Inspiron has recently gone through a brand update to make it easier for the public and the consumers to better understand their range. So in this video we’re going to have a look at this device and we’re going to see what’s good about it, what’s bad about it and we’re gon na have a quick overview of the branding. So you are aware of what device you should go for so let’s get on with the unboxing. Shall we should have really come prepared for this, but you know me every single time i make one of these videos never have all the tools i need. So as you open it up, you’re welcomed with the power brick and the plug socket. So in this version of the um dell machine, you still get the pin charging port. So i would like to see that change to the usbc. As you know, everything is moving over to and then, if we pull out this barrier over here, just remember all this cardboard that you’re seeing here is actually recycled cardboard, so it’s eco friendly as well. This allows us to pull out the main device. So as normal inside the box, you have minimal uh safety guidelines, so i’ll move that all out the way. So this is the inspiron model. Number five: four one: zero that’s, the two in one model down here now already. First impressions, look very good honestly from looking at it right now, while it’s inside the packaging.

Still to me, it looks like the old xps two in one that was out in 2018. This is from 14. now i’m, not expecting the material to be anything posh or fancy, because again, it’s still a kind of mid range device – oh, oh, but it feels it feels premium. It feels feels nice what’s, going on back here. Okay, that’s pretty cool, so we’ve got a couple of exhaust vents over here and a few. I want to bring that closer, so you can have a look. So it’s got some kickstands up here to elevate it to give the user some better airflow when they’ve got it placed flat. You’Ve got speakers along the bottom over here, inspiron branding on the bottom right there and, of course, the dell logo on the top there i’m. Actually liking how this feels right now it feels quite premium for what it’s meant to be so let’s open it up. Oh that does feel premium. I like that. I, like that, a lot that looks professional. This looks clean. This looks amazing. I love how this looks right now. So, as you can see, it’s got the intel i5 uh 11th gen processors and it’s running intel’s, iris graphics, which is awesome. Uh you’d also notice that uh dell have moved away from the power button being along the side of the machine it’s. Now, on the top right here, that’s, where the power button is now, and if i turn this a bit more you’ll be able to see that there’s, actually a lift that happens due to the hinge.

So if i close it you’ll see it drop back down again right and then, if we lift up it, just pushes the device up now that’s to create airflow between the bottom there’s, an accelerometer within this machine that can tell whether it’s on a flat surface. Sorry, you can tell whether you’re holding the device in your hand or whether it’s um, in a steady place, and if it is in a steady place, it will give you optimum performance. If you are moving around with it, it will ensure that the device doesn’t get too hot as you’re using it so let’s see actually before i turn it on, because in all honesty, when you turn the machine on they’re, pretty much all the same inside except dell Machines do come with a few features that are very useful or what they like to call dell solutions. So dell mobile connect and dell cinema, which i’ve made a video on i’ll, link it up here um. What i want to know is what is upgradeable in this machine, so if you buy this machine, you’re going to want to keep it for a while right, you’re not going to want to change it in one or two years. So i want to open this up and see what’s upgradeable inside here before we do that, though, let’s check out how it looks as a two in one. So if we just keep an eye on the hinge, you can see that this beautiful hinge right here is actually fairly sturdy.

Now what i like about this device it’s got minimum bezels all around, so i can see a black bar here. I’Ve not turned it on, but i can see a little black bar here, but other than that it’s got a three sided narrow border bezel and that looks amazing, like i’d, be more than happy to use that that looks amazing. This feels amazing. Oh, oh hello. Okay, we’re gon na i’m gon na talk about that in a second. What i just found there um so yeah tent mode. The hinge is more than strong enough to hold itself up. It is a great device. I’M. Not gon na lie to you. It looks fabulous. It looks amazing: you’ve got your 3.5 mil headphone jack usb type b, usb 3 port over here – a micro sd port over there, and if we turn it around, you’ve got your charging port, hdmi port, usb type 3 again and a usb type c. So all the connectivity you would ever want you have it on this machine. So let’s go back to what i found on the camera. So let me bring it closer so right here, there’s a little ridged uh feeling that there you go, you can see it there. Now so now you can move this ridge left and right now there the camera is open. That is the camera shut. I’Ll get you guys a better shot of that. So if you just move this left and right, you can open and close the shutter for the webcam that’s.

A great privacy feature right there and it’s so hidden it’s built into the device you can’t, you can barely tell it’s even there like you can simply just that. I, like that, a lot the fact that it’s a mechanical shutter for your camera, you know it’s working. The fact that it’s not a button, i need to press to turn it off and on means no one else can control it. Only i, the user, can control whether that’s, open or closed that’s a great feature. I, like that, a lot all right, let’s get to opening the machine all right, so you have one two, three, four, five, six, seven screws that you need to undo now, just pry your way through the side of the machine to just get rid of all the Catches just so, you make sure that you don’t break off. If you’ve got prying tools, this will be the time to use it there. We go so that’s this machine opened up. So what we have here is your 50 watt hour battery over here. You have your ram slots over here, which you can upgrade. So if you want to upgrade your ram you’re more than welcome to this right over here is your m.2 port, your pci port, your nvme, for whatever you want to call it, and i believe that’s all you can upgrade on here. So you can upgrade your ram and your storage and it’s running ssds on here.

So it’s going to be a fast machine, leave that’s it yeah that’s your wi fi card yeah. So you can upgrade your ram, so you can pop your ram ports over here. So you’ve got can upgrade your ram. You can upgrade your ssd and that’s pretty much it. You have enough customization over here to keep this machine going for a while, so that’s useful to know so. Let’S close this back up. So to close it back up. You simply just place back on: let the clips do their work, so that is the instagram 14 two and one now, if you want me to test anything on this machine or you want me to do anything in particular with this machine, make sure you hit that Subscribe button down below and leave me a comment telling me what you want me to test out on this machine, um so yeah from now that’s about it. So my first impressions of this machine, the quality of it, is premium. The design of it is lovely, and i would 100 recommend this for anyone that wants portability functionality and something that will provide you great performance. I know it’s got great performance already, because it’s running the intel, i5 11th gen and it’s running it’s got intel iris on it and it’s running with an ssd inside it so i’m. More than confident that this is going to perform as all dells have done in the previous models when they had great specs like this.