This is a emotion and youre. Looking at the latest model of a motion, scooters yeah this system – I would say this – is the fastest scooter in the market uh. It can go up to 110 kilometers an hour and also it is the first transforming system in the scooter world yeah. You can see right now it is uh. The deck of this scooter is very low. This is for racing sports mode like high speed mode. When you adjust, when you adjust the screws here, we have four gears in the front and in the back yeah, so we can adjust the height of the deck and able to for the customers to go high, speed mode off road mode, sit down mode and comfort Mode, yes, this is the first first feature in the in the scooter industry, yes, and for the whole body, and we on and the first size is we we we try to make a fast and Powerful scooter, but it is very safe and reliable. So we make the uh the battery the IP uh, the the water water proof rating is ip767 and also for the controller is its IP67 as well. Yes, let me try to operate this scooter for you, yeah. You can see from the deck and um when you press this, we can switch the the drive mode here is two wheel drive right now: its rear wheel, drive and when you press long press one time is front wheel, drive and also we can switch the gear By left by the right side, X mode is extreme mode, very powerful and its for racing and sports mode is fast and demo is more a normal Drive.

The Eco Mode is much more economic friend economy friend friendly MP is the parking mode and we equipped it with the indicators. When I press one time it flashed three times on the indicators and I press left and right or to indicate the the people on the road that which direction they are going on the RS model. We have two motors, which is what we call a dual motor model and the front one is 4200 and the red one is 4200 as well, and also for the battery the batteries. The battery capacity is 2880 watt hour and it allows the rider to go as far as 150 kilometers by one charge and we do have Music and we do have dual charge ports, which is the the unique feature of this model. On this model we use hydraulic. Braking system with uh fun and rare disc brakes and also um.