, So when I heard they were launching a laptop, I was genuinely curious to see what they had to offer for a brand known to make affordable smartphones.. Well, you are looking at the Infinix INBook X1, a lightweight laptop with a slim profile, flexes 180 degrees, and it is powered by Intel’s. 10Th Gen processor also starts at around 530.. This is interesting. Wadup guys. The name is Izzi and welcome to thechannel The Infinix INBook. X1 is a laptop recently launched by Infinix, which I’ll say: packs impressive specifications for its price. There’s, actually two models, that is the INBook X1 and X1 Pro both powered by Intel’s 10th Gen Ice Lake processor., the Infinix INBook X1 comes with Intel’s 10th Gen Core i3 And i5 processors they both have 8 gigs of RAM and 256 gigs SSD storage.. There is also a 512 gig SSD option for the Core i5.. The INBook X1 Pro is the max configuration powered by Intel’s 10th Gen Core i7 processor and has 16 gigabytes of RAM and 512 gigabytes of SSD storage.. Both the INBook X1 and X1 Pro comes in four different colors, Noble Red Elves, Green Starfall, Gray and Elegant Black.. As you’ve already guessed, this is the Starfall Gray. Within the box of the INBook X1 aside, the laptop there is a User Manual, a Warranty Card, a 65 watt charging brick and a USB C to Type C cable.. The 65 watts charger can power up the laptop from 0 to 70 percent in one hour.

. It can also be used to charge your Infinix phone.. The INBook X1 is a sleek designed device with a metal build. On the back it’s dual toned, and we have the Infinix logo just above the right part of the divide.. It is a thin and pretty lightweight laptop. It weighs 1.48 kilograms.. You can open it up with one hand and can flex it all the way back. 180 degrees.. You do not want to flex it further though.. This is a laptop with plenty of ports. You just name it.. The ports on the left side consists of a DC charging port, so you have alternative charging option. If you ever decide not to use the USB C charger., There is an HDMI port. Next to it is a USB 2.0 port.. You also get two USB C ports. One of which you can use for charging., It is not Thunderbolt 3. There’s, a switch you can use to disable or enable the webcam.. That is not all the ports to the right side of the base. You have a micro, sd card slot, a 3.5 mm audio or mic jack, another USB 2.0 port, a USB 3.0 port and a kensington lock.. Its power button is just above the keyboard to the far right and speaking of keyboard. The Infinix INBook X1 has a nice keyboard with enough spacing between the keys.. It is easy to type on and there is also a good space for palm rest below the keyboard on either sides of the trackpad.

. It is a backlit keyboard with two levels of brightness.. The brightness can be toggled by hitting the function and spacebar keys.. The INBook X1 has a wide enough trackpad with multi touch functionality, it’s easy to operate and supports windows, touchpad gestures. It also clicks nicely too. On the INBook X1 Pro you have a fingerprint scanner to the bottom right of the keyboard.. Still on the body of the INBook X1, we have the vents at the bottom for heat dissipation.. There is slight elevation when the laptop is placed on a surface which allows the vents to do their job. There’s another vent, opening at the top side of the base, or should I say, the rear of the laptop.. You have the speakers at the bottom left and right, which gives a large percentage of the sound. There is another speaker opening just above the keyboard.. The sound from the speakers is great, with DTS audio processing.. It is not the loudest, but it does sound great.. All models of the Infinix INBook X1 has a 14 inch Full HD display with a 1920X1080 resolution.. It has a 169 aspect ratio and up to 300 nits of brightness 100 percent sRGB color gamut., Its top left and right. Bezels are pretty slim. Its bottom bezel, where we have the Infinix logo, is not so slim.. The display is not touch enabled., Just above its display. You have its 720p webcam, which should do just fine for video calls.

As long as you have good lighting. On either side of the webcam, you have two mics one on each side.. Okay. So this is the webcam from the Infinix INBook X1 it’s a 720p webcam, and to the left and right sides of the webcam. We have two microphones which I’m using to take the audio recording on the webcam right now.. The Infinix INBook X1 runs Windows 10 Home right out of the box, and it is also Windows. 11 compatible. I confirmed that through the Microsoft PC Health Checker App., It also comes with Microsoft, Office 365, pre installed., The performance of the Infinix INBook X1 is well above my expectations. I was able to edit 4k mov footage. Playback was surprisingly smooth, though you might experience some lag when you start adding motion, graphics, templates. For a laptop without a dedicated graphics card and 8 gigs of RAM. That was pretty impressive.. You will get significantly more impressive performance with the INBook X1 Pro, as that has the Core i7 paired with Intel’s Iris Plus Graphics.. Since this does not have a dedicated graphics card, you should not use it as a gaming device, but if you choose to do so, it will handle some light. Gaming, pretty well., Like I already mentioned, probably more than once during the course of this video. The INBook X1 runs on Intel’s 10th Gen processor.. I have the one with the Core: i5 8 gigs of RAM 256 gigabytes, SSD storage, Wi, Fi 6 and bluetooth 5.

1 for better connectivity.. It also supports in sync, which allows you project and synchronize seamlessly between laptops, TVs and smartphones.. The INBook X1 is priced at about 267000 naira for the base model, that is about 530 dollars.. The highest configuration that is the X1 Pro is priced at 406000 naira and my unit, which is the Core i5 one, is priced at 321000 naira. Compared to similarly priced devices. This packs quite a punch.. The battery life on the INBook X1 is pretty impressive, and can last you up to 8 hours or more on your basic productivity tasks.. Your mileage may vary depending on what you do with your device. On intensive tasks like video editing, though you may only get about three hours., Its 65 watts charger can power it up to 70 percent in an hour, and it supports power. Delivery 3.0. For a laptop, which is the first attempt from Infinix. I have to say the INBook X1 is pretty impressive: solid, build and solid performance with great specifications for its price., So that is the Infinix INBook. X1. Do hit that like button. If you find this video helpful and consider subscribing.