So you box, open somewhere, just Music Music Music. So next one is trackpad magic trackpad. So you go to color matching sideslow magic, trackpad, mouse code Music. So this is magic. Mouse it’s got a color matching. Next one is usb c2 Music. Next one is next: Music. Music let’s unwrap it plastic, wrap worthy said, though wow this is blue, m1 imac Music looks beautiful doesn’t it the run around the usb 3.0 at the base model at the moment, thunderbolt center and power button, Music, m1i, multiple colors and seven vibrant colors, blue, green, pink Silver, yellow orange and purple angular three models and a base mid level and high end this level, with a blue, green, pink silver, color, slow, matrix, Music at the seven point, four millimeters, including Music. So far, the colors are beautiful and it looks good very thin. Very fast next review video love performance on these speakers.