Estimating the G 3 Lets get into the hot news. Everybody Im your Brett host were going to be going over the hottest Tech news that I could find on the internet. While you enjoy your breakfast and were starting to get some reviews coming out about Intels new 13th gen laptops, in fact, Jareds Tech revealing some CPU Benchmark numbers that are not under embargo. However, there are some GPU numbers under embargo for the RTX 4090 laptops that he wasnt able to share in his video. But what you can see is Intel is absolutely just kind of wrecking a whole lot of stuff when it comes to the CPU side of things. So the 1’80 HX, the high end laptop processor, that Intel is bringing to the market that has 24 cores, has 32 threads and the MSI laptops that were provided to Jareds Tech can do up to 250 watts of power delivery shared between the CPU and the GPU. Making it so that its able to deliver insane Benchmark numbers, so the cinepinch R23 run that Jareds Tech did landed at a multi core score of 30 498. To put that into perspective, for you amds fastest CPU for laptops, the 6900 HX is about half of that. In fact, its under 50 of what the 1’80 HX can do and its about 25 percent faster than the fastest 12950 HX, that Jareds Tech has actually tested. So this is a insanely, fast CPU when you compare it to other laptops, but when you compare it to desktop processors thats, when this thing gets absolutely nutty, it beats out a 2990 WX threadripper chip with 32 cores and 64 threads in multi score performance.

And if we take a look at other desktop chips, that it competes with the 30 000 points is enough to go Toe to Toe with the 13 700k desktop its enough to go Toe to Toe and beat out the ryzen 979 900x and beats out the 12900k. From Intels previous flagships, the 5950x, essentially, if youre, not the 7950x youre getting stomped on by this laptop processor and if youre, not the 1’00 or k variant, youre, getting stomped on by this bad boy as well, Intel delivering some insane performance in the laptop. Obviously, price point expenditure bulkiness heat whatever we could discussed that all day, but its very clear that its a performer, it can work if you need the fastest laptop gaming workstation. It looks like this is gon na, be it for you. That is incredible. Those are some beefy numbers, but we got beefier numbers to talk about with Intel towards the end of todays hot news episode so well get to that after we get to todays video sponsor my friends, todays video is sponsored by Jason and their adjustable lazy, long arm, Which is great for holding a wide variety of devices. I in fact, actually have mine hooked up to our tablet, which is actually going to be on a brand new set that Im working on for our videos coming up and its great to have that there for actually reading notes or watching twitch chat, because weve actually Been live streaming all day every day and its just been fun to have around, but its so versatile that you dont have to just use it to hold an iPad.

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Ufd Tech again check it out at the link in the video description. Big thanks to Jason for sponsoring todays video, but Intels, not the only one, with beefy laptop details coming out, theres new reports, even though I heard the exact opposite recently. That apple is supposed to be launching their new M2 Pro and M2 Max MacBook Pros today. The previous rumors I was reading was like theyre super delayed theyre, not even happening in the first quarter, turns out that likely theyre happening today. According to Industry, insiders that there will be an announcement, then press briefings then review units and likely Monday. We will start to see reviews of these to come out on January 23rd, so it does look like apple might have a lot that theyre shaking and baking under the hood. We havent seen a ton of leaked benchmarks on these, not a ton of indication of how well theyre going to perform if theyre anything like the M2 to the M1, its going to be a modest iteration, youre gon na get 15 to 30 percent faster performance than You did over the previous generation and not a huge leap, potentially thatll be coming with next years. Version with the M3s well just have to wait and see, but confirming a little bit of this is theres new regulatory filings showing off that the MacBook Pro should actually get Wi Fi 6E. So a little scoochy douche update in the Wi Fi Department to make it a little bit faster in that regards and were going to go fast through crypto stocks, because bitcoins up 1.

8 percent via 21279 ethereums up 2.2 percent to be at 1587 dogecoins down 1.28 percent. To be at 8.4 cents and Tesla is down one percent to be at 122.40. They havent closed just yet, as of the time of filming, but Ive closed, my heart off to any other ufd deals provided besides Reese hes, the hes, the reesiest. I love him. Welcome to ufd Deals its me, your backup, Reese, regular Reese likes to shift in and out of phases of existence. Today he doesnt exist, but if you go to the link in the video description, you can find all these deals. That Reese has left for you, like this TV, or this watch or the SRAM or whatever this is, is, or this laptop or some more RAM or another laptop or more RAM or more laptops any deal that your heart desires. You can probably find it here Im sure that if you wish hard enough, Reese will pop back into existence in the future. Thanks for those great deals, but I know that you guys arent using the ufd deals to buy hard drives, because, thankfully I really appreciate this, everybody has stopped buying hard drives hard drive. Shipments have halved in 2022, quarterly and yearly shipment datas have come out from Trend force with regards to whats going on with hard drives and its theres a lot fewer hard drives coming out. So Seagate sold 43 fewer year over year, toshibas down 40 year over year.

