Aaron here for Zollotech And today apple released iOS 14.7 Beta 4.. This is available to developers and hopefully soon, to public beta testers.. Usually, by the time I post this video it’s alive to public beta testers, but sometimes it will take a day or so as long as it’s stable. I would expect it soon though. Now this came in at 273.3, megabytes. That’s on my iPhone 12 Pro Max.. It was also a couple of hundred megabytes on the iPhone seven and the iPhone XR., Along with this apple, also released iPad iOS 14.7 beta four that I have on my iPad air to also watchOS 7.6 Beta 4 tvOS, 14.7 Beta 4 and macOS big Sur 11.5. Beta 4. All of those are available right now to developers.. Now let’s go ahead and take a look at the build number and talk about what’s new., So we’ll go to settings. Then we’ll go down to general than about now.. If we tap on the version number, you can see the build number and it’s 18G5052D.. Now the letter is actually one step backward as we had a CB form, but generally, as we get closer to a public release, we’ll get down to the letter a so. The number is newer, but the letter went back. That’s, pretty typical, though, as they continue to update the software.. So that means we could have a couple more versions before a final release, although they have been known to jump right to a release candidate and a final version.

, So we’ll have to wait and see what they do with that. Now as far as anything new well On the iPhone 12 pro max or the iPhone 12 series, we do get a new modem firmware, update. It’s, not available on everything and it’s fairly small.. It went from one dot, eight zero.zero to one dot, eight zero.zero one.. So if you were having connectivity issues with 5g to 4g, switching or anything like that, hopefully it helps, but it was just a small update there. Now as far as anything new.. Well, the first thing is: they announced today international Watch Bands to go along with the Olympics., So you can see here on Apple’s news website. It says: colorful apple watch, international collection, bands and faces helped, show love of country.. So, as you can see here, there’s different ones you can scroll through and the bands are available now.. So you can support your country throughout the Olympics. I’m, assuming that’s why they made these available. But it says Japan, Mexico and Netherlands.. You’Ve got New Zealand, Russia and South Africa. You’ve got all sorts of different ones. South Korea, Spain, Sweden and you can see them. Here. I’ll link this in the description below.. If you want to see all of the different ones you can just cycle through here and take a look at them at Apple’s newsroom. Now as far as new features well, I did see a new splash screen when I opened up reminders for example.

. So the first time I went into reminders, I got a splash screen and you can see this here.. This is different than the splash screen I had on previous versions., So they’ve changed it.. It just says sort reminders, sort reminders by title due date and more and then print your list., Now it’s easy to print lists and take them with you.. So I saw this splash screen on the devices I’ve updated and the 10 was actually on beta three.. I opened up reminders and it had a different splash screen.. So they’ve changed it just a bit., Also with beta three. They updated podcasts a little bit. And again I saw a new splash screen.. So when I went into library there was a splash screen. Similar to that on iOS 15 Beta 2. I took a screenshot of it, but let me go on the iPhone seven and show you here.. If we go into podcasts, go to library, you’ll see it pops right, up. There’s, a new splash screen. Talking about, shows saved and latest episodes.. Now another small change in podcasts. You can see the edit button in my left hand here in the upper right of the iPhone 10 R. It says edit on the iPhone 12 Pro Max on beta four. There’s, three little dots., So you have three dots there.. Instead, if I go into shows, for example, it stays the same.. It says edit instead of three dots., So they’ve updated it to a three.

menu.. Everything else looks the same for me from beta three on the left to beta four., So I haven’t found anything else different there. Now. I did have another splash screen pop up in music and I took a screenshot of that., So let’s go ahead and take a look.. It popped up with this notice, saying spacial audio on apple music.. Now I knew I already had this, but I hadn’t seen this before. Whether or not this is showing on iOS, 15 betas or not. I’m, not sure, but I haven’t seen it. And it popped up on 14.7 beta four.. So it looked like that. And then brought me to the page.. I just showed you a moment ago., So it talks about spatial audio and, more so it’s not available in all countries yet. But that was something new that I saw that popped up now. As far as any other features and changes well, this is a fairly late beta and we know what’s in it. I was 15., So there’s, not any other huge feature changes that I was able to find so far.. However, there is resolved or known issues still in this beta. Now for those of you that are new to betas, or maybe you just weren’t aware, if you go into the feedback app every time they post there are notes with known issues and more so, if you Go into the feedback app, you can see, there’s a resolved issue, here.

And it says, restored battery service messages that may have disappeared after a reboot on some iPhone 11 models.. So the message may not have been there now. It is. And then there’s a known issue for developers if they’re using this specific API or call out.. So you can see that here., So those are what’s in this specific beta. That’s, pretty small.. As far as the notes go, sometimes the notes go on and on and on such as iOS 15 for example., So in this particular update, there’s, not a whole lot new, as far as that goes, but it’s nice to see them getting it refined. And as far As things such as resolved issues with green tint, well so far, no one’s messaged me saying that it’s still there, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t done anything with it or have even fixed it.. No. Yet it takes a few days generally for people to message me and say: Hey green tint is still there, but most of those issues have gone away.. A few people have said it’s there with iOS 15, for example, but for the most part it’s doing pretty well.. As far as that goes for most people’s phones., If it’s very severe at this point, maybe you want to talk to apple about it.. However, last year they fixed it with iOS 13 late in August., So it’s definitely something they could be working on still.. Now, as far as iPadOS wwll, you get the changes in the same sort of splash screens.

