com for the coaching luke men’s club mentors. The computer you see in front is a dell 7350 all in one laptop and tablet. This video is meant as an initial walkthrough when users receive their laptops so that the mentor can support the user with initial opening and connecting to zoom. This is our dell 7350. All in one on the bottom right hand, corner you’ll, see that there is a proper label for power and in the back there’s a label for plug the power button is located in the top right hand corner. Unfortunately, they did not make it a different color. So it’s a little bit difficult to see but it’s on the top of the tablet and the power insignia is right over here to start your computer with or without uh power. To start your computer with power, you take you obviously plug in your adapter. The light on the adapter will turn on letting you know that power is getting to the tip. You turn the laptop around and insert it into the power over here. Should you wish to start the laptop without power? It has a long time that it can handle there’s a lot there’s a good battery in here, because it’s both a tablet and a laptop. So it has about 10 to 13 hours according to dell. So starting your computer is very simple: you take your index fingers and you put them on the bottom of the edge of the computer and then use your thumbs to pry open the clamshell.

Okay, once it’s up a little bit, you just pry it open and that’s. It it is now open. The next step is fairly simple. You tell your user to hold the button down for three to four seconds, one, two, three four let go and the computer will then begin going to the post, which is basically a dell insignia. So it takes a second or two for the dell insignia to turn on machine will then go to the initial lock screen. This is the correct term for what you’re, seeing in front of you, where it says, admin and then should automatically log into the desktop. Now this portion of the computer is actually a tablet, it’s, not something that we’re letting the users know yet because it’s not necessary they’re using this, basically as a telephone, but it can be released. So if you’re using it for yourself, you can release it from the base. Okay, so once the computer is open and the reason why i’m telling you a tablet is because it’s also touch screen. There are two ways to open zoom. The first one is traditional mouse pad where they move the mouse to the top right hand, left hand, corner and then press the left button it’s located at the bottom there’s, actually, a white line separating so they hit on the left hand, side of the of the Mouse pad or trackpad by doing that, it will open zoom. Okay, they only have to click once your personal computer may require two clicks.

These computers have actually been set up for t for the ease of the user with one click. So if i click once it should open zoom in this case it didn’t so i’m gon na – oh no, it did so. It took about three to four seconds for zoom to open after they clicked on it. Once there’s a small pause, you can tell your users about now i’m, going to close zoom for now and i’ll show you the second way that it could be open, which is much easier for the user. Take your finger and just touch it once wait. You’Re two to three seconds: zoom will open. Now, once you have zoom open, you select, join a meeting and the join meeting area will come up in this case. At this point, you would provide the join meeting id, which is like a telephone number, which is what you can explain to your user. They enter the number over here in the enter meeting id field and then enter their name. So my name’s jason – i put it over there and just make sure it’s it’s defaulted, to remember my name for future meetings and the default do not connect to audio and turn off. My video are off. These check. Boxes are off if they want to turn off their video because they don’t want to be seen. You could tell them just to default this to on okay, but typically you want to be able to see people, and they want to see you.

Okay, once they’ve entered this information, they would click on join uh there might be oh after this is the password screen. They’D enter the password that you provide them and they’re connected to the meeting. So those are the basics. In future, videos we’ll discuss how to increase volume, decrease volume check to see if volume is working correctly check to see if the cameras are working correctly, but for now this is initial method on how to connect to a meeting using zoom with their dell latitude 7350. Thank you for watching, if you have any questions, feel free to call montreal i.t support at 514, 461, 0200 extension 3 and ask for jason statlander.