It allows you to accomplish tasks quickly and easily from your pc or tablet anywhere with internet access. Iep writer helps you manage each step of the iep process. All in one system let’s explore some of the highlights. Our system has to offer the dashboard displays information relevant to your action items and student data in an organized tile structure. For example, you can quickly see past due items like students with ieps past due and students with ers or rrs past due also, the system has the ability to transfer students, an iep writer between other districts and ius from here. You can view any transfers awaiting your acceptance. Iep writer also performs emma eligibility checks against the promise system, as well as provider screenings for fraud that are required as part of the medicaid module. The students on my roster tile shows your active and in process students items are color coded for fast recognition of status. For example, anything in red has past due documents. Anything appearing yellow indicates items approaching their due date. The rest are all on track. Iep writer provides options for tailoring many elements to personal preference or district guidelines under the my district menu. You can make system adjustments by setting up drop down menus email. Notifications can be sent for various events taking place within the system. By doing this, users won’t have to be logged into iep writer for awareness of actions like finalization of ieps, ers and rrs. You can even create notifications for access contents regarding medicaid eligible students.

You can also create and maintain a district calendar security roles, student transfers and custom user defined fields. Iep writer’s libraries menu allows you to maintain goal banks and text banks where you can enter and store commonly used text for district wide sharing. Additionally, the system comes pre loaded with multiple test formats to aid the er and rr process. For instance, several access for else formats exist based on collaboration with our district users. The staff menu lets you easily set up rosters at the staff level and assign all students, or you can edit the individual student and assign all staff, and if someone leaves you can easily reassign the roster under the students menu. A search section displays, along with a student grid, again color coded for quick identification of items approaching a due date or items that are past due several regular and advanced search options exist, but you can also click individual students to reach the student home page and see Different documents based on student type, for instance, here we have a special education student with a currently implemented iep and one that’s being worked on. You can also view the history of iaps done for that student, as well as any uploaded attachments, along with their revision history. At any point, these can be revisited. This area is where you would work on the various documentation for a student during a process. All of the standard forms can be found here, including parental consent and medical practitioner.

Authorization which includes these signatures for convenience, allowing the forms to be electronically sent and signed within the system. Dates are tracked as well as the number of notices sent. An educational benefit review is also included to help fill out an fsa document when you’re being monitored the forms and letters tab. Let you upload any documents for addition to a student’s record, a separate progress. Monitoring module is available as an add on for tracking any disciplinary events and education plan. Data. Iep writer contains a bevy of reports under school age. You’Ll find many standard reports. You can access the iep ratio, calculation, export and iep special transportation count for the medicaid process. We keep track of the iep state assessment, accommodations needed, plus you can pull, who required accommodations by tests. Reports are available for gifted the progress, monitoring, module and child accounting. Custom rosters is a builder where you can generate your own reports based on customized export criteria. Admin reports contains data reports to ease the facilitated assessment process, the star or service tracking and reporting module, captures medicaid related services provided by district staff for billing purposes. It also allows iu’s to assign service rates for billback. Star contains multiple view options for different workloads. You can choose weekly monthly or student list view. An advanced view can be enabled for things like a six day cycle that would change each built in view to reflect that schedule. A helpful feature is the ability to connect a system calendar to these views, highlighting holidays or snow days in order to control and maintain accuracy of scheduling.

Providers can electronically sign service logs and supervisors can sign off or reject logs this greatly expedites the process and frees you from paper constraints. A parent portal allows parents to review a student’s logs from here. You can share flyers or other materials with parents and keep track of what has been viewed. These are just some of the features available in iep writer to learn more about building the right mix of tools for your iu or district contact leader services to schedule.