Western Digger was down 43 year over year, and the entire industry was down 42 percent year over year, so thats, mostly in three and a half inch drives. There are some like two and a half inch drives that are growing a quarter over quarter it at 15 increase into Q4, but regardless it does. Look like hard drives, are getting more and more Niche, which I just Ive always been on the to train. For the last, like I dont know, I think, for the last seven years, Ive refused to have a physical, hard drive in my system. Thats been me personally, and I think, for the last two to three years, Ive been on the train that, regardless of price to terabyte youre at the point right now, where you just need to stop hoarding data and getting an actual SATA SSD is cheap enough. That you dont have to consider hard drives anymore. Okay, unless youre really actually storing a ton of data intensive things its not like Gamers shouldnt have hard drives its just like I. I firmly believe that, with my whole heart, you dont need a hard drive for gaming. Theres plenty of other scenarios and applications where hard drives make sense, and I think thats kind of where were going where its going to be more of a niche market item rather than a recommended Market item which I just like. Even for the budget. Pc builds where I see people like get a 512 gig boot drive or a 256 gig boot drive on the SSD and then buy a two terabyte hard drive just get a one.

Terabyte SSD stop storing so much stuff like its its gon na, be way better. In the daily use case – and you honestly dont need that much okay, just just give up give up your storage ways its perfectly cromulent, my guys to just have one terabyte of SSD and call it good there, but Norton might not want to call it good with Their security features because Norton LifeLock going under uh customer breaching where their details have gotten leaked because of a credential stuffing attack where this happened on December 1st, they found out about the large volume about it on December 12th. So nearly two weeks later is only when they discovered that the breach was happening and they have recently notified the 6450 customers who accounts have been affected. So just uh not a good time to be storing your things with any sort of cloud provider with the LastPass hack thats been going on recently now Norton LifeLock its just its, not a good time, guys just just start, storing all of the hashes and the bits In your brain, okay, just go: go to Elon Musk, get the neural link installed and start generating your own 32 character. Cryptographic passwords stop trying to remember it all or store it anyway, but I talked about at the beginning of the episode that theres a lot of good details coming out about Intels gpus, my friends. These are numbers youre going to want to see okay.

This is something that Im very excited about every time. Theres a little bit of news surrounding this one topic I always have to cover it, and that is regarding direct storage on PC with GPU compression and decompression. This is going to unlock faster video game load times. Finally, getting past the console, Supremacy thats been going on with the series X and the PS5 for the last two years. Hopefully, once this is enabled well actually see some mighty fine loading improvements on PC, but the kicker here is that there are new Benchmark numbers coming out, showing that Intel just absolutely not only punches above its weight class but absolutely destroys the competition in direct storage 1.1. So showing various different forms of storage and how you can do the compression and decompression what youll see is that the SATA version right over here is roughly one and a half gigabytes per second, but the arc a770 still does it the fastest at 1.64. Gigabytes per second beating out the 12900k, the RTX 4080 and the 7900 XT. When you upgrade to a PCI Express 3.0 storage, Intels lead grows even more, whereas the Nvidia GPU does 12.7. The AMD GPU does 12.6, but the arc a770 coming in at 13.9. And then, if you upgrade to PCI Express 4.0 thats, the a770 still kicking butt 16.8 gigabytes per second in total speed, whereas the 7900 XT is at 14.6, 4080s at 15.3, and the 12900k again is at 5.

2, where right now we are kind of using CPUs for Compression and decompression, so that number is currently where we are. We should triple the speed once we unlock gpus, but if you want the fastest load times, looks like Intels gon na be the way to go, which I just very excited about. Direct storage really good to see that Intel has a lot of good feature sets that have been underutilized at the moment, and I think this kinda is the indication that I got from Intel. They are struggling on the software side of things, but the hardware is really really good once if once in, if or if and once they figure out, drivers Intel should punch way above their weight class. We have already seen them fix a lot of dx9 stuff. Hopefully they continue to improve on that where these a770s going for 329 dollars might actually start competing with higher class gpus and they might age like fine wine Intel the new fine wine GPU. I dont know thats right heres to open that Im, hoping that hot news is over. Oh, it is okay, Ill see you back here for more hot news tomorrow.