This thing, which is just like a crazy bargain i’ll, leave a link in the description to the latest prices, but um let’s have a look at it. You can see here, it’s packaged in nice, plain box there i like how they’re really eco friendly with their packaging. If you have a look on the side there, we can see the specs of it. Yes, it comes with the latest intel 11th generation cpus. This one here comes with 16 gigabytes is lp ddr4 x, which is awesome. 4 267 megahertz, so that’s super fast ram. There intel xe, graphics, of course, that’s what you get with 11th generation. This one does have a 4k display so wharf it is evo certified as well as good as you can get in the intel world or open up this box, and, as you can see here, we get a white box with a pen. Now one thing i want to point out is: i have the black model now there’s, two versions of this 7306: two and one there’s, a silver version and a black version. The black version is the new premium version. The black one is all usbc charging. You need. The barrel charger for the silver model, you are also able to dock your pen with the black model. I’Ll show you that later, but it fits into the body of the laptop itself. But here you can see the pen and because we’re using the black model, you know no batteries, no messing about you.

Just you know, connect it to your laptop docker. It charges and use it whenever you want, you can stick it in the body of the laptop and if you never use it, you wouldn’t even know you had it you’re not going to lose it because you have that dock there we do have a 65 watt Charger – and this is usbc, as i said before, the silver model is a barrel charger, so it’s not usb c charging that’s. What i like about this one here and now we have the unit itself. Let’S have a look at this here. I got ta say with these inspiron laptops that i have been reviewing lately. The build quality is really nice and you can see this nice dark finish on a premium metal build. If you think about the xbs series, the cnc machine, like you, know, ultra premium it’s, not that level but it’s, really not that far from you know xps level. The build quality is like top draw like. It is really good and of course, it’s a two in one 16 by nine display and, of course, it’s touch. You do have the option of full hd and a 4k display. I do have the 4k display, which is 100 srgb, 300 nits of brightness. Now, as i said, it is evo certified, so that’s going to be very interesting, evo certified means it has to meet a certain criteria. You know the wake and resume the battery life’s supposed to be nine hours.

Am i going to get nine hours on this? Considering it’s 4k, oh, we have to wait and see. It does have a 60 watt hour battery in there, and the good thing is now that i’ve, actually unpacked it and i’ve started downloading stuff. It does need a bias upgrade. So you should do your bias upgrade. Make sure you always do that, i haven’t heard the fans yet yeah. I can’t really hear the fan in this. So far, just from downloading, which you usually do. This does have wi fi six as well. So that is awesome everything you want and at that forty percent off wow. That is just nuts now i’m, going to do some testing with this i’m going to whack two egpus on yes, two because this does have thunderbolt 4, so make sure you subscribe for that. Video, we also get on the left hand, side hdmi 2.0, with the thunderbolt 4. As i said, on the right hand, side usb type, a 3.2 gen one. You have the combination, audio jack and the micro sd card. Now, if you get the silver model, you’re going to have the barrel charger there as well, you can still charge usbc with the silver model, but it’s not going to be full power. You can’t fully power it with that usbc and sometimes you come with a weight penalty with two in ones. This one no way 2.81 pounds now the benchmarks for sort of ultrabooks – or you know two ones – was around that sort of three pound mark.

This is 2.8, so that’s, really good 1.274 kilos and around 16 millimeters at its. You know thickest point there now, because this is a business laptop. You do get the privacy shutter for your webcam and you also get the fingerprint reader that’s sort of like a business thing. It is made for home and office, but consumers man, when you can pick this up at a discounted price like you, can at the moment wow home office, just normal consumers, you’re gon na see it with two egpus on it there’s stuff. You can do with this thing and the price you can get it at the moment and the screen looks good as well. You know i’ve just got to check out the thermals battery life etc, but it’s looking like a really good laptop at a nice price, so that is pretty cool. Of course you can get the i5 i7, so the 1135 g7 and the 1165 g7. Now, if you get the i5, you usually only get 8 gigs of ram, but you do get the good graphics with the i5, which is really good, so so far i’m liking. This thing any test you want done. Let me know down there in the comments. The review will be coming soon. I can’t wait to whack a couple of egpus onto this thing and see how i can boogie.