Yeah lets look at this. This is, I think this is a launcher and lets click on install first, at the same time, take a look at the screenshots so yeah. I think they would. This would look good yeah in my Android hit unit here in the screen, um its a bit of a lot of styles, and you can actually make use of this all the real estate yeah, because you can actually fill up the place. So we can organize it and you have live tiles. You can have built in Bridges, which is just just just nice yeah, because you need to have a lot of widgets for Android units, yeah and thousand Cube vertical scrolling. Smart app driver, Quick Connect. What does this mean now? Your turn doesnt matter lets. Look at the real thing. Is it installed yet still installing its only 3.47 mag, so its about done lets wait for it all right. Its done lets open quick Setup, Wizard. Okay, so you can have a background effect. You can disable it or you can have it in blood. Oh okay, its like image to set as wallpaper. Okay, I have no items. So how am I supposed to do that? So lets go back. Let me just this and then we have a grayscale or you can have more blurring less blurring click, ok, transparent or refraction. I I think I just put it as disabled for now yeah to make things not so confused.

So next tile size select the number of rows three rows or four rows. Four rows in the smaller tiles. I think Ill just go for three instead yeah. So I get bigger tiles on the screen and live tones. You can get notifications. I dont think I want that its its going to be a lot of distractions, having notifications on screen aggressive animation, yeah yeah, why not thats, okay, um app driver, you can at least type yep or you can have it in tiles. I think if you dont print this towels, some other smart, I think Ill just leave it for default right now and get more customization. You can go to the home options, so Im gon na just click done now pinch to open the menu okay. So this is how it looks like right now and they have actually bring out the Chrome placed on maps over here, and these are all unknown. So can I just click to change it. Let me see tap action. Long click, action, yeah lets, see tap action, change to an application and say I want this application to be radio. Where is it? Okay? There you go dont press the towel to move or edit it. Okay, yeah Ive already done that. What is it telling me now? Okay, there you go, this is the radio it should launch my radio there you go there, you go okay, um lets see. This is good. Yeah photos like tap the site photo folders.

I dont have any photos in here. So if you guys have any then yeah. Yes, you can just select the the photo um, so you can see your photos here, not bad um, but I do wish it can actually make use of the full acid here you see its still its still pretty empty at the site. So lets say: I click it here. This is Page label. Yes, this is Tau. Okay, you can have it in blue okay, so I dont get to see that anymore. So I think I can start changing. Okay. I can also delete this. I can also change the size pick it okay lets see. Okay, we can have a White House or why am I launching the Chrome or you can change to a tiny one, which is extremely small yeah? I cant really see whats in there anyway, too small. So, halfway uh this is halfway. You can also change it back to small, okay, so say at the radio. I want it to be in a very big one, a very big tiles. I cannot be enlarged, but its its actually not. Can anybody here is that yeah? I can okay. Now I have a very big button here for my radio, which is good so this I can also change it. Um Im gon na change, the styles perhaps in yellow okay thats, nice um. I can also change the icon. You can have it in default or the image or if you have an icon pack, you can make use of it too.

If not, then you can also change the label yeah, you can type your own label or you can have it in the full image, but you have to find the image. Okay, not bad, but I normally would use it for an app yeah to open an app or a shortcut. If you have a shortcut to a link from any browsers you want, or it can be a launcher action or you can be an app driver or you can be calling someone yeah using the contacts interesting, its actually quite useful. So I normally just use it too long to launch an application. For example, my music yeah thats thats good enough for me, then yeah pretty basic and its useful. You have some date and time over here. Then you can set a few of your favorite apps over here. This should yeah. They should be quite good yeah. You can also have your photos here as well. If you have any interesting, pretty nice fall Android unit. Okay lets see what you can do in the settings here. How do I go settings here? Okay, so here the system layout, I can also have a new page. If I want to and also can lock the edit. This is the menu okay. You can have home option system settings wallpaper of the edit if you have a backup as well, you can just you know back it up and restore it later, or you can just reset it back to the default.

Interesting lets see home options. What do you have here? Set home default? Okay default it as a home for a car Launcher, not gon na use that and Chase okay, you can purchase it and you can have different life, towns, sizes and so on and so forth. Yep so 14 days left for free trial. It keeps reminding me that you can also change key gestures yeah, what not so thats on the home options so page again to see this go to the new system settings. Oh this is the Google Android system settings again wallpaper system wallpaper? Can I change it yeah the wallpaper app? Then you can use it yeah. So Im not gon na. Do anything on that, so you can edit off its just Im, not able to edit anymore yeah. I think so guys off so theres no pain here or whatever, not here. So if I cant edit yeah see that edit mode is currently off so if they on it back okay, so I could do this pinch and you have to break on this edit. Now you can add it so click on this again, you can see this pencil means its yeah. Its allowed to change, make changes to it. Its like, for example, clicking longer here the action and change it app to anything with audio settings. Yeah pretty nice, pretty simple. Okay, but the thing is uh its a bit Troublesome, because I need to come here to off the edit every single time, but its safer as well as your kids will not mess up the place, yeah the tiles and were not all the settings yet done.

So I think you can have another page as well. Let me just try and see that um edit, a new page, a new layout. There you go okay, I have another one here, um so, for example, oops another app, for example, aux yeah, so you can actually slide and see more all stuff over. There say you already have this fool, then you can. Actually, you know go to new pages yeah over.