10 2D iPad A5 lets jump in another voiceover video, simply because my audio, let me down when that bulk recorded lets hop right in if youre, currently in the market. You know youre trying to decide between the iPad A5 and the iPad 10. The answer is not gon na come out of either one of those tablets do not choose either one of those go for the iPad 4.. Yes, I said it, but anyway so lets talk about the iPad 10 and the iPad Air 5. Here they are essentially the same tablet same build same display. You know 10.9 inches liquid retina same resolution, I believe 23, 60 by 16, 116, 40 or so pixel 264. Ppi thats, essentially what it is now Im not going to dive too deep into the specs here its going to be redundant to kind of repeat a lot of these specs right. So they do have. You know obviously some differences, but in terms of the physical attributes of the tablet, they are essentially the same. The same, you know Touch ID USB type c, four grills there for speaker, although the speakers on the iPad F5 do seem to be slightly better, it could be me, but they seem to be slightly better now. I know the difference that you have on the iPad. 10 is that you have the front facing camera there placed on the long part of the iPad thats, where its supposed to be. You dont have that on the other tablets in the family.

You know if the iPad family, but that is one main difference there, because on the iPad, Air or the iPad A5 or the 4, you have it on the short side tablet, which is the wrong side. But anyway they both do not support 120hz. So that means they are stuck at 60 hertz and they also can go as high up to 500 nits in terms of brightness, all right, thats Im going to stop there with the specs, so they are essentially the same tablet, physically sure with the iPad 10. Here you get, you know newer colors. You know brighter colors not available on the iPad Air. Now going back to the camera there. They both support. You know Center Stage right, so you have a 12 megapixel Ultra wide camera. Like I said you have it on the right side on the iPad 10 and you have it on the wrong side on the iPad A5, but either way the specs are the same. They do offer. You know seven stage where, when you can move around, you have people joining the car all and the camera will automatically you know adjust depending on whats Happening. You know on the setting and make sure that everyone is within frame now on the back. Obviously, you dont have sand stage on the back. They both have 12 megapixel cameras on the back there, and these are not meant for you to be taking. You know, high resolution pictures, but the camera quality or the picture quality coming out of these is not bad.

At all when compared to you know previous generation – or you know the iPad 9, for example, or the iPad 8. now one major difference I want to hop right into is the use of the Apple Styler. So the iPad 10 here does support the apple pencil first generation, as opposed to the iPad A5 here that supports the apple pencil second generation. That is a major major Change Plus on the iPad A5. Here you have an M1 chip and eight gigs of RAM, as opposed to the iPad 10 here, where you have an A14 bionic chip long with four gigs of RAM. That is a major major difference in terms of just you know, performance sure. The M1 chip on the iPad Air could be adjusted off cap, but it still performs way better than what you have on the iPad 10 here and by me say it performs way. Better doesnt mean that you know obviously, day to day tasks youll be able to tell you can only tell when you are embarking in some type of heavy productivity task right. When it comes out to gaming, you wont even be able to notice anything there either. So gaming, watching movies entertainment, all of that good stuff is good on either one of these two and finally one last thing with the iPad 10 here is that it has a non laminated display, as opposed to the iPad A5, where you have a laminated display.

So a better user experience right so watch a movie and things like that. Even using that Alpha pencil, you get a better user experience on the laminated display like what you have on the iPad A5, as opposed to what you have on the iPad 10.. And the last thing on display here is that the iPad F5 does have an anti reflective coating, meaning you should be able. You know if youre on campus, if youre student youre on campus – and you are using your app your iPad when its sunny, you should be a bit more comfortable using your iPad F5 than you would. If you had the iPad 10 because it does not have an anti reflective coating now, I want to say that things do seem to pop a bit more on the iPad Air in terms of colors. You know just the way they look theyre, not as Inky black as what you get like. An OLED display. Anything like that, but it does seem like things are popping a bit more on the iPad F5, as opposed to the iPad 10 here, and I think thats enough back and forth between these two tablets lets go ahead and just close the conversation right. So if you are currently in the market for either one of these two, you got ta think about the future right. So if you look at the iPad A5 right, eight gigs of RAM M1 chip right thats a little bit more future proof because, as files continue to get larger right – and you know these games are getting larger thats – something that you may want to be.

Keeping in mind when you have a lot of things running in the background right as opposed to four gigs of RAM, that you would have with the iPad 10, so thats one thing to keep in mind. Even with all of that said, if you are in the market for either one of these two tablets, you just have the iPad fourth generation, with 256 gigs Ive, actually seen that at Walmart go as low as 480 dollars for 200 and 56. Gigs of internal storage, plus you get the same 4 gigs of RAM right same focusing Ram as the iPad 10, and you also get that A14 bionic chip. Top of that. You will get a tablet that does support Second Generation apple pencil and a bunch of other things that are just better on the iPad Air than they are on the iPad 10.. Now Im, not saying the iPad 10 is just you know, has no purpose. Obviously, there is a purpose for it, but the way I see it in order for you to be a bit more practical, maybe you should consider the iPad 4, because again you have to keep in mind that Apple does support their tablets for a long time. So the iPad A4 will be relevant for a good while right so thats something to keep in mind now. Obviously, if you dont want the iPad Air, for you know by all means, go ahead and pick between these two either one would be, you know, would do just fine.

What Im saying is that if you have something that you need to do, and you feel like the iPad F4 will not be able to do that for you, then maybe you need to just go ahead and buy the iPad Pro right and just skip the 10 And the F5, if you feel like the F4, may not be able to handle what youre trying to do. Let me know what you think of this idea in the comment section lets go ahead and link up in the comment section: uh well catch. You in our comment section make sure to share the video subscribe.