I dont know which way to open it from here or you pull this down. My guess. You just pull this down. I feel the imac box turn it around hold up. You got ta turn around all right. There you go. This is the right way. Lets open. This up got a little handle in order to order this type of imac you cant just go to best buy yes, it would just special order on apple and you have to wait a whole month so far. In my opinion on the box, the packaging is great, but one thing i really hate about this. I spent so much money on this computer. What is this pull the tab? Okay now lets see if we can open this properly theres more weight on this side. So definitely the imac is here whoa. This is a nice laptop okay. So, in this upper piece i dont think so theres anything in there. This is for packaging purposes. You could clearly see this is the imac itself. It says hello, theres, two arrows. I think we got ta pull these out there. You go. Oh my gosh heres, the imac itself. Im not gon na open up the cover yet because theres still more stuff in the box, no get the keyboard. The keyboard is beautiful. Oh my gosh, its so light its like flimsy, as you can see now when he has english, but has russian letters as well, because im russian i type in russian a little bit.

So i need that when you order the imac on apple, you have a choice of selecting your own language. You want to type onto the keyboard, which is pretty cool, so i could just log into my computer by just touching a keyboard button. We have the switch to turn on and turn off and the charger port. You have to charge the keyboard and mouse which is going to be kind of annoying, but you can just charge it and use it at once. Heres, the mouse, oh man, anything with the apple logo. I love it. The mouse is pretty small, it does have grip if your palms are sweaty, mom spaghetti. This could be nice. We have the charger port as well here, but no on and off by. Oh wait right here on and off button. Next, we have the charger cables for the keyboard and mouse. Next we have a power, cable and the power block. This is where you would connect the main power cable and you cannot forget the ethernet. This is for having direct internet access to your imac. The base model does not have that only the middle class and the high class – and i think thats it, but at last you cannot forget the apple stickers come on man. You spend so much money. You have to get the apple stickers, but before we get into that imac, so here we have the instruction manual how to turn on the computer.

The side of the monitor has a headphone jack, which is pretty dope, and you realize how its not in the back, but inside its on the side, which is more comfortable to use it like that now the apple sticker. Oh my now one cool feature about the stickers is that whatever color you order, thats the color youre gon na get the sticker. So, for example, for me i got the silver theres blue, pink, i dont know the other colors. I couldnt care less about those colors, but if you order a blue one, youll get a blue one. All right, so i place everything on this table to make the imac work first thing well: do is get the power cable. Look at this beautiful now. This is the main part of the imac. This thing is not here, no imac all right. We got the main cables. Just the charger. Cable were just gon na leave. It right here, perfect place for the air pods or your charger. Cable now lets unwrap the imac yo get over here the front the front: are you ready for? This? Is the back open yeah welcome back! Look at the back! Oh my gosh! This is going to light up. Okay were gon na first open the front dude come here. Another pull tab, bro bro, oh my gosh. How many are there dude? I mean i like it, its pretty fun to use then first take off this and well take off more wow.

This is the front. Are you ready for this dude Music? 4.5 k retina? Oh, my gosh: this is beautiful, wheres that little eye bro it aint there also okay, no light in the back no light in the back, all right, all right, no apple logo bro, i think, thats what they added sticker, though the sticker doesnt fit put it back. In the box, yeah all right guys so overall review this computer down bro. This looks stupid like actually theres no apple over here. Its kind of weird okay lets get that back off the back cover Music, wow, Music, thumbnail, no way that should be the title of the video. No wait like forget, like the imac yo review, like that, no light, no light. You know the keepers now its like it. Doesnt have like those little. You know little standing, thingies thats an accessory got ta purchase separately. I cant imagine buying an apple car bro. So first thing im going to do is plug this power, its a magnet by the way whats, what its a magnet too magnet. Okay, fine with something nice, okay, oh wow, that was sick. Next thing you want to do is connect this to the block all right before we press it. This is where the power button is right here and right next to power. Button thats, where the headphone jack is like i said, lets get a pair of headphones out and see how it really works.

So we have a pair of jbl headphones put in here. Look at that that looks so efficient, but one thing is crazy: is that it cant do it from the back at all, because look at that look at the length it wouldnt work at all. You just put a hole in the computer. The way they thought of this was pretty cool, but they werent able to fit the light in which is kind of stupid. Im gon na press, the power button press it once or we hold it. The future yo every imac has that sound right. So whats loading right now is the like the process of realizing how much money you spend on the computer. You know its crazy first thing you want to do is turn on the or the mouse keyboard slow down. Man slow down hello wow. The screen is so nice hola buenos nachos was continuing or whats when you pick a russian language. Its always like on the bottom, i think were close. Oh pretty good lets go there. You go thats, some russian. How do you scroll down ill move like yeah, like that, like its like a touchpad and what country are you from new york all right guys, so i just finished setting up the imac so far. I really like it now were gon na sign in using the finger id. So what you do just place your index finger, so press once boom we signed in when i was buying the imac.

I bought the student bundle, which included a pair of airpod, pros microsoft and plus five softwares. The five softwares are main stage final cut pro compressor motion and logic pro the final cut pro costs 200, but all these softwares together bundle is 300 hours. So i save a lot of money, as you know, im a windows user at the hp desktop. Now i have an imac which is a whole new software to me and im going to have to learn a lot of shortcuts. My favorite part about the imac is that you can connect your airpods if you want to connect your airpods, what you want to do is click on the apple logo system preferences go to bluetooth. As you can see, the magic keyboard and mouse is already connected. You can see their battery percentages. What were going to want to do is hold the back one of the airpods finally well connect the airpods. It is working, go on youtube check it out. I think the microphone quality sucked in that video, so the main reason why i got an imac is because i needed something stronger for editing. As you can see, i usually would use filmora, but on the apple im not going to do that, instead, im going to use final cut pro, of course, it will take me some time to get used to it using the software and now i need to have Editing softwares, they have beat making softwares theres a new shortcut.

I learned to exit out you dont, actually, press the exit button hold the red button, you press command command command, q and no what it did. No, no, you guys tapping the app because thats, probably not typed, like user. Try right! Okay, okay, right here, tap on the app command q disappeared, just like the and all your progress is gone. The apple the apple logo disappeared, like the apple logo. As i was saying, theres a music software program and you could use a midi keyboard which uh mini keyboard, could connect to the computer, and you could just make beats out of that and stuff apple actually sells their own midi keyboard on their website for 200. But theres cheaper variations, but you know if its apple has an apple logo i have to get it. Is it gon na be a future Music well review that out later? Okay, so, for example, look i can use the keyboard as a piano lets make it loud. So you can hear it Music, see thats fire overall review this imac. In my opinion, i actually really like it. The price is really high, but its definitely worth it. If my hp desktop did not break. I most likely would not have this computer right now, but over time i definitely would have. The computer is a perfect size, its not too big compared to my desktop its actually really small. Do i recommend this imac 100? If you have the money, spend the money and dont forget to use honey, not sponsored so anyways guys.

Thank you so much for watching this video.