10 plus it was just like it was a hands on first impressions. I had a short amount of time with those devices actually didn’t have a retail version of the phone up until right now. So, as you can tell in front of me it’s a note M plus it’s in the box, it’s factory fresh, and it got me to thinking you know I’m and switch smartphones in a while. I had intentions to. I had a couple of different devices come across the table, as I maybe I’m gon na switch to that. Well, maybe I’m gon na, but the truth is as far as like. Switching completely and shifting everything over you know, it’s, sometimes you’re a bit apprehensive. Sometimes you’re happy with the device that you’re on you just don’t feel like switching. That has been this particular device, the oneplus 7 pro I just been like hey man, I love the display. He’S got the refresh it’s got the OLED. It’S got the bezel. This look. I was enjoying using this particular phone. Maybe the one thing that’s not especially standout on it is the camera. I think I’m, probably gon na see an improvement in the camera. Moving over to this note, but I’m, just like it’s time to change that’s the job description. You got to try out all the different smartphones and the best way to do it is to change completely and exclusively and to put the main SIM card into that next device.

I’M gon na do the usual thing and, of course, I’ve also gon na do the unboxing here, because my last videos, I didn’t, have the retail version. So this one in front of me is the aura glows, with the magical gradient on the back. Look at that factory fresh it’s got the you’ve got the plastic on there. Still. You can start to see that finish on the back some people. They don’t like this that much like I saw some people in the comments I like oh that’s, that’s gross but like in all honesty the pictures and videos you’ve seen of it that show it in all the colors like that, that’s only in a certain type of Reflection that you see that most of the time when I look at it from here, you only get a small glimmer of that color impact. It mostly looks reflective almost like a mirror that kind of mirror look most of the time. So I guess that’s important to put out there something I’m excited for right away is getting wireless charging back, because most of the devices are used leading up to this one plus had wireless charging, one plus for whatever reason so reluctant to put the wireless charging it. When you got the wireless charge, you just you drop it on something special about it, you get used to it. You start want it back and and of course, this device is gon na. Give me that back alright let’s do some fancy peels right now, because this is so fresh.

We can’t miss out. So here we go plastic off. The back. It’S got a 4300 milliamp hour battery I’m interested to see how that pans out in relationship to the very big display and all the other features like what what’s my battery life I’m. Looking at, I expect it to be good now. One thing is for certain: this guy’s gon na get fingerprints, it’s uh, I mean that’s a magnet if I put in the right light that’s a lot of fingerprints, so I’m, probably gon na, look for some sort of a case for this. Of course, the pen has some improvements on it: I’m, not sure how big of a deal that’s gon na be from me because I’m, not such a big pen user, but maybe I get back into it. We’Ll see things change times, change so on it. Ships with a fast charger, I believe this is a 25 watt fast charger. This thing is going to be capable of charging a lot quicker than that you can get it up to 40 watts, I believe, is that correct, well, 45 Watts so there’s, an optional 45 watt, charger type c, cable, type, C, 2 C and then a microUSB to Type C adapter: you got ta like having extras there for Migration and whatnot. Now granted this thing, the note series no longer has a headphone jack S series had it, and then it was kind of controversial they’re still gon na.

Have it and they’re not gon na? Have it they don’t, and I know some people are upset about that, but I guess as a consolation, they gave you a decent set of AKG earbuds that utilize, the type c connector they could have included some Galaxy buds. I’Ve heard or some pre order, promotions that are gon na include Galaxy buds and then, of course, the other benefit with the Galaxy buds is because this thing has reversed wireless charging. You can charge your buds right on the phone. I was not the hugest fan of galaxy buds, they were alright, but nonetheless, you get a free pair with interchangeable, ear tips. This is an upgrade. This is by AKG. This is a big upgrade on the typical included, ear buds so I’m glad they put it in headphone jack would have been better, but you get this for a wired headphone. If need be, that of course over on the right that’s, a 1 plus 7 Pro you can see because they hit the front facing camera in the motorized component, that’s what you end up with screen to body ratio this one over here. In the other hand, you end up with the hole punch now the hole punch is shrunk down. I said it in my hands on video it’s, not as big as it was on the s series devices. I liked the fact that the whole punch on the other ones was hidden up in the corner where it’s not real estate.

You typically use anyways, but there is something to be said for symmetry as well from a design perspective, it’s kind of pleasing and it’s smaller. But of course the time has come for me to switch device. I got to say goodbye to this one and I’m telling you I really enjoyed. I really had a good time with it. I really can’t say much bad about it, particularly for the price. Of course. This one on the left, gon na be a few more bucks than the one that I’m leaving on the right it’s hard to know, it’s hard to say that this is gon na offer me up that extended functionality, that’s worthwhile for the extended cost. So the SIM card comes out of this guy over here. Okay moment has come now, keep in mind it’s the main SIM card I’m, not one of these guys having multiple SIM cards out there. So all the phones are running in the pockets. At the same time, when I switch to another smartphone that becomes my smartphone exclusively, I think it’s the best way to test these things. You live your life with this new smartphone and then you can report back on sort of how you feel about it and now, with the new show downstairs the loo later show, which is longer form conversational. I feel like I can hit you guys with updates along the way, as I transition to the daily life with the latest note series in this case the plus version of it I’m, a note guy now for the time being, but I ain’t gon na stop switching I’Ll, let you guys know how it’s going on that lieu later show along the way.

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