iPad 7th generation 2019 first impressions

Apple’s seventh-generation iPad begins at a worth level of $329. Take a look at our very first impressions of the Apple’s newest, best, seventh technology 2019 iPad.

Apple’s iPhone 11 launch occasion reactions: https://youtu.be/ucXqcI_IBMg
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  1. iPadPro 10.5 was best iPad.

  2. Instead stating the obvious do your job and report on screen lamination

  3. Still no USB-C port …no way … control freak Apple still thinks 👉 Stupid

  4. I'm just waiting for the Ipad 6th price to go Down this tablet isn't worth it

  5. I like this guy. Low-key funny

  6. Is that Karl Conrad behind him 😆

  7. it stunk…. apple is dying.

  8. Why are you so f*cking wobbly ?

  9. This guy seems sold. Dislike!

  10. What the iPad 7 should've had:

    – A11 Bionic (or above)
    – Slimmer bezels
    – Apple pencil 2 support
    – 5MP Front camera

    Other colours would have been nice too.

  11. Boy, slow down on the vodka, THE LAST GENERATION ALSO HAD THE A10 FUSION CHIP!

  12. Why is this guy so animated lll

  13. Get the iPad Air!!!!! Better display and better chip

  14. Can't believe they are still using A10 Fusion chip for the the new IPad. could have used the A12 if not the latest A13.

  15. Can't believe how much he's talking it up. It's literally the same iPad that was released 18 months ago, with a half inch larger display and smart connector. They didn't even upgrade the processor.

  16. Either that iPad is small or he has massive hands.

  17. Wtf. Looks exactly the same as the 6th gen

  18. Dont buy it, ipad air 3 has a12 so you'll get much longer use! Who on earth wants an ipad with 3 year old chip

  19. So have they made the bezels even a little bit thinner, no one would have bought the Pros. They tweak a small thing here and there and call it a 7th generation? What a joke.

  20. Cost: £994725152747… To Fix if broke. £9483829292827

  21. That's cool 😎 presentator…

  22. 329 bucks! Not a bad deal Dan!

  23. Can they not make it bezzleless yet?

  24. He tried to put the keyboard on the back

  25. Omg keyboard, is the iOS now almost laptop like?

  26. I take it if its this cheap and that means its non laminated which means if you drop it or roll on it the screen will break and hard to see the screen due to non laminated

  27. Does it have a physical button?

  28. Yep- my 2017 iPad Pro has an A10X fusion.. that’s pretty lazy of Apple…

  29. Yeah…I wouldn't call it 7th GEN…technically speaking, you're not going forward, as this iteration is WAAAYYYYY beneath the capabilities of the iPad Pro series.

  30. I think Ackerman does a good job on reviews, but this feels like Apple's marketing team told him what to say. Come on Dan, be honest and talk about how this display and chip is old tech found in the iphone 7 and that 32gb of storage isn't acceptable in 2019. Too much kissing up to Apple doesn't help anyone.

  31. CNET please get someone who has real knowledge of the technology and actually know what they talking about to review product for you next time.

  32. will the 6th gen ipad drop in price when the new one comes out on the 30th this month and if so how much normally do they drop?

  33. will the 6th gen ipad drop in price when the new one comes out on the 30th this month and if so how much normally do they drop?

  34. Dude iPad 9.7” has all the same specs except the screen size

  35. He’s had way too much coffee

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