This is the new 2022 ipad air. This has the m1 chip center stage faster, usb c port, but the thing im most excited about its a darker blue Music. I am switching to the new ipad air im, not sure if this is going to be a permanent switch or what but ive been using. It for about a day now and im, really impressed and ive, been using a 12.9 inch ipad pro. Well, basically, ever since the ipad pro came out, there was about a week where i switched to the 11 inch when the 2018 ones came out and then went. Nope went right back to the 12.9 inch, but for the whole time the ipad pro has been. My main and only computer id done all my writing, work admin task and also all my creative projects, but now that im in a place where im using the mac for video, editing and the mac for a lot of creative stuff. But the ipad for writing and admin tasks, and just like day to day, work and stuff, like that, i have a clear split. The 12.9 inch can be a bit overkill because its a really big tablet, its its really hard to hold, especially one handed, but let alone like two handed and interact with it. So it mostly just lives in the magic keyboard case what ive been liking about. The ipad air is its so much more lighter, especially compared to the 12.

9 inch ipad. Pro ive been really liking. This im, not here to say its a permanent switch, but i am saying right now: i am going to give it a full month, a full month of me working from the ipad air. This is going to be my go to ipad and im going to be making these vlog style videos all right its time to uh time to get to work time to use the ipad air lets get going with the day Music, so theres a couple of things. Im really liking about the ipad air. Like i mentioned, one of the big things is the size and the weight. Uh ive talked a lot about the passive, the different modes of the ipad. The way i see it so obviously theres tablet mode like this, then theres. You know note taker handwriting or drawing mode with the apple pencil, then theres laptop mode with the magic keyboard, and then you can plug it into something like a monitor and have desktop mode with an external keyboard and mouse thats, really nice and its all works really. Well with the ipad air, one thing that i really notice uh when using the ipad air, especially compared to something like the uh 12.9 inch. Ipad pro is split view is a lot more cramped. Obviously, like theres, a big difference in screen size between a 10.9 inch screen and a 12.9 inch screen uh, but its not unusable. Some apps definitely work better on the bigger ipad when in split view, but its not like terrible.

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In fact, i pay for it myself. Just use code lolly at checkout, my thanks to surfshark for sponsoring this video, so ive had access to this ipad air. For about five days now, and in that time, ive been really impressed with its performance, nothing surprising at all i mean so it has the m1 chip the same as the ipad pro and apples. You know base laptop line and the mac mini, which we all know is a very good chip, like we all kind of gone bananas over it, but with that chip comes performance, this thing is smoking fast, ive chopped up some video on it. It worked great. I mean i would totally feel comfortable, editing short videos on this um. The my only issue, my only concern is uh. I had some issues with lumafusion at the second half of last year. I just had a bunch of issues and thats. What caused me to get my macbook pro and to move my video editing to that, so i would just want to make sure those bugs were fixed before i like, went in and started relying on this as, like my main video editing machine um in one chip. Eight gigs of ram 256 gig of storage um great there great on performance, great on battery life um. I i really like it now. Battery life battery life has been fantastic, ive been getting mostly through my working day. I do plug in like kind of towards the end of the day i need to like plug in and charge up, but i am using it a lot.

Could this be your main computer? Absolutely, i absolutely think it could, but it really comes down to what do you plan on doing like what do you want to do with it? Are you wanting to edit hollywood movies? No, probably not are you wanting to sketch and maybe draw a comic book or something like that, yeah go for it overall, its a solid machine. The the thing that i want to see more of in in the future from the ipad air is better storage options. Um storage options, theres 64 gigs, which isnt great, but if youre keeping everything in the cloud thats fine, i guess, but really the one i think most people should get. Is the 256 gig option thats the maximum amount of storage? It has, i think, thats good, but for me as somebody that treats their ipad as their main computer, i need more storage than that for the long term. Um. The other big difference is face id and touch id personally, i prefer face id, but i know a lot of people prefer touch id, so i didnt really go into too much detail in this video about that, because if you like touch id that theres theres another Big check mark in the w box for the ipad air Music, so one of my favorite things about using the ipad is the apple pencil. Now i cant draw to save my life im terrible at drawing im, not an artist in that way whatsoever um, but i use it to journal.

