Now I will definitely tell you, I dont think anybody should be purchasing this iPad anymore, but this was a pretty big difference. Coming from the first generation of iPads – and I think this was a really smart thing – that Apple did at that moment. So if you want to pick up some iPads, I would recommend this year. Links will be down in the description you can get that from there and you can help support the channel. At the same time now, starting off with the outside of the specific iPads you kind of had, like I said before, a very interesting styling from these iPads. So, on the front, you may have already seen that there was a slight difference coming from its predecessor so from the iPad first generation to the iPad second generation. There was about a year in between so the iPads second generation. Ipad 2 came out in 2011 and this was honestly a pretty big difference. So on the front youve had that 9.7 inch IPS LCD panel on the front. Now it had pretty thick bezels, but also the iPad. You know one also had pretty thick bezels as well. So there really wasnt anything crazy different there, but I will tell you the screen, I think, did look a little bit better. I dont know if it was just me, but that was one of those things that kind of stood out, and you know when I owned this iPad.

You also had the home button on the front, which was nice, no fingerprint sensor, anything thats kind of expected and on the top you had that front facing camera. Now this was something that was very interesting. They went away from the you know specific, not basically not having a camera on the front so now giving us a front facing camera, and I think that was a very smart thing for Apple to do. I personally do feel like the first iPad should have had some sort of camera on it, and I do think thats, probably why Apple was just so trying to like rush into getting some sort of new iPad out, because they kind of already felt behind and all It took all it needed to take from some other manufacturer was to start developing iPads with cameras, and probably a lot of people would have started switching away from this iPad, maybe to some other ones. So I think that was one reason why they ended up. You know making this iPad and just kind of rushing to it. On the bottom, you had the 30 pin connector you got the headphone jack as well well and on the back, you had that you know aluminum back with that Apple logo in the center, and you know I actually do think that that first generation iPad, it did Feel a little bit more premium than this thing: it had a lot of weight, doing a lot of heft to it, but that kind of helped the you know: iPad second generation.

For some reason you know, because now they could say its like, lighter or Slimmer or something, but also I kind of missed that iPad one. Because of how heavy, and just like how much of a machine that specific device felt. So that always kind of stood out to me and even now, its still its kind of funny, but its not like a big deal by any means who had a single camera setup on the top left as well and overall. That kind of covers it up on the outside so, like I said, the big difference they changed here was a little bit change in the body. The display got a little bit better, but they brought in the cameras which that was a really big difference. In my opinion, now in the camera Department again, I really dont think anybody should be comparing this type of camera to the even like an iPad fifth generation camera. But I will tell you for this thing being the first iPads with cameras. I think it was a really smart touch that Apple. Did you know so? This iPad, I think, did have some issues when it first released, but I do like how Apple kind of rushed to make this other iPad and kind of make an iPad that even had some sort of cameras on it. Now I will say, on top of that, with something like the iPad 2, when you use this camera setup, I mean youre, really not going to be getting anything out of it.

So I would hate to you know, recommend this specific camera to some students who want to go ahead and take. You know cant photos of like the board on the whatever that in front of the classroom. Whatever this is not going to be an iPad thats going to do anything for you, I dont even know if you can zoom in when the specific camera either so thats. Another thing that kind of stood out to me as well. So I will tell you this: camera is very, very basic. I mean this. Camera was worse than the iPhone at that moment, and I think the iPhone 4 came out at that time. So the fourth camera wasnt that bad, but its definitely not going to be that great. So keep that in mind. You do not want to go and buy an iPad like this really for anything. Besides the collectors item, the camera is really not going to be that good either. So in terms of that, that kind of covers it up there now one of the more interest areas of the specific you know iPad was actually with the software updates. So this was something that kind of stood out to me and honestly, its still kind of surprising when it comes down to it. This iPad ended up getting from what Im saying: iOS 4, so its got an iOS 4 up to iOS 9.. So this iPad ended up lasting for many many generations of software.

