I mean i’m really good on my phone, especially on older blackberries, but when it comes to apples, smaller keyboard. This is a bit of a challenge for me um. I have to admit – and i am like the king of technology when it comes to new things, and so this was a challenge for me to see if i could get it and look first place. Yes on typing.com great for students and teachers um. But this is a really good 61 words per minute. Top speed is 92 words per minute um. This is a great game to learn how to type or to like get back into it. So my my last job, all i did – was type all day long and so since i haven’t been doing that lately for the last um let’s see six months due to the pandemic, i felt like, if i’m gon na get that into working and typing and on My website at take it easy easyreviews.com, then i’m going to need to practice and the best way to do so for me is through games so that one i got fourth place boo, but i’m learning. I am definitely learning. I do like this multi directional track pad thing. This is pretty awesome um about to mess up there. We go that wasn’t. So great, i did get second place, but i could have won. Looks like you beat me by three point so many seconds and so i’m gon na keep practicing again.

I just want to get to know this keyboard. I had to buy a numeric keypad because out of the box, you do not get the bigger magic keyboard that i wanted so badly and i really wanted to order this computer through apple. But they said it would be five to six weeks and i told myself well, i need a job in two weeks and so i can’t wait that long. So i i did, i had to end up going to um best buy and get in the mid level. 1499 version with the four ports and touch id keyboard, which so far has been okay. I have had a couple of glitches um, which concern me actually did a video on that um, especially since this is a new product, at least with the new design and with their silicone chip. It’S concerning to think right out of the factory is having issues, because i don’t want to end up always at apple at the genius bar asking somebody for help to fix the computer, so it doesn’t void any warranty um but that’s. Why? I usually don’t purchase things right when they come out. I usually wait, but this one was so awesome. I wanted the yellow. I ended up getting the blue ordered um, a pu leather desk, matte um, just to kind of go with that blue in the back. But you can’t see with how my desk is set up and then, coincidentally, i bought this over a year ago and it’s the same blue or close enough, at least that it coordinates with my desk, which i thought was really awesome, um and then this.

Of course i had – and i had bought this too a couple of months ago, so i was like you know what blue is gon na be okay and my lamp i’ve had for like five years so so far, so good um. I am going to post some things on my website about how i feel about certain things like the magic mouse 2. I am not such a fan of. I did end up purchasing um my own mouse from amazon um, but i do like the gestures on this. I do like the gestures on it, but that is about it. It’S function, functionality at least where the placement of the laser is, i feel like it’s not as accurate as it should be unless i’m doing everyday tasks. But as far as like a game, i play slider.io this isn’t great for that you have to use the other mouse um and then two having to purchase a separate keypad which for most people they just use the top bro i’m old fashioned, and i can type Numbers 30 times quicker on this thing than using a top row, even when entering my information online. So i will post a review later on um, but the imac 24 inch so far is beautiful again in this lovely blue design, which i’m using all four ports. So far um, so i i definitely do recommend getting the four port edition and i wanted the 16 gig memory.

But again, who has time to wait? Five to six weeks at least i don’t so i’m, just gon na dig into this a little deeper and i’ll post some notes for you guys review. Thank you for watching.