Recent products where an ite laptop was also reviewed. I just knew that infinix would also release a laptop in few weeks time and it doesn’t stop yet because techno would be the next tech company from the traction coding to release their laptop very soon. On my desk. Here i have three pcs from two different companies, but let’s see what infinix in book s1 brings to the market, that some of this laptop lacks. So welcome to my first impression of the infinix in book x1 laptop now talking about which the influencing book laptop s1 will cost you 530 dollars. Now you can run the figure around and convert it to uh your currency, if you’re from pakistan and if you are from nigeria to nara and then also to kia shilling. Now you see, that is a lot of price, but the problem is that the 530 is not for the most or the highest variant on the laptop, that is, for the core: i3 uh uh 8 gigabyte ram and 256 uh gigabytes of storage. So the infinix in book s1, 530 dollar price, is for the base variance of the infinite laptop. So the more you go higher the higher the price gets now, comparing the price hundred and thirty dollars to what you get from the other laptop in the market. The infinity book s1 is a bullet platform. The good news is that it brings exciting features. At the same time, there are some limitations that, if needs, will have to improve on overtime.

This is your best first version first model, so by then they bring second model. Telemundo, who expects tremendous improvement, but for now let’s talk about some of the features you can expect are exciting. Now talking about the display, even at this budget, price ethernet, is bringing the in bookcase one to come with a Music 1080p title full hd plus screen resolution. That is a perfect start. If you ask me now, aside from that, the display size is 14 inches. Now the dead latitude i have here, the display size is 14 inches. This is exactly the size you’ll be getting for the infinix in book s1. Now ja is a dell experiment and this screen is bigger. This is a 15.6 inch screen, but this is a size. Infinity book this one is bringing other exciting thing about the in book s1 is that it is more modernized than what you get here on the dell latitude laptop i’m just using it as an example. Now the the deluxe laptop has a big bezels. Big bezels are all around, but the infinix in bouquet, s1 bezos are more thinner and it looks more convenient and pleasant to be hood, but when it gets down to the chin, the chin is very big and the chin is video of the one. Each is cheap. So uh: well i i i find it hard to cast against them, considering the fact that apple uh, mac uh pro is still a bigger inch than what the infinite application has to offer.

So it is for this is forgivable. Now the camera you get on the infinity book s1 is 720p standard, 720p hd webcam, and you have two microphones that helps you to be audible when you are using. If you have online meeting so it seems infinite side to mind that a lot of people using the laptop for virtual meeting, it is understandable, considering the area of coordinating pardon me queer. So that is a very good start, a very good one from infinity other recommendations. Also goes to the number of pots that they fist into oh, and before that, let me quickly show you this. The dell inspiron i have here can only go 120 degrees and stops, but the infinix in book s1 laptop what you get is the full 180 degree. So it breaks completely so this gives you multiple green angle and it enhances productivity and so so it’s a great song. From infamous now talking about the ports, you in the evenings, the biggest ones, bringing bots that are really really uh usable. You have the uh two. Three points: one two, three point: one ports. You also have two usb 3.1 ports. You have a usb 3.0, a microphone jack, a headphone jack, and then it comes along with usb type c. Now i found that to be very convenient because with usb type c ports, it means you can use one cable for your smartphone if needed, smartphone at the same time, use it to charge your laptop, and the good part is that you can also use the laptop Charger to charge your infinite smartphone, so it works both ways.

Now. The only part that is missing on the infinity book s1 would be the ethernet port, which is not much of a problem, because you can always use alternative by getting an adapter and use uav type c, as an alternative to suffice for the ethernet ports. Now, aside from the uh display and the different ports that the smartphone comes in now, you also have a figure print scanner laptops come with. You also have a fingerprint scanner i’m used to calling smartphone. Now you also have figured me scanner and that’s uh helps to keep your laptop secure all right. So, aside from that, what else do we have again on the uh? Okay, now let’s talk about the performance. Now performance is one very important thing you can’t ignore when it comes to laptop and even when it comes to smartphones, but in this case the uh challenge. Here we have with the uh infinixible case. One is that the gpu and the processing unit are integrated, so that means there’s a limitation to the performance that you can get. So the in book s1 have three series: the implication laptop. You have the core i3, you have the core i5 and you have the y7. They are second generation. They are all inserted generation, processors. Now the most impressive one is the high end version, which is the koi 7, which is apples to be the most expensive version of this old inbook model laptop for the sake of workforce.

The inbook s1 is good for office usage, it’s also good for students considering the price upgraded budget. It is considering how lightweight it is, so it is easy to tag along to carry along considering how smooth you can expect your document and having meetings a series of feats over time. It is smooth – and it is really cool, but aside from you being a student and for the office workforce and walk around that too, if you are the types that always get into intensive usage like playing intensive games or you’re, a 3d actor that loves designing or You have the type like you can’t, install maya on the implication on space to function, oil. It is impossible it’s. Just like you are giving a chunk of me that can choke an enter look to death to uh erase to it. It doesn’t just work don’t. Just okay, that makes sense. I have said it okay, so, but the point here is that the infinity books, one is not meant for heavy duties. It is. It is strictly fine for students for documents for reading for typing it is. It will work fine on that when it comes to every graphics usage. No, no! It can’t work because of the restriction when it comes to the integration of processing and and the graphics and processing unit stuff all right, let’s open the battery battery is an essential part of every laptop now. The evening simple case, one can give you 11 hour screen on time according to inches, and when the battery runs flat, you can charge it from zero to 70 percent in just an hour in just an hour, so that is really a cool, a cool improvement right And then there’s also a feature known as the in sync now the insec allows you to cast it’s more like if this is building an ecosystem.

So you can cast your pc laptop to your smart, your smart pc laptop and also connect to your smart tv. So it just gives you this smooth ceiling of navigation between those devices, so that is a kind of little ecosystem. If this is building and i’m loading it it works. Similarly, so what do we have to take from the ifm sim book? S1 laptop? It is true. Ethnics has a lot of improvement to make actually when it comes to this graphics aspect, but for now considering the price 353, if you’re a student, and if you are looking for a blogger, an upcoming blogger, a newbies, i can’t admin to purchase macbook pro, you can Start with the infinity symbol case one, but it excludes. I keep repeating this search. You won’t say my the i see if you know you are a 3d artist and you are intensive graphic designer run your way for your life don’t yeah. The book is, one donate yeah. It will disappoint you yeah, but for those who are bloggers and those who uh uh work, a home walk around and for for walking around and for uh and and for office usage yeah, the ethernet supplication is a good sound. You can get for now. I didn’t talk about the brightness. Let me quickly mention that now the maximum brightness definition console gives you is 200 needs. So when you are indoor it is cool, but when you get out, though it it becomes uh strenuous for your eyes.

So it is a perfect setup for indoor usage not for outdoor usage, all right 530 dollars in book s1. I hope, if you need to get to see this video and i send a product for a review, so i’ll give you the full review and the full juice of photospace that has been it. Tell me what you think about the infinity symbol case on impression and uh. I have many a lot of great contests coming your way so hit the subscribe button. If you haven’t done the post about feel free to tell me your complaint and if you have questions to drop i’ll be on the comment section for a while, so let’s see i’ll get back to you on time.