The Insta360 is a revolution in how we take video and photos shooting in 5.7k, at 30fps for 80min on a single charge. Puts this tiny 149g camera in a league of its own here are some of the main features of this camera. As mentioned before, the Insta360 ONE X2 uses dual lenses to capture 360 and is capable of shooting in 5.7k resolution. The Insta 360 can be used as a single lens camera. The advantage of using the camera in this way is that it has built in stabilization which will give you a steady cam shot without a stabilizer. This is made possible by FlowState stabilization, which is currently seen as THE stabilization out there. The horizon lock feature automatically detects the horizon and fixes all the mistakes you made during shooting by detecting the horizontal line of any surface. All footage can be edited using the INSTA360 APP on your smartphone or tablet, and can then posted directly to your favorite social media. Like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram drone like shots, can be achieved by using the invisible Selfie Stick feature. This feature removes you selfie, stick out of the footage, giving the impression that your camera is floating in the air. Just like a drone would here are just a couple of affects you can achieve with your Insta360 app or software blow your friends minds by using the Bullet Time Handle or cord to shoot bullet time shots straight out of The Matrix. You can also control both the speed and angle of your footage using the Hyperlapse function.

This can be done either on your phone or on your PC with Shot Lab. You can create cinematic effects using the built in templates to make your edits stand out from the rest. Deep track allows you to lock on on any object, then the subject recognition will keep any people, animals or other moving objects in your shot. Using freeze frame. You can freeze a moment in time and show your viewers a 360 perspective, that no camera still image can achieve mimic. A FPV Drone by using the Fly Through feature to shoot long continues shots in tight spaces where a drone wont be able to fly through the Auto Frame function. Reframes your 360 shots and automatically find the best angles you might have missed. Make your photos and videos. Look better and more dynamic by adjusting the HDR function included in the Insta360 ONE X2 multi View allows you to two camera angles. At the same time, this can give your viewers a perspective of what is in front of you, while vlogging and finally, the Insta360 ONE X2 is waterproof for up to 10m without an external chase, and the AquaVision feature will balance out your underwater footage without an external Filter more features include 4 microphone, surround sound 55, more power than the ONE X apple watch control, as well as Voice control via your AirPods GPS, Smart Remote and many more with all that said and done lets to the unboxing. The packaging is very sturdy and everything is well displayed, wrapped in a thin layer of plastic.

On the side, you can see some of the key features like like 5.7K 360 degree capture, Steady, Cam Mode Flow State, Stabilization, the Invisible Selfie Stick waterproof up to 33ft or 10m AI Editing, 4 microphone, 360 Degree, audio, Hyperlapse and Voice Control on the back. It gives you an indication of what is in the box, which includes the camera, a protective pouch one battery, the charging, cable, the warranty card and a quick start guide on the other side. You can see some examples of what the camera is capable of. Ok lets get rid of the plastic and slide of the top of the box inside the Insta360 is face up with a protective plastic covering the lenses and the LCD screen below it. You will find a white box containing the rest of the contents inside the box. You will find a smaller box containing a silicone gel pack and the charger cable. The rest of the box contains a guide to waterproofing the warranty card, the quick start guide and a pair of stickers. The protective pouch is made from a thick High Quality stretchable material that fits the camera perfectly not mentioned on the box. Also included is a micro fiber cloth for cleaning the LCD screen and the 2 lenses now remove all stickers. Just remember that these are outward pultruding lenses and they will get scratched very easily. The LCD is also a nice addition that the ONE X did not have remove the battery by pulling the 2 clips toward each other upon re.

Inserting the battery make sure that both clips has a black piece to it. If any of the are 2 are orange, it means that the battery is not completely secure. Above the battery, you will find the USB Type C port for charging and file transfer. On the other side, you can see the speaker wholes as well as the microphones. When removing the battery, you can place a separately bought micro SD card in the slot, provided with your card logo facing outward slide, the Micro SD card into the slot. On till you feel it click into place. Pressing on the side, you will power up your device. The small LCD screen will now be visable and you can select your desired angle. Note that you will need to install the INSTA360 app on your phone or tablet before you can use the camera press. The power button again to power off the device see the description of this video, the list of the full specs of this camera, and this is what we have in the box: the Insta360 One X2, the protective pouch, the micro fiber cloth, the USB cable, a pair Of stickers, the waterproofing guide, your quick start guide and the warranty card remember warranty card does not cover misuse, accidents or normal wear and tear and thats it a short review and unboxing of the Insta360 ONE X2. If you have any other video ideas, you would like me to do on the Insta 360.

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