At their september event, weve got the new ipad 9 for 329 and the fully redesigned ipad mini 6 for 499. and on the surface it seems like the ipad 9 is just receiving an extremely small spec update, but in reality the value of apples, basic ipad just Went through the roof which im going to explain in this video but then again for a hundred and seventy dollars more, you can get the new ipad mini 6 with the brand new redesign that looks much more modern and future proof. So what im gon na do in this video is go through all of the new changes on each ipad and explain why theyre such a big deal and then im gon na compare the feature, differences and give you guys some practical advice on which ipad to buy. So without further ado, let me first get into the main changes with the ipad 9. this year its getting the a13 bionic chip, which is from the iphone 11, giving it an 18 boost in terms of single core performance and over 20 boost in multi core and A much larger 37 percent boost in metal graphics performance on top of that the a13 features a better image signal processor, which should improve camera quality. However, its still sticking to the same three gigs of ram as it had last year as far as the display, it now supports true tone which basically adjusts the color temperature of the display to match your environment, just like all of the other ipads have done for A while, but the most shocking new feature is the upgraded selfie camera which now features a 12 megapixel ultra wide directly from the new m1 ipad pro, which also supports the new center stage feature for facetime calls.

This is a huge deal because the previous ipad 8 had a terrible 1.2 megapixel camera which sucks for everything from photos to facetime calls. So a 10x improvement is awesome. And finally, the last big feature is that apple doubled, the base storage to 64 gigs and theyre. Now offering a new 256 gigabyte storage option now, while it seems like all of this, is a small upgrade. This is actually pretty huge because apple didnt bump up the price tag at all. It still starts at 329 dollars and you get all of these new features and if you dont believe me when i say this is huge, let me remind you that last years, ipad 8 only had one upgrade from the previous ipad 7.. It got an upgraded a12 chip thats all so all of those upgrades to the ipad 9 are honestly much more than i expected since apple fixed, multiple issues that i had with the old ipad, even though they didnt quite give it. The laminated display that i really wanted it to get now with that said, lets move on to the changes with the ipad mini 6, but first i want to point something very important out to you guys. Until now, the design of the mini literally has never changed. Since the very first model in 2012, almost a full decade ago, so when i tell you that the new mini 6s redesign is a huge deal, it is because not only has apple redesigned it, but they fixed.

Basically every complaint weve had with the old model. In fact, they made the new ipad mini 6, so good that it now cannibalizes the ipad air 4 in multiple ways. So please do not buy the ipad air until it gets updated again, but getting back to whats changed with the mini 6. It obviously gets the new flat sided redesign from the air and the pro which includes the removal of the home button and a new, rounded corner display. This change alone is huge because its going to make people feel safe about buying the mini 6 as a long term purchase since this design wont change for many years. On top of that, another game. Changing new feature is the switch to the usbc port, which makes it much more useful and modern and because apple ditched, the lightning port. They also had to make the mini support. The new apple pencil 2, with the wireless charging magnetic cutout on the side, which is a hundred times better than the old charging solution. But one of the most important new features for me is the fact that apple finally gave it speakers on both the top and the bottom for true stereo sound, which completely changes your experience when gaming or watching videos, just like the air and the pro it now Features built in magnets, so it supports apples, super thin magnetic smartfolio, which also covers the front and allows you to quickly stand it up.

On top of that, the new mini also gets the same new 12 megapixel ultrawide selfie camera that comes on the m1 ipad pro and the ipad 9, which replaces the old 7 megapixel selfie cam, which couldnt even record video at 60fps and as far as the rear Camera its been upgraded to a 12 megapixel sensor with a faster f 1.8 aperture, which leads to much better camera quality, and this time it actually comes with a flash compared to no flash on the old model and for video recording. It can finally shoot 4k at up to 60 fps compared to 1080p at only 30 fps on the old model and as far as the wireless specs, it features, upgraded, wi, fi, 6 support and you can now finally get a 5g model, but unfortunately it doesnt support. Millimeter wave for those who have it in their area and finally, the last major upgrade is the brand new a15 bionic chip and, thankfully, its actually the 5 core gpu version from the iphone 13. Pro models, benchmarks for the ipad mini 6 have already leaked and it looks like it scored around 1600 points in terms of single core and around 4 600 points for multi core, which seems to be a down clocked version of the a15 thats going into the iphone 13 models, but if we compare the leaked scores to the a12 chip from the last ipad mini the new one is now 43 faster in terms of single core performance and a pretty nice 72 improvement in terms of multi core.

