Customers said that they took this tablet to another shop and two months later, they picked up the tablet, and the tablet is still not fixed. Tablet came in here in a bad condition. To begin with, the screen was half glued, the motherboard looks like it was taken out of the housing and the plate on top was also taken out. I do see the plate was cut from this side to access the charging ic and it doesn’t look good. It doesn’t look good, also the charging port on the back it’s curved from the side here. So god knows what’s under this piece of tape. Here, let’s take a look and see what’s going on i’m, almost certain that we’re going to find nightmares on this board and look at this. I cannot really make out what’s going on here. I cannot make out what’s going on here, but if i’m not wrong right off the bat, i do see missing components unless those components are empty by default, but i’m almost positive that we have components here. I do not know if we have missing pads we’re going to find out and let me take a look at the back look at this. You know what let me start by removing this flux: cable on the back. Why do people do this two months in the shop and that’s what they get i mean if i was that sharp, i would honestly get training we’re not born with knowledge.

Oh look at this look at this doesn’t. Look like we have any missing pads, but let’s clean up and we’ll find out is that cable soldered over those gloves that’s the question wow the work is amazing. Okay, the good news is, we do not have any missing pads, so we do not have to do more work than we already have to and before we start soldering a new flex. Cable let’s take care of the tristar, because if you solder the flex cable first and then you do the tri star, you’re gon na expose the board to a lot of heat and that cable is gon na fall back out. So we do the tri star and then we do the cable let’s see if we have any damage on this area of the board i’m going to start by cleaning. I don’t see that we have any missing pads, but we do have missing components. I believe here we don’t have any more diagrams for this tablet, but i’m going to look at a donor tablet and see if components do exist on the bottom right here. I don’t know if we still have unleaded solder on the board or, if that’s slotted, solder but i’m, going to apply leather solder on top and we’re, going to use our wick and hot tweezers to disalter those solder balls solder. A new chip replace the components if they are in fact missing and then lastly, we’re gon na do the charging flex, cable and assuming we do not have anything else wrong with this board.

It should be a fix based on what i can tell fec connectors. Look good all right and now we can use our hot tweezers along with a wick, to dissolve those other balls. Just like this and let’s go under the microscope and see how that is done. We should be good before we solder a new charging. Ic let’s. Take a look at a donor ipad 6 and see if we have missing components on the bottom right. As i mentioned those two here, i want to know if those are empty by default or if we should have something there. We have a donor tablet here: ipad 6. I think this is the a1954. The customers is the a189, something both of them are ipad, 6. and let’s cut off from here. Also and right there. Okay, you see it looks like we have two components, so i was right. We have two missing components right now. We need to prep those pads, the red frog on ground bypass capacitor and this one, the bypass capacitor, so both of them are bypass capacitors and both will most likely not affect the functionality of the tablet, but let’s change them anyway. This component is a size, 105 smd, the smallest component on the board very nice. Now we’re gon na grab the other component, and i said these are bypass. Capacitors they’re, not gon na affect the functionality of the charging okay. So i remove this component using our soldering iron and not hot air, because the battery is right here and i do not want to expose the battery to heat and right now.

I do not want to take that battery off the tablet very nice. Now, if we look at our donor board, pin number one of the tri star chip should be on the top right. Yeah pin number one and now we’re gon na get a tri star chip and if you notice the past couple of days, i’ve been reorganizing. The shop, i still have a lot of work to do but uh. I changed the settings of my bench here and i still have a lot of things on the floor in the back. I need to get to them, but i cannot stop work and reorganize. The shop so i’m doing it bit by bit. We have a lot of things in the shop that we need to get rid of a lot of things. I have over 120 laptops older ones that i think i’m gon na get rid of they’re just taking space, and i honestly never used any parts from them. I got rid of two laser printers working ones because i’m just trying to clean up the shop. If i do not start throwing things out i’m not going to be able to clean the shop, the only way to clean it is to throw things out. Try start shape is soldered on nicely let’s wait until the board cools down a bit. I do not want to immediately apply alcohol going from extreme hot to cold, just to be on the safe side.

Customer brought this in here, so we can fix it and not make things worse right now we did a great job re soldering, the tri star chip, the two components, two caps that you see on top here and all we have to do now – is solder. The back charging flex, cable and hope for the best people calling to ask questions on the phone and they always ask the wrong questions. How much is it to fix my phone, which phone? Is it it’s an iphone which iphone? Is it it’s, iphone x, what’s wrong with the iphone? You always have to ask three four five questions. 10 questions. Don’T know what the problem is hello. This is alex what’s up man all right, all right, what’s, going on now. We’Re gon na go ahead and solder, the flex cable, the charging port flex, cable, we’re, gon na make everything, look nice and pretty the power of lux. What do you think? What do you think the power of flux, beautiful beautiful i’m gon na test using our tri star, tester, the tri star tester, will tell us if the charging port and the tri star chip are good. Look at this pass. The job is done. Pass means our charging ic and our flex cable are good and the charging circuit passed, so the job is done. The first thing i did was take a deep breath and just tackle the issues one by one. I saw light at the end of the tunnel and that’s why i proceeded with the repair, but if this was something where i do not see light at the end of the tunnel, then i would not work on it, because sometimes i work on something i post.

It on youtube and it’s no fix – and i mentioned that we’re not going to work on this it’s a no fix when i do not see light at the end of the tunnel. I do not continue, but this one. I was confident that we can get it working and we did i’m going to give the board to big bus to reassemble and test and i’ll be back to finish the video okay. So the tablet is fully functional and we did charge the tablet. It’S, working and let’s go ahead and plug the cable, so i can show you the charge rate on this tablet and use the power bank here, along with the amp meter, and look at this damp meter is reading 0.97 amps, perfect, very good, okay, so that’s it For this video, i hope you enjoyed it. Don’T forget to like and subscribe leave a comment. Have any questions and we’ll do something else in the next video i have three game console boards that we need to fix. One of them is ps5 ps4 and xbox. Maybe i’ll do a future video on those or maybe combine all of them in one video, and i have an expedited ipad that we need to work on right here, just a lot of stuff that we need to get done. All i need is time to record edit and pause the videos that’s it that’s all.