So, just to think about exactly what you know whats going on here. I dont remember what iOS 4 was, but I want to say: maybe the iPhone 4 could be wrong, but iOS 9, I think, got discontinued around 2016 to 2017.. That is a really big difference. The fact that this iPad lasted that long is actually super interesting, but the thing to keep in mind with this iPad is that you know it didnt. Last as long I mean it lasted as long, I think, until the iPhone 4S that one got iOS 9.. So this was more online, I would say, with an iPhone 4S than really any other iPad at that moment, and the iPad 3 also came out quickly after this device as well, but I do think for this phone having that long of a lasting you know effect In a way was super interesting, and although this iPad doesnt really have too many features nowadays, the fact that it saw one of the more stable versions of software iOS 6 is so iOS 7 and saw the improvements within iOS 8 and iOS 9.. Its actually pretty insane so, like I said I wouldnt, recommend buying this phone iPad anymore, its still very interesting that this iPad ended up getting those many versions of software at that moment, so I think thats a really cool thing that kind of happened there as well. Now, moving on to the performance side of things, this device does have that Apple A5 chip inside of it with pretty much 512 megabytes over him.

Now this is a small amount of RAM and a small amount of power to have on an iPad nowadays, and I dont think anybodys going to be using this device anymore, but to think back in 2011, when this thing was the most powerful iPad of that moment Is insane to me – and you have to remember this – was still the time and I still think some people think this nowadays, but a lot of people were looking at this as almost not necessarily a replacement of an iPhone, but just a a bigger iPhone there wasnt That much development with iPads at that moment, so that was kind of The Stereotype at that time. Nowadays I think iPads kind of compare closely and probably match better with a Macbook than they do iPhone, so I dont think anybodys comparing an iPhone to a iPad. I think its mostly iPads and MacBooks. So again, that is a very interesting thing that happened at that moment and to think this was the most powerful iPad at that time was pretty insane now. The thing is, with this iPad, of course, its not going to be the most. You know pretty its not going to be the fastest performing device anymore, but I do remember a lot of people who owned this iPad when it first came out and do you know a lot of people liked it? You know it was very fast. Pretty much got the job done for them.

I dont think it was replacing anybodys, MacBooks or iPhones at that moment, but it was a nice. You know I just remember a lot of people going on Instagram on this iPad, even though I dont think there was a native Instagram application. I think they had to actually go through and download the iPhone app on their iPad. Something like that and it was very interesting. You know. I think it was a good performing iPad at that moment, nowadays, its not really good anymore, but thats kind of expected. There was no apple pencil support at that time, so really wasnt that great, but I still think it performed well at that moment its not really performing too well anymore and the battery life Department, though mass of 6930 millibar battery, which was big at that moment. But if you think about it, our iPhones, like our 14 pro Max, is creeping up. I mean I think we have like almost over bigger than a 4 000 millibar battery on that device. So we are creeping up to actually getting, probably at some point, a battery size that is bigger than some of these iPads of that of some moment. I think the iPad Mini one also probably had like a 4 000 millibar battery something along those lines. So our iPhones are getting better batteries to even some of these iPads now, which is pretty insane, so were still a couple thousand hundred pounds away from this one.

But what I will tell you was with the iPad 2 in 2023. I dont think this iPad is worth it anymore. I think most of them, mostly. Everybody knows that by now, but its only worth it in that as a collectors item. If youre wanting to buy this iPad – and you wanted to go and have it as like a collectors item by all means – go for it. I think that would make a lot of sense. Otherwise, theyll probably make more sense. If you just go ahead and just buy an iPad 5 iPad, 6 iPad 7, if youre on a supreme budget but the iPad 789, those were really solid iPads and I would highly recommend picking those up so that pretty much covers it up. If you have any other thoughts or questions, let me know in the comment section below hit the like button: thatll be so much, but definitely hit that subscribe button. More importantly than everything you also love every single one of you guys, hopefully Ill catch. You guys in the next video peace out till then Music.