So cloud gaming can definitely come in handy to some people as long as they have a decent internet connection. Now some of my favorites are geforce now stadia and xcloud, but until now we’ve only been able to run xcloud on our android devices, but uh in this video i’m actually going to show you how to set it up on your windows. Machine now, it’s not officially available to the public, but we can get the testing version installed and i’ve been doing a lot of gameplay here. It actually works really well and instead of streaming in 720p, like it does on an android device. This is actually streaming at 1080p now, before we jump into installing this, which is actually pretty easy to do. I did want to show you some gameplay here now. This does work with an xbox controller. I personally haven’t tested any other controller, but i’ve tested it wired and over bluetooth, and it does work out quite well so right now, i’m, just on a simple windows machine. This does not have a dedicated gpu. This is actually using a ryzen 4700g and when it comes to gaming, it does a decent job but uh. You know we’re using integrated graphics here, built in radeon graphics and having something like xbox cloud gaming set up on a machine like this gives me access to over 100 different games that i can stream to this machine. But in order for all of this to work, you do have to be subscribed to the xbox game pass ultimate.

Now i can mention before i jump right into showing you how to do this we’re going to test out let’s, just say dirt: 5, real, quick and up here in the top left hand corner. We have these three little dots feedback developer. We can toggle full screen. We’Re going to go to developer, we have statistics and from here display stats health at 100, jitter, 0.90 milliseconds, and our resolution is 1920×1080, so i’m, actually gon na go full screen with it. We’Ll get into a little bit of gameplay and i’ll. Show you how this performs all right, so here we are, with dirt 5 i’m connected using my xbox controller over bluetooth, everything’s been working pretty well now, as you can see, the graphical fidelity just isn’t the same as if you were running this natively on the pc, But it’s very playable i mean i don’t think it’s that bad and you got to keep in mind. I mean this is cloud gaming we’re streaming this game over network from microsoft servers to our pc here. So all of the grunt work is done on their servers, and you really don’t need that much power to run. These games like this on your pc, i’ve, actually tested this on a lower end n4200, and it does work really well, especially over ethernet. Now i definitely want to show you how to get this up and running on your windows, pc, so i’m, going to go ahead and exit the game, and what i’m going to do is move over to another pc, because i don’t want to delete it from this.

I got another pc, i’ve, never installed it on and we’ll get it up and running on that one. Okay, so i’ve just moved over to my other machine here and before we get this installed. I do want to give a big shout out to tux user360 over on twitter for coming up with this method, not exactly sure how they came across this, but it does work. So in the description of this video there’s going to be two links. First, one is going to be the spanish version of the xbox game streaming test app. If we click on this we’re not going to be able to access it because it’s a little locked down right now, but we can copy this url and we can head over to the next link in the description. This is rg ad guard from here we’re. Just going to paste that link right in choose the check mark, give it a second to populate the links at the bottom from here. You can see that there’s a bunch of different links here. What we’re, actually looking for is the app x bundle, not the e app x bundle, but the app x bundle and as of making this video, it is known as the xbox game streaming content test 1.2103.401.0 neutral we’re going to copy this we’re gon na open up A new tab and we’re gon na paste it right in press enter and, as you can see, it’s downloading here, okay, so real, quick, just in case you run into this issue.

What i’ve done is the first one i downloaded worked out just fine. If i go to view file name extensions, you can see that this is the dot app x bundle, but i tried it again on another machine and i kept getting a file that looks like this. All we need to do is add that extension to the end of this. So if i right click rename at the very end here app x, bundle then it’ll work. All we’ll need to do is click on this one, but most of the time you will get the correct file from the get go, if not just add that dot app x bundle to the end of it i’m going to show in folder, and here it is All we need to do is click on it. Close all this down real quick so now, we’re just going to click, install give it a second to finish up it’s, going to open up a window for us i’m going to allow continue and it’s going to actually try to connect to one of our xboxes in The house, but we’re not worried about local streaming. We want to do cloud streaming so up here with the three little lines: we’re gon na go to project xcloud jump in settings and we need to enter an offering id now, there’s, actually two that we can try x, gpu test all lower case, and if that One doesn’t work: we can also try x, gpu, beta and it’s case.

Sensitive press enter background is going to change. We can close, and now we have xcloud on our windows. Pc now remember. You do need game pass ultimate for this to work, and you will need to sign in i’m, already signed in on my windows machine through the microsoft store, so it automatically detected it. But if you need to sign in click this little icon up in the top right hand, corner and sign in, but you have to have game pass ultimate for cloud streaming to work. Let’S go ahead and test out halo. Remember we can actually go full screen right here. We can just leave a windowed if you want to all right, so i just wanted to fast forward this and get into a little bit of gameplay. I’Ve had really good luck with halo here, uh all of the versions personally, i’m, a big fan of halo 3.. So this is the one i always play with xcloud, but yeah i mean this does work really well on a windows pc and it works great on lower end machines anywhere from the intel 4200 on up. If you already have a machine that runs this kind of stuff at 1080p, there’s really no need for it, but if you’re working with a lower end system, this is a great option: hey Music and in order to exit, we can just click. These three little dots quit game it’s going to ask us if we want to rate this, we can choose x and that’s it.

You now have xcloud up and running on your windows. Machine tons of great games in here and i’ve actually been subscribed to the game. Pass ultimate for a while we got xboxes in the house. This is a great way just to have a lot of games. I know some people don’t like these subscriptions, but if i was to go through and buy all of these i mean i’d spend thousands dollars. We have over 100 games that we can stream to an android device or now our lower end windows, pcs, so that’s going to wrap it up for this. Video really appreciate you watching links for everything i mentioned in this video are in the description.