I shared with you before. If I go into reminders, you can see it. There there’s a splash screen there. And again the same thing as in podcasts. I don’t know that I have podcasts installed on this iPad, but the same thing as in podcasts as well., So those splash screens are there. Nothing really particularly new or exciting, with iPad iOS 14.7, the big change has come with 15 and that wasn’t as big as some people had hoped. But there are new changes such as widgets and things., And most of the older devices still get a lot of those features, not everything, but quite a few of them. Now.. As far as battery life overall well I’ve been using iOS. 15 Full time, but I wanted to share with you someone that’s been using with it 14 full time that sent me some screenshots from their device.. So let’s go ahead and take a look at those., So Cameron sent me a couple of screenshots from his iPhone 12 pro max running iOS 14.7 beta three and now beta four., And you can see this was his screen on time. Two hours and eight minutes of screen on time, one hour and 15 minutes of screen off time. And he used about 20 of his battery.. This graph is going up to 120 for some reason, but he did use that if we go over to the next page again. Similarly, for the day before two hours and 49 minutes two hours and 55 minutes of screen off time.

And again the previous day, where he used 80 of his battery, he got six hours and 50 minutes of screen on time and two hours. And one minute of Screen off time, that’s pretty good usage overall, meaning that he probably is getting eight to 10 hours of screen on time.. If you were to extrapolate that out. So meaning that you used your phone, the entire amount up to 100 of its full usage.. So that’s pretty good battery life in 14.7, especially compared to many complaining about 14.6.. Now as far as performance overall. Well, you saw it a little bit on the iPhone seven. This is the oldest iPhone that I have in this video anyway. And, as you can see, it’s performing okay. There’s a little bit of stutter as I go into music and everything’s loading in the background that’s to be expected as it’s loading. But as far as an OS overall scrolling through it’s, really not any different than the previous beta as far as speed, in my experience so far the little time that it’s been out, you can see here it’s a little stuttery and music. For some reason. If I go into music on the other devices here, scroll down, it’s, fairly smooth. So on the seven it’s loading a little bit slow and that may be problem as far as that goes. But right now maybe it’ll speed up as we let it go on.. So it seems a little bit faster now as everything’s loaded, but in general I wouldn’t expect the performance to change much.

At this point.. It might be a little bit. Better. Let’s take a look at the geek bench scores.. So if we go into geek bench, I did run it on the 12 pro max and the seven and the iPad air. Two like I did before. And you can see I scored at 1598 for single core 4166 for multi core.. I did not run this multiple times. If we take a look at CPU here for history, we’ll go into June 29th and you’ll see before it was a little bit for single core and a little bit faster for multi core.. Now considering this was the first time I ran this. That’s, not bad., It’s, probably pretty fast and will improve over the next day or so, as it continues doing things in the background, such as indexing and it finishes those. Now let’s go ahead and take a look At the other, devices. Now on, the left is the iPad air two in the middle is the iPhone seven. And on the right, is the iPhone 12 pro max.. This should just give you a general idea of what to expect right after installing the beta.. These numbers can improve and often do after a few days., So give it a couple of days run it again., But if there are anywhere in the general area of these of these benchmarks, your speed should be about the same as before. So it’s. To give you a general overview of what’s going on now, as far as when to expect iOS 14.

7 beta five or release candidate, I would expect them based on being this late in the betas to be on a weekly schedule., And now that we have iOS 15 Beta two out, along with iOS 14.7 beta four, I would expect beta five to be on a weekly schedule until it releases to the public. That’s generally what they do. Again. They could change this like they did with beta three to beta four for example.. So maybe in a few weeks, we’ll have a public release of 14.7 and then 14.8, maybe until the release of iOS 15 in September.. Now, as far as I was 15 and the public beta, if iOS 15 beta two is stable enough, I would expect it., Maybe as soon as Thursday, since they said it would be coming in July. A lot of people have been asking me that so we could see it as soon as Thursday or Friday, or it could be the following week, where maybe we expect them to release iOS 15 beta three., So just depends on how stable they find it, and what Timeframe apple has, but they haven’t told anyone when it’s coming out yet., So we still have to wait for that.. Now. As far as I was 15 betas, I would typically wait until the public beta is available to make sure that you’re on a more stable build, and you can use it from day to day., Since a lot of people put it on their main device.

It’S been pretty good on my main device. I’ve been using it on a 12 pro max. It’s been pretty good, but it still has some bugs here and there. So wait for the public beta. Would that if you’re not already on the betas. And so that’s everything. – And I was 14.7. Of course we could see 14.8 by the time 15 is released, but we’ll have to wait and see what they do.. Now, if I find anything else, new of course, I’ll keep you updated with a followup later this week. And if you’d like to get your hands on this wallpaper, I’ll link it in the description like I normally do.. If you haven’t subscribed already, though, please subscribe., And if you enjoyed the video, please give it a like as always. Thanks for watching.. This is Aaron..