This is the m1 i’m gon na make it torn it like i did with the iphone 12 and i’m recording with the topro. It has a stand. I kind of have a thing like there right there it’s all type c, which is stupid. They should have usb, have woven right here. The display is 4.5 k. Apple, never disappoints, it’s, also light kind of like the classic imax from the 2000s. It kind of looks like the eyesight camera one from the 2000s or something orange. This one has 500 gigs of storage. This is an m1 it’s very cool. The display looks absolutely beautiful. Let’S watch your 5k video oh to test. It also there’s. Also one big downside, which is probably a 5k video, i didn’t know the internet speed test on it. This is just apple’s wi fi let’s skip the ads. You set the quality. The 51 20 80 60 5k test full screen. It works absolutely amazing. I i just wan na like what. Why do i have to control quick that really screws up everything seriously don’t. Let me see stats removed. I mean apples, apples, isn’t it okay, so i’m, just watching okay, it works. Fine except apple doesn’t have the best processors available and they’re known for doing that, but it works fine it’s, a pretty beautiful computer internet speed, test Music,, okay, let’s test it out. This is just an apples: internet apple’s, classic internet; well, nine it’s, not bad it’s.

Actually, pretty good, considering it, but well safari isn’t a good browser anyway. Why are you recommending golfer it doesn’t. Even give me youtube, so youtube is real. Well, safari, isn’t, really a good good, and also when i push the touch id, it makes me walk out and that’s just one reason why i would not get this computer like at all but other than that it’s, a good computer. They have to switch around. They have six colors, also the colors on the blue, green and purple one back it just it looks stupid like but other than that it’s okay, i mean for basic browsing and maybe even some imovie editing, it’s fine, because i’m using some eyebrows, they may have final Cut on here they may have final cut x. They don’t have final cut pro 10, okay it’s great for video editing. They work absolutely amazing for that. Some white video editing web browsing any of that it’ll be good. Video watching everything and also it’s also super thin, but but so thin that they had to put the headphone jack on the side. But it also just i mean it’s it’s bigger, but it doesn’t look bigger than the 21 and a half inch and it looks kind of like a g5 but and also it kind of sucks. But my final verdict is it’s: okay, it’s pretty fast all in all, but i wouldn’t use it over like a pc or something. Why is this tough gaming laptop is definitely much better or in terms of just overall reliability, because there is just one big problem with this computer? Is that you push the touch id it signs you up, which is absolutely stupid.

This one isn’t doing it, though it’s stupid, push this button. It signs you out like why this one doesn’t do it, but it’s it’s stupid. I mean i understand the concern, but this is ridiculous. I do not like this product and if you’re gon na go for this computer i’d recommend it, except for the fatal flaw that it has. You see just push this button once this isn’t doing it, but it did before and this one isn’t doing it. They have a beautiful keyboard, color it’s, absolutely amazing, but i do like it, but the biggest caveat is this button with the log out feature like. I cannot just like i log in like why why can’t, i just it doesn’t have touch id. It makes you log out every time you push this button, it’s the biggest caveat ever so. This is a good product overall, but it’s not better than like a pc. So final verdict, four out of five four, because it does have a few issues but other than that it’s, a fine little computer it’s super light as well. It weighs like virtually absolutely nothing. It weighs like nothing like it weighs less than my 32 inch samsung tv from 2015, which is absolutely stupid, because it’s housing an m1 chip it’s too light. It feels absolutely super super like clunky on the desk, but it’s too light too white, too finicky it’s. Okay, it does have like gold, coloring, yeah matching keyboards, but other than that it’s good, but the stupid touch right here that just really sucks so four to five, every single mac with this touch id has this feature.

It is the worst feature ever and i highly recommend that apple takes this feature down and thank you for 400 subscribers on youtube.