What Ill do is basically use random apps that I do use during the day. This is also Wi Fi version only I dont have cellular, so I wont use data or anything outside, because this iPad is not compatible. The storage I have is 64 gigabytes. I feel like its quite important just to decide what storage option you do want for yourself or for someone else, and so I would say like uh what like a quarter of the way, you can see the storage overview here, so its just quite simple apps. So theres nothing like downloaded, yet I havent like downloaded movies or anything. I usually download movies if Im traveling and I dont want to use my mobile data to connect to the iPad. As you can see, 64 gigabytes isnt really a lot, and so I dont have any other Apple. Add ons with this, so its just going to be mainly using the iPad by itself. Yeah lets just start now Touch ID has to be one of my favorite buttons to use. It should be included in all the iPad models, in my opinion, anyway, its a weekday. So, whilst I am about to log into my work shift on the laptop Im just going to read some news and my screen, brightness is around 80, so its quite high, but its the most comfortable. For me to read in the daylight, I do prefer using the iPad for reading text since its a bigger screen compared to my phone.

So it definitely helps to keep my focus, its a handy iPad and pretty lightweight to place on your desk. Alongside the laptop and Im, also using my phone stand here, and it still manages to balance on there at times when Im not using the iPad, I will turn it into a nice aesthetic digital clock, which I downloaded from the App Store. A quick pause on the video I thought this gift that I received would go nicely with this video, so I have received the dust silver keyboard. This one is the wireless blue, pink milkshake color, but theres also other designs and colors, which are so nice and they also ship to a lot of regions in the world. In the Box, you will find a few tools. The keyboard has RGB lightning effects, also with light strips in few places on the keyboard. You can connect it by bluetooth, wirelessly or the wired version. It supports Windows, Mac, OS and Android. There is three angles with adjustable feet. I connected the mine to the iPad by using Bluetooth. The setup was really quick, just like connecting any device like your speakers, Etc. The keyboard Edition didnt make my note taking much more enjoyable on my work break. I am planning a trip to the winter theme park. Also, whilst using the split screen, it makes my life even more easier when I want to drag any photos on the screen or get price details while typing on notion.

I am obsessed with the typing sound. The keyboard makes time for some media consumption YouTube. I honestly just clicked on a random video on my recommended and I could watch videos on this iPad for hours. I really enjoy it. It has liquid Retina Display, so you can see the Vivid colors. I, like the zoom in feature on YouTube, to fill the video in a bit more to the frame for better experience, whilst using the iPad for a lot of tasks and covering it around the room to room. It does catch a lot of fingerprints, but compared to the iPad Pro it does leave just about the same amount. Its also easy to clean, though with a microfiber cloth that I picked up from like Tescos for 50p, looking more into the design between the iPad Pro, there are a few similarities with the flat edges, but also differences like the bezels dominating the iPad 10th gen. This screen is also a little bit different because it involves those non laminated display, which means there is a air gap between the glass and the screen. 10Th gen feels a little bit more spongy. I will try to put a video Im, not sure if youll hear the differences, theres also display differences. I noticed so. The color tones, especially the darker tones like black, is usually slightly lighter, and so the screen is slightly looks slightly more vintage, but I dont think its a bad thing. The quality still is great to enjoy the movie since its now USBC.

Its useful for external storage drives but inconvenient for apple pencil, first gen, which is powered through the original lighting input, and you might have already seen the front camera is also on the landscape side. Now. Do you think this change in front camera Position will affect all the iPads coming out from now on, so to test out the center stage its? For me, it wasnt automatically turned on so I did have to go to the effects panel and have that switched on the portrait. One is where you can turn it on, and it will blur out the background of where you are so, as you can see now, the lamp is, I think, is a little yeah. You can see that the lamp is a little bit blurred out. So, if theres anything in the background in terms of face time, its got a good front, camera quality and its an easier setup with the landscape give a little wave foreign. So now that Im all comfy on the sofa Im just gon na watch a movie. The weakness, though, is the reflection: if you are sitting near a window in the daylight, so the max brightness of 500 nits do make it difficult in this Con conditions. So thats why I did have to turn the brightness up a lot to see in terms of sound. There is a loud volume and good sound quality good enough to enjoy a movie on the iPad without headphones.

Since now, theres a landscape, stereo speakers on both ends. Music with gaming Im sorry, I dont know why my video didnt fully save so you wont actually see me playing, but the screen is not that smooth for swipe emotions, so its the best, if you have up and down controls or top controls other than that the A14 Bionic chip is still fast and the graphics played out smoothly without any lagging, and what else is also important to test out on. The iPad, of course, is the tick tock apps like Tick Tock, are well pixelated on the bigger screen. The videos keep its vibrant colors and there is no delay between the video and sound in general. The iPad and 10th gen has done this thing. I am satisfied with my usage of when I was using the everyday apps and all my tasks were done, and I still had time for entertainment to watch movies and FaceTime and such like. You saw in the video and it kept up really well, I didnt have any limits. I was comfortably just using the iPad for like what I wanted to do, and it did last me around 10 hours. So its done a good job, and so, if you do want an iPad for everyday activities, everyday apps, like note taking just social media usage, then this is a really good iPad to buy in terms of price. I know its a little bit higher than the previous gen, but you are getting a bit of a makeover a bit of a more modern looking iPad with the flat edges, the touch ID, which seems to be a bit more in Trend.

And I guess, if you are carrying this around uh college or university of being a student, I dont think anyone would actually know the difference between the iPad 10th gen and the iPad Air. So this is why I love the more modern look that you can still have a nice, not outdated, iPad to carry around and, of course, the vibrant color. I love the color its made like such a real difference, and it really gives you like a nice image. Whilst youre carrying the iPad around a more fashionable look, as I would say, even though I didnt get the apple pencil in the first gen, I dont have much perspective on that, but I know theres a few digital pens that you can also purchase from Amazon. For a bit cheaper, if you dont, like the price tag on the apple pencil, especially if its the first gen end, which you also have to add by um more accessories with it and, of course, didnt – have the magic keyboard. I just replaced that with the Bluetooth keyboard that I got gifted. So thank you very much for that. I really enjoy using that with the iPad and I guess if you are using an iPad just for note taking and everyday basic apps like social media apps, then you dont really need to upgrade to the iPad Air. If you spend more of your time using it for more of a technical using it for more technical purposes like editing and all of that, you would need more storage and you would need a better chip yeah.

I think that is everything if you have enjoyed this video dont forget to leave a like And subscribe, and I will see you guys in my next video and hope you had a nice New Year, nice Christmas and I was gone for quite a while um. Thank you for all the comments. I will literally catch up with it after I have this video posted, so I have made a comeback to YouTube again but yeah.