipad pro so its the same. Here 64 gigs of internal storage is 64 gigs of internal storage. Now lets go ahead and tell cameras here, starting off with the me pad five for on the main camera module. What you have is a 13 megapixel main sensor along with a five megapixel dev sensor, and that you know overall, the main camera can shoot up to 4k at 30 frames per second, whereas the ipad 9 on the ipad 9. You have an 8 megapixel main camera on the back. That can only do 1080 at 30 frames per second, so the me pad 5 pro definitely has a better main camera. Specifically now the front camera is a completely different story. The me pad 5 pro is pushing an 8 megapixel selfie camera, whereas the ipad 9 is actually pushing a 12 megapixel ultra wide sensor and picture quality is way better on the ipad front facing camera. Additionally, it does have a flagship feature which is center stage. Of course – and this thing enhances your video called experience, so just fantastic for video calls and connecting with family and friends or even co workers, but anyway lets go ahead and talk display now, starting off with the me pad 5 pro.

As i mentioned, it is an 11 inches ips display with a resolution of 2560 by 1600. It also does support hdr 10 dolby vision. Image quality is pretty sharp here and you also do have a support for 120 hertz, refresh rate, which is not available. Obviously, on the ipad 9 but like i mentioned very sharp image, quality great saturation level, the ipad 9, on the other hand, is pushing a 10.2 inches retina ips display here, and the resolution on this one is 1620 by 2160 and its a fairly bright display. Also, it can go up to 500 nits twice on the me pad 5 pro could go up to 485 nits now, not a huge difference, but the thing is, it actually plays a major role on the me pad five pro because it makes picture quality because its Toned down a little bit picture quality seemed even sharper than it already is right, so it actually plays to the advantage of the knee pad five pro. Not only that, obviously, i just gave you the resolution. The different resolutions of both tablets there and based off of just the ppi count it definitely looks sharper than what you would find on the ipad 9 here and it is a laminated display right. Remember. The ipad 9 has a non laminated display, so entertainment gaming. Anything you do navigation its its always going to feel better. You know, in terms of user experience on the me pad file for and by the way, if this is your first time visiting.

Welcome to the channel, of course, im, certainly hoping that you like the content. So, for, if you do please do me a favor hit both the like and the subscribe button there. I truly appreciate that now i just mentioned user experience. So why dont we go ahead and talk. You know performance user experience and again, starting with the me pad 5 pro. It is boasting a pretty high processing power here you know its a pretty powerful chipset. Its a snapdragon 870 is coupled with six gigs of ram and 128 gigs of internal storage. Like i mentioned non expandable its also running miui 12.5.2, and it flows pretty nicely. The ipad 9, on the other hand, is running an 813 bionic chip. It is coupled with three gigs of ram. It also has 64 gigs of internal storage for the base model. Also non expandable, it is running, of course, ipad or s15 and, as always, it is super fluid. Both tablets are actually pretty nice for gaming and they do offer excellent performance so your day to day tasks, light medium, heavy task. You will be fine, especially with the me pad 5 pro, plus the 6 gigs you get on the me pad 5. Pro actually gives you a little bit more room to. You know a little bit more breathing room when it comes down to just toggling between a multitude of apps right, so its really nice to have its pretty much double the ram that you will get on the ipad 9 there, and that also, you know to people Who are artists? It would also tell you that, if youre using an app like procreator anything art related or drawing related, it gives you you know having such a higher amount.

Well, double the amount of ram. It gives you a lot more breathing room in terms of just the amount of layers that you would get with something like procreate right. I also do find the me pad pro to be you know, kind of snappier and the 120 hertz refresh rate just really improved. The user experience the overall user experience on the me pad 5. Pro in my personal experience, you know, is better than what you found on the ipad 9, but again thats. Just my personal take. You know you have to take into account all of the extra specs that it has that, especially that 120 hertz, that you have on the me pad 5 pro that you dont have on the ipad 9 there. It truly plays a major role. Now both tablets do support styluses, like i mentioned at the beginning and like ive said before. Unfortunately, i still havent gotten a chance to play with that pen. Ive ordered it still waiting is coming out of china. I dont know maybe the seller just scammed me, but im still waiting as soon as i get that im going to test it out. The ipad 9, you know, supports the apple pencil first generation and the experience on the overall user experience its. You know its been the same as this its pretty good. Actually, you could do quite a few things with it. You know whether its taking down notes or drawing, unfortunately, im, not a big fan of the user experience on it, because the screen is non laminated and not only that the plastic tip of the apple pencil first gen, you know, make that tapping sound and it gets Annoying both tablets offer fantastic value, but as always its going to come down to what you are looking for, what you want to tablet for right, the if you are looking for a top level, android tablet that offers flagship specs.

Then the me pad five four in this case, you know, comparing the me pad five pro to the ipad. Nine, then the me pad five pro would be the way to go right because its something that would just power through all the tasks. You know all task levels, including gaming, fantastic entertainment experience and lets not forget the design alone. Is you know something to really keep in mind its a very modern, looking tablet when compared to the ipad 9.? Now, on the other hand, if youre looking for something that will last a long time right, that will be supported for at least five years, thats a very long time. The ipad 9 will be the way to go right or, if youre, looking for something that offers top level video calling the ipad 9 is definitely going to cover that using that flagship feature, which is the center stage feature, and it really does improve user experience when It comes to video calls right so something to keep in mind and also, if you are looking for an apple device that is very well priced. This is one of the few devices that apple has priced correctly right, so you still get that same user experience or if you just want to solidify you know some level of continuity that you already have with the apple ecosystem lets say you have an iphone or You know apple watch, whatever the case may be. If you just want to solidify that continuity, then the ipad would be the way to go, but anyway, certainly hoping that you found this informative.

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