I finally got it in it is the infinity just stand by lab 22 for my iPad Pro 12.9 inch uh. This was a Kickstarter project that was done by Sarah dichi and uh moment: company uh they partnered together together to create uh. This stand and some other various accessories, but all I wanted was a stand because it looked like it was offering everything that I was looking for in a stand so uh I got on the kickstarter right away and I ordered it uh there were. There are currently three waves of shipping. The first wave went out back in April, I believe or March, and this was the second wave that I was a part of, so I was hoping I can get on the first wave to get this out earlier, but uh. Unfortunately, not anyway, here it is uh. I got it in the black colorway and it just came in so I just ripped open, uh the shipping box and I plopped it on my table and Im recording now so uh. This is a fresh video, so uh Tech tools for humans. I, like that, okay, so uh. I got the black color away, lab 22. and heres some stuff about the stand itself, um Ill. Just you can just leave it here. If you want to read a little bit about it, Im really excited for this, so um thats that lets crack it open and this box is heavy. Oh, I need an unboxing knife which I dont have so Ill use my scissors there we go and lets pop.

This open and we are met with basically the stand. We got some foam, oh and the box is empty, but there is a little welcome to the lab uh thing here. If you want to read that, but Im pretty sure more than that, you guys are interested in this bad boy right here and Im gon na tell you right now from what Im looking at right now, this black looks beautiful. So we got this padding right here. Um to you know, protect your iPad Pro, and this is the stand uh its a very solid base, uh, but it is, I know, its a really hard thing to pull off, but it would have been cool if this was a one hand operation. But I know the space probably would have had to weigh like 40 to 50 pounds, at least but um. You do get this stand here. It is very rigid um and this articulates as well, which is rigid. Also there you go just get a closer look at that and it rotates, so you can rotate your iPad and you hear the metal clanging and you can also bring it down uh. You can rotate it and also bring it down this way. In case you want to do some drawing or writing anyway. I know what you guys want to see. Yall want to see the iPad on this thing so lets uh Lets Get It On. Shall we cant find my iPad? Oh here it is okay, all right.

So first thing I wanted to try out. I do have the pataka magazine case on this. I want to see if it works with this the magnets on the stand. Oh it does it does. It works perfectly fine um. The magnets are strong, its not falling off. Um so thats another amazing thing that the pataka case works on this. So if you do have the pataka mag easy case, you know youre gon na be good um. But one thing I noticed already is once you guys pass a certain point. Oh yeah, you see that it kind of dips on its own um, which I guess its okay, I mean the hinges – could only hold so much uh, but you could kind of hold it up that way. And then you know you have a nice viewing angle and then you can do it this way. If you want the portrait mode, which is nice uh, the rotation isnt, the most rigid uh, as you can see, as Ive been moving it around, but its strong enough. Where itll hold the angle, my only concern is that once you get past a certain point, uh it starts to dip on its own. You see that right there, its kind of just falling um, so thats, just something to be uh. You need to take notice of with the stand, but I do like how you can kind of lower it and raise it, but other than that, like this thing is solid, its like a solid chunk of metal um, its heavy.

You know its not gon na move around but yeah, so this was the infinity just stand case from Lab 22 uh, its almost perfect. If it was just a little more rigid, I think right here would have been great but other than that Im very happy with this um until next time.