But the biggest upgrade we see is in the metal, graphics performance which matters the most for things like gaming and productivity work. The leaked benchmarks for the mini 6 show a metal graphics score of around 13 700, a seriously massive, two and a half times more graphics performance than the old mini 5.. So when i say that this new update to the mini 6 is the biggest that weve ever seen, i mean it now with all that said before i get into my practical advice for which one to buy, let me quickly list off the main differences between both The new ipad 9 and the new ipad mini 6., the mini, is quite a bit smaller, which you can see in this comparison. Image on apples website, actually making it perfect for kids, especially since it comes in more fun, colors like pink purple and starlight, the mini. Obviously also gets a much better design, especially on the display, so its going to feel modern for years. The mini has the better a15 chip compared to a13. It has a better 12 megapixel rear camera with flash compared to 8 without flash. It gets the much better usb c port and it gets the second gen apple pencil, which is more convenient to store and charge. On top of that, the display on the midi is actually much better with a higher 326 ppi resolution. Better color support with dci p3 wide color gamut and the display has an anti reflective coating while also being fully laminated.

So it doesnt have a gap between the display and the glass making it feel more solid and giving it deeper blacks and, of course, the mini 6 features. True stereo speakers on the top and the bottom, while the ipad 9 only has stereo speakers on one side which dont sound nearly as good and in terms of the wireless specs, the mini has wi fi six instead of regular wi fi five and has bluetooth 5.0. Instead of bluetooth 4.2, but with all that said, the ipad 9 actually has a couple of features that the mini does not. The ipad 9 is now the only ipad that still comes with a headphone jack, while the mini 6 has scrapped it. This year, the ipad 9 also comes with apples, smart connector, which allows it to support amazing keyboards, like logitechs combo touch, which features a full keyboard and a trackpad that actually works very well turning it into a laptop replacement, but the mini 6. Unfortunately, doesnt because its too small to have a keyboard attached to it. So with all of that out of the way, let me finish off with my practical advice on which one you should buy if youre the type of person whos been looking at android tablets. For yourself or your kids, but youre now considering an ipad, the ipad 9 is the one to buy because its the cheapest one at only 329 dollars, and it now gets double the storage and all of the new features for a reliable experience for many years to Come or if you just want an ipad for things like playing games and watching videos, while not spending that much cash and you dont really care about the design.

The ipad 9 is for you because it comes with the a13 chip, which is more than fast enough for most games and apps or, if you just want to have a portable laptop replacement in combination with logitechs combo touch keyboard case. This is the cheapest way to do it now. Moving on to the ipad mini 6, this is the one to buy if you really care about future proofing for the next few years, and you dont mind spending an extra 170 bucks to get the updated design and the much better display. This one is definitely going to be more convenient to hold in your hands while on the couch or anywhere else because of the smaller size, making it an absolute dream for gaming because of the stereo speakers and the blazing fast a15 chip, thats gon na handle any App or game without issue for many many years and when i say future proof, i mean it because it comes with modern specs and features like 2nd, gen apple, pencil, support, usbc and updated wireless specs, while the ipad 9 is basically using all of the old technology And it obviously looks ancient so in my opinion, unless you really need that smart connector for keyboard support, i would honestly spend the extra 170 on the new ipad mini 6, because i think theres a pretty good chance. That apple will totally redesign the ipad 9 next year for the 10th anniversary model and youre gon na be stuck with the old design that nobody wants anymore.

But then again, if future proving isnt that big of a deal for you and you just want a new ipad without spending half a grand on it, the new ipad 9 is definitely a killer value for everything that you get so hopefully this video helped you make A decision and if it did go ahead and click the circle above to subscribe for more videos like this one and check out our links below for these ipads and the best keyboards down in the description below.