I use it to work out problems to map out projects. Things like that and for me this combo, the ipad air and the apple pencil work really well, but i can see for others that do a lot of drawing or art or sketching or whatever, that this may not be the best combo for them, because the ipad Pro has the pro motion: it has the high refresh rate display, so that means, while youre drawing with the apple pencil its refreshing, the the display its double. This is 60 hertz. The ipad pro is 120 hertz, so its refreshing that display double the amount of times. So youre getting a much smoother, drawing like lower latency, much smoother lines and stuff like that, not that this is bad. This is bad by any stretch of the means, but i can see for an artist or somebody like that. They would definitely want promotion um and that would be worth the extra money for them for me and my needs honestly. The 60 hertz refresh rate of the ipad air is fine um, but i do like the 120 hertz like for smooth scrolling and going through the interface its a nice feature, but by no means is it a deal. Breaker im just gon na be working straight from the ipad today, so um today on the agenda, ive got a lot of planning and prep. I also want to do a weekly review for those that are familiar with uh gtd or getting things done.

Youll know what that is, i just kind of want to go through my week, make sure do a review of all the tasks that are in my task manager and calendar, and things like that. I just havent done one in a while. I have a few photos. I need to edit Music, so Music, so one thing i am liking a lot about this ipad. Air setup is just how much lighter the device is compared to my 12.9 inch ipad pro. I know i keep comparing this to that device, but as somebody that uses an ipad every day and i use the 12.9 inch ipad pro thats my frame of reference. So i i think, like if youve been using, the big ipad and youre like considering downgrading to a smaller ipad, not downgrading, might be the wrong word, but uh, condensing to a smaller ipad. Its not a bad idea, especially like, because ive been able to hold it. For a while, i can hold it, one handed interact with the other and then like. I can switch between landscape and portrait and, like a lot of times with the 12.9 inch when you go into portrait mode with the ipad. Everything just feels off because its just so tall, um or like it just like some apps dont, feel right in landscape because, like its so wide at that point, with the you know, ipad air. This is the size that most developers are writing their apps.

For like this is the size theyre testing against, so everything feels just right, so its kind of its kind of that middle ground sweet spot between the ipad mini and the 12.9 inch ipad pro who would have thunk the middle ipad would have been the appropriate size. So ive been doing a bit of writing with the ipad air. One of the things thats, always um kind of frightened me about the smaller ipads, has been the keyboard size, the physical keyboards, the hardware keyboards, because theyre not full sized keyboards. So you can see clearly like like the shift key and the return key and like a lot of the uh modifier keys and stuff like that theyre a lot smaller than standard keyboard sizes, because the ipad is just not physically large enough to match that. This is where again, the 12.9 inch ipad comes into play, because that one can accommodate a full size. Hardware, keyboard uh in its case, but i will say, ive been using this white magic keyboard with the new ipad air here and its great. I havent made mistakes that i feel like are mistakes because its not a full size keyboard. The mistakes i have made feel like theyre my normal typing mistakes, because i cant spell um seriously im a terrible speller. If you guys saw like the written versions of my scripts, most of you would laugh, but overall, i i really like typing on this ipad air.

It reminds me a lot of like back in the day there used to be an 11 inch macbook air and for everyone that used to be like the ultra portable machine, that apple made, that it was like the closest thing to a netbook and honestly thats. What this kind of reminds me of is its like the ultra portable machine, like if you are somebody that has a small bag or you dont want some big bulky computer in your backpack. You just want something small you can carry with you. Take on planes. Take on trips take to the coffee shop wherever thats like this is the perfect package right here. You could have a hardware keyboard. You could have your touch screen. You could have an apple pencil. You have a good beefy, powerful computer with the m1 chip, but overall a solid computer in a small package Music, so thats it for this video im gon na have a more traditional review of the ipad air once ive had a bit more time with it. But i just didnt feel like i could slap the review label on this video just because i i feel, like i havent theres, still more to do with this device so um this is, i would say, first impressions. First, look. You know how ive been working with the ipad air kind of video um, but be sure to subscribe if youre interested in more ipad air content, along with more ipad content, uh.