The seller finally dropped their price on it down to two hundred and ninety three us, so I decided I'd snap. It up check it out and see if it's any good. Now this is a bare bones system. This one here, this particular model that I got has the Broadwell Core i5 five, two five seven units so it's, an ultra low voltage CPU in there and it's completely fanless one of the things that I just have to have in a mini PC. I don't want any noisy fans. I'Ve got my desktop. That'S got a an i7 in there and a powerful graphics card and it's 800 watt power supply. It generates a lot of noise and heat. I don't want that at all. I just wanted a mini PC that would probably be better for work staff websites and things like that so here's, the box you can see. This is like a generic kind of box is quite a few sellers that are selling this on Aliexpress. There is a link in the description if you are interested in having a look at this, so I've just got it here off the guy from DHL just dropped it off. It was in a double box, I've just pulled the outer box off and I haven't actually opened this up at all. So I don't know if it's damaged, doesn't, know it's in the box or anything all right. So we have a couple of wireless antennas.

There they've included, does include hopefully a wireless card. I have a look once I open it up and there's a so that HDMI cable there they've included here's the power brick quite a large one. There 72 watts 12 volts now we're not going to need that a whole signatu watts, of course. Well, I don't think we will about this ample power they're coming from this hopefully now this system particular system is up to 24 watts. Now the other systems are around about 15. You can get an i3 there's, also an i7 version as well with the with a 5550 you so a reasonably looks to be a reasonably long plug there, as well as a DC jack there and they're. Giving me the European plug, which is good to see, and what else do we have here? I can't get that out so I'll just leave that that's a break of course to prop up the mini PC so just get to whoop, ripping that there, okay wow it is quite heavy. I mean a box – is heavy it's, definitely very heavy all right. So here it is very heavy, actually I'm gon na wait out, because that just seems incredibly heavy for what a JIT what it is, but it's good to see, though, obviously the heatsink as well, that weights coming from so just grab my scales here and I'm just Quickly way that because does feel quite heavy, just interesting. Another weight, that's one point: five, six kilos, so quite heavy there, and here we go here's all the ports on it.

You can see that it's got four USB two ports here: two Gigabit LAN ports, two HDMI ports here, so you can run twin monitors now on the website. They say that this is HDMI to spec, but I kind of doubt that I don't actually think the Broadwell supports it or does it. I need to invest the game up into that little bit. Further is a DC N and we consume you see here the two connectors they're SMA connectors for the wireless antenna and very thick very strong, build and the front of it. Here we have its W. This is our power switch for USB 3 ports, they're a three in one card, reader, SD card and the sony cards. I think, and all that they say six and one i don't know what the other other ones will be. The other four optical out here them have microphone and speaker jacks there and, on the other side, just a gap, so very heavy, very solid board, rather feed on the bottom here, there's a gap here – and i can see why the spacing of this. This is obviously where you mount your 2.5 inch hard drive, there set a hard drive and we do have mounting bracket. You can buy for it where you'd mount the VESA mount, so you can mount it onto the back of a TV or a TV or on a monitor there. So i'm going to have to open this up now to have a look inside and see what ports and connections we have there for connecting up the hard drives and the RAM slots as well let's remove the four screws on each corner of the base of it And just pull this off now and have a look here at the internals of the mini PC.

Okay, so we've got two two round slots here: each of them can take up to 8 gigabytes of double data rate, three low powered round. So the same kind of round that you'd use in a notebook or laptop they're, the modern ones anyway, so we have a wireless card already pre installed. This, I think also has bluetooth. I'M, not really too worried about that because I'm just going to use the one of the LAN ports here, as my connector signing and connect that up to my network – and you can see, they have included cable there, of course, for the setter there's, a shorter cable Which is good because that's all you need and a power cable connector there as well – and we do have here this is it looks like a em setter, one sin insider here and another one here, so we have two. Hopefully those can be run in raid and this is actually a PCIe slot here, so we'll be able to install maybe a Bluetooth card, another Bluetooth card. If you want to do that or even a different wireless card, there yeah options they're available and we can see there is a battery there for the BIOS. So if we do have problems, maybe we can just disconnect that and hopefully that will reset the bias there and overall looks pretty good internally, not bad a little custom, tiny motherboard there and the base of it. I'Ll just show you now, hopefully they use some decent quality thermal paste or ceramic paste there or thermal pads on the CPU.

You can see that the middle goes down actually just to where these vents are on the side, so rather thick base to it, or should I say, the actual top of it very thick there. And, of course, we do have that grill there to allow the heat to dissipate off there, so we'll check that on benchmarks, just how hot a get gets as it going to thermal throttle. Now the idea of this unit for myself personally, is to stay a lower powered work unit. I don't need the screaming loud 600 watts of desktop that I've got with the overclocked i7 that's. My gaming desktop really – and I just wanted a dedicated kind of work machine that I can use just for doing. Work related stuff, open up a lot of chrome tabs. That kind of thing there so I'm just going to install the RAM here so I've just slots on the side there and push it down there, so be careful, aesthetic, so don't go petting your cat or your dog and then touch the chips or anything silly like That now try and be very careful myself. They don't have any problems with them, so just push down clicking and we're away there and for myself personally I'm just going to go with a Samsung Evo Drive here that I'll probably end up using on my desktop, which is why I didn't get an inset of Drive, which would probably be a better idea, you could use a couple of em SATA drives or just one of them as your main operating system drive and then a larger 1 terabyte 2.

5 inch drive, perhaps for storage there. So just get this connect it up and put it all back to get it now, if you want to see any particular benchmarks on this or games tested, if you do want to see a bit of gaming on this, this does have the iris 6100. So should game a little bit better than a lot of the other low voltage, chipsets it'll be Core i5 or i7 is out there. This should perform quite well. It is 24 watts and we'll have to see if it does throttle, as mentioned so we'll check that out, but do keep an eye on the playlist. If you're interested in this mini PC here, I'll have some more videos up and coming once, I get it all back together and up and running so do keep an eye for those.