Of course, this video is made possible by intel, but you know it. I know it. The opinions about this product are mine and, at the end of the video you’ll, have a clear idea of the asus zenbook 360 laptop and what intel evo branding stands for. It’S me, pratik you’re, already watching techwiser let’s go now. First, when you open the box, the laptop rises to the top, that was nice and you get this extra pen usb a to ethernet, adapter, usb c to headphone jack dongle and a 65 watt pd charger in the box. First, as you can see, the asus zenbook s13 is a really compact and portable notebook. It could easily fit in any backpack and what was amazing was the weight of the laptop. I have used ultrabooks, which weigh around 1.4 to 1.5 kgs, but this asus zenbook weighs in at a surprisingly light 1.2 kgs and the entire shell of the laptop is made with magnesium, alloy and aluminium, like as you can see, there’s no flex to the chassis. When you use the touchpad or press on it, there’s minimal to no flex on the key. If you apply more pressure, the key travel is so good and i loved typing on this keyboard. They make a good tactile, sound here. Listen to this. Now it has the same concerns as any other convertible or flip laptop now, it’s, fine, when you use a pen on it or while you’re just typing on the laptop on your lap.

But when you try to adjust the screen it’s a bit wobbly, it doesn’t affect your day to day usage, but you would notice it in the initial days. Moving on to the touch pad, you see this intel evo branding beside it. Well, let us talk about it. So what’s intelligo in simple words, it’s a certification process. For example, if you see an indian product with isi certification, you know that it means certain standards. Similarly, with intel evo, laptop manufacturers need to meet requirements to get certified and it’s a good thing, because if you, the customer, see an intel evo branding, you know there won’t be any unpleasant surprises. So what are the most important requirements for intel? Evo certification? For you? First, up intel certified laptop has to have intel i5 or i7 11g, and it has to have their intel xc graphics, which is better than intel uhd graphics. You normally get we’ll get to that. In a moment, an intel evo laptop has to have minimum 9 hours of battery life on a full hd screen. It has to wake up in less than one. Second, when you lift the screen and, most importantly, you have to have all the latest sensor. Wi fi 6 thunderbolt, 4, 8 gb ram, nvme, ssd, etc. So, in short, when you buy an intel evo laptop, you are assured that you get the best intel chip and ports in the market. Now moving on let’s talk about the performance of the device.

First of all, it comes with intel i7, 1165, g7 it’s, a 10 nanometer processor, with four physical cores and eight virtual cores, all of them clocked at 2.8 gigahertz with max single core turbo speed at 4.7. Gigahertz max tdp is 28 watt. You get 16 gb of ram at 4, 266 megahertz and 1 tv of nvme pci gen 3 ssd. So i mostly work on the web with a bit of photoshop and premiere pro here’s, a demo for photoshop 2021. Like here, i drop a 200 mb of 4k footage in photoshop and one to two seconds, it’s loaded and i can just hop onto filter gallery and apply like five filters on it with barely a lag it made my job personally easy. I wasn’t able to do this on my older windows laptop next up. I tried editing a 7 minute 4k video on premiere pro, and this is a 2gb h.264 video file from sony a7iii. I dropped it on the timeline and scrubbed playback and import is smooth and, after all the edit when i rendered it, it took 6 minutes 6 seconds to export 4k h.264 footage with maximum bit depth now to make this review wide. I also did benchmarks and gaming here are cinebench single core scores, whereas this is cinebench multi core scores now intel cpus also have good video encoding capabilities due to quick sync. So i tried that out by a handbrake i compressed a 2.2 gb 4k video file to 1080p video file around about 200 mb, and it took like 6 minutes 40 seconds and i played games as well.

Now not all notebooks are meant for hardcore gamers. The asus zenbook doesn’t have a dedicated gpu and if you can afford a egpu these days, then intel thunderbolt 4 supports that anyways. It can still do casual gaming for an hour or two which, for a casual gamer like me, is good. I like storyline based games, so i tried gta 5 and this is a 4k display, so gta 5 can run at 4k. But if you look at the fps, you shouldn’t be gaming at 4k. Now, if you drop back to 1080p, it pulls up really good numbers and for an integrated gpu. This is really good performance and i also tried cs: go deathmatch at 1080p and it pulls up around 55 fps. The gameplay was decent. After all, this heavy work, the laptop, gets hot on the back around 48 50 degrees, but on the front, the heat is not felt on the keyboard or the touchpad. The top gets a bit warm at around 46 degrees celsius and to really complement the performance. The battery is huge: it has a 67 watt hour battery asus promises up to 10 hours of battery life. In my experience on a light usage or just web browsing and photoshop, i could go through the day easily that’s about 8 hours of battery life. If you really push the device during a game or video editing, it drops to about five to six hours. The single fan kicks in when you do heavy task and as you can hear at the max speed, it’s audible.

But if you have a headphone or earphone plugged in you would barely hear it in order to charge the zenbook. You get a 65 watt usb pd charger. It can charge your laptop in about 0 to 60 percent in about 1 hour, but the real charm about this laptop is the display it’s, a 4k oled touch display and, as you would know, oleds are known for good contrast and appear sharp that’s there. But oleds do tend to boost and saturate natural color that’s, not the case here. The display has 100 dci, p3 color gamut, and it is panton validated. So in case you don’t know, pantone validated display confirms that the color on this display are accurate. So in case you color grade on this laptop or color correct your photos. They’Ll mostly turn out accurate on the print, as well as other displays, moving on here’s a little webcam test. Since all of us are locked down, have you thought about how much you spend time looking at yourself in the camera by the way, how’s the my quality it’s through the laptop now speakers on this one aren’t, the best like i wasn’t, expecting a lot from a Compact notebook, but the base on the speakers is pretty good. The vocals aren’t that great so suppose, i’m watching a youtube, video or a movie. I can’t hear it clearly over the fan or ac, so not a deal breaker, but not the best and yeah the boards.

The laptop has two usb 4 thunderbolt ports and a full size. Hdmi 1.4, usb 3.2 port there’s, no headphone jack on the laptop, but asus does provide a high five 3.5 mm dongle inside the box, and the audio output by the dongle is really better than the cheaper sound cards you get in the market. So all in all, listen carefully. Two in one laptops are for people who want a laptop as well as a tablet on which they can sketch or watch movies in past time, more of like a tablet and a laptop all in one. So the asus zenbook s13 doubles up as a touch screen. Foldable as well as a powerful laptop for productivity, so you can use it as a tablet as well as laptop with light sketches and other work it’s a good two in one machine to consider it’s compatible with windows 11 as well in case you’re wondering so. You get this laptop for around 1.45 lakhs there’s, also an i5 version with the same display and 512gb ssd that one starts at 95 000.. So if your budget is around that point, you can consider these options. So this was our first laptop video. Let me know your suggestions on it.