It has a whopping 5.5 gigahertz single core turbo right out of the box and with optimizations for performance cores, we can get above five gigahertz on multi, core performance and well ship. This new enthusiast desktop part to oem customers by the end of this quarter, im thrilled to announce that starting today were bringing our new hybrid architecture to performance laptops with the launch of eight brand new 12th gen h, series, mobile processors with up to 14 cores and Clock speeds up to 5 gigahertz, our 12th gen h series delivers up to 40 percent higher performance than our prior generation. You can see here we are running the popular game, hitman 3, against the best compasso offer in the market. Today, when we tested it in our lab, we said that our systems got 49 percent higher frame rates and we have drift breaker at 27 percent, higher fps mountain blade, two bannerlord at 23 percent and total war three kingdoms. At 47, we designed the processor family to conquer multiple high intensity workloads. At the same time now, today, im pleased to introduce more than 20 new designs powered by the h series. Processors from partners, including dell gigabyte, hp, lenovo, msi, razer republic of gamers and more were not only bringing this architecture and performance to the enthusiast and gaming. Space were also bringing it to thinner and lighter laptops and, with that im very excited to announce were in production and shipping. A new product line called the 12th gen intel core p series.

This family includes six brand new processors delivering up to twice the performance. Above our 11th gen: u series systems in market today in total were delivering 28 new 12th generation intel core mobile processors across our hp and traditional? U series product lines: now the innovation were driving with our cpus is just part of the story. As you know, weve been on a mission to deliver the best pc experience with our intel evo platform and today, im pleased to announce the third generation of our intel evo spec. Im pleased to announce that weve acquired screen of eight a pioneer and leader in delivering technology for advanced interaction between multiple devices based on different different operating environments. We intend to enable new interactions with full flexibility across ecosystems, operating systems and form factors. This new intel technology will break through the communication barriers, no matter what your devices are or no matter what os youre running. So let me give you some examples. The first thing we have is we have my iphone here, but you can see my imessages and sms texts are showing up on my evil laptop. Not only can i see them, i can easily reply now. Many people also love second displays when they travel. So let me show you i can take my android tablet and turn it into a second display were going to click on. Our tablet were going to hit, extend screen, and you can see how my workflow is already moving across.

Both screens im excited to announce that we are now shipping our intel arc, discrete gpus for 12th gen, core 8 series mobile designs to our leading oem customers. We will launch more than 50 mobile and desktop designs all using arc. One of the advantages we can offer our customers and gamers is the enhanced experiences that come with combining intel arc, gpus and intel core platforms, which brings me to deep link a collection of technologies where our cpu and gpu architects have collaborated on the platform level. Deliver better experiences with intel art, graphics and intel core platforms, shipping into arc to leading mobile oems and broad adoption of our new technologies like xcss and hyperincode marks an important milestone on our discrete graphics journey, so stay tuned.