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However, due to the storage, solution’s name, you may be wondering if it’s really possible, to store files up in the sky, but that’s not exactly how it works, even though icloud literally means the sky. In this framework, cloud storage means online storage and since the internet is accessible from anywhere around the world, so is cloud storage. This means whether you’re on a train or the mountain you can work edit or even collaborate with your colleagues as long as the internet is available, it makes collaboration completely effortless with cloud storage and similar solutions. It’S only a matter of time before physical collaboration becomes a thing of the past. That said, it should also be noted that many companies provide cloud storage services nowadays, ranging from free options to premium ones and while it’s always tempting to opt for the free options. We wouldn’t recommend that, apart from being too limited, they can also be unreliable as most of them can’t afford to use reliable encryption methods. Therefore, instead of constantly worrying about your confidential data’s safety, it’s much safer and more reassuring to choose a premium option to help, you choose the right cloud: storage provider for your needs. We have conducted thorough research which led us to idrive one of the world’s best cloud storage providers. In this video we will be reviewing idrive in depth detailing all its features and services. As usual, our review will focus on some important factors: let’s quickly discuss them to help.

You understand better. The first factor is features here. We will be discussing the various features that come with the cloud service solution. The second factor is security. This is important since the primary function of a cloud service provider is to keep and protect your important data. Privacy is the third factor since many companies around the world today maintain privacy invading policies it’s essential to know idrive’s stance on privacy. The fourth factor is the interface in this section. We will look at how intuitive and user friendly idrive’s interface is your ideal cloud. Storage provider shouldn’t only be functional, but it should also be easy to use. Then we have customer support. No matter how experienced you are with cloud storage, you could still require the developers help. This section helps review how idrive performs in the way of support. The sixth factor is pricing. The world’s best companies prioritize value for money by offering reasonable plans that provide a lot of practicality. Thus, this section looks at the different plans on offer on a related note, to help our viewers choose the best cloud storage service for their various needs. We have tested and reviewed almost all the top cloud storage services in the world. Overall, we believe pcloud is the best option, thanks to its frill of awesome, features, solid encryption and easy to use clients and best of all, it offers incredible value for money. Also, the cyberlab viewers can get a special 65 discount on pcloud.

All you have to do is to click the official link we have added in the description box down below, and this discount will be automatically applied, but keep in mind that this offer is only available for a limited time. So hurry up ice drive is our second best pick while idrive ranks third on our list. We have also added discounted links for both of these services. In the description section of this video now back to the review, first of all, let’s look at the different basic and advanced features built into idrive, while idrive’s personal plan offers literally every other feature. You may be looking for in a cloud storage solution. It lacks unlimited storage space to their credit. Idrive plans come with large storage spaces, but most people would have loved the unlimited option on the personal plan that apart there’s literally every feature you might be looking for here. For example, it comes with snapshots which allows users to store as many as 30 various versions of their files. Then there is idrive express this feature is especially helpful for creatives as it helps solve a common problem. They often face when initially uploading their multimedia files. Unsurprisingly, uploading your files as a creative may take several weeks to help avoid that idrive will ship a physical storage device to you, which you’ll also ship back after uploading, all the multimedia files onto it directly from your computer once they receive the device the company will.

Then upload all the data on your idrive account. Another nice feature you will find on idrive. Is the archive cleanup feature to ensure that when some folders or files are locally deleted, they are also deleted from your cloud storage for space economy? Idrive creates a match with your local files. You can choose to do this manually or you could set it up to be done periodically. However, we advise you to carefully revise what the system can delete before choosing this option. Then, apart from these obvious features, there are some less obvious features, especially when you look at the solution from the surface. Such features include the way. Idrive helps economize bandwidth usage by modifying parts of data. The way they keep your data until you specifically choose to delete it and the wide set of reports and logs you can access. Additionally, if you need multiple user management, it’s also effortless, to set up another useful option, in our opinion, is the ability to back up a limitless number of devices to a single idrive account? If necessary, you can backup files from mapped network drives as well. Meanwhile, the idrive portal is extremely straightforward, making it easy to manage multiple drives simultaneously. Apart from the regular features that are available to everybody, there are many features designed for organizations with more complex and more extensive requirements. Such features include server cloud backups, covering oracle sharepoint. Linux exchange server, sql, etc. There is bare metal disaster recovery also, as well as new data standards, thanks to its plethora of high quality features.

Idrive gets a perfect 5 out of 5 in this category, since the security of your data is one of the core responsibilities of icloud storage solutions. Our next focus is security. First of all, let’s establish that idrive doesn’t take security with levity hands. However, it uses closed source software, which means there’s no way to autonomously check for back doors or flaws in the software or verify the data idrive supplies. This is not reassuring at all, especially when you consider that the company is based in the united states. The united states government is reputable for its lack of respect for users, privacy with its various privacy. Intruding policies for encryption idrive offers two primary options which are standard encryption and end to end encryption, while the former allows the company to create and keep your encryption key, the latter allows you to create and keep your key. However, it’s a little suspicious that end to end encryption, isn’t set to default while it’s convenient that you can allow the service provider to set an encryption key for you by default with the standard encryption, it means the company can read your files if it wishes to, Or even divulge your private information to the government if they are compelled to, on the other hand, though, if you allow the company to set your encryption key, you will be able to recover your account. Should you forget or lose your key? Alternatively, you can use end to end encryption, which means the encryption key will only be known to you.

The catch here, however, is that the key won’t be able to help you if you lose or forget your secret key. Therefore, a user must keep a copy of their key in a safe and secure place. Although you will have to come to terms with not being able to share your files and folders that’s the price you have to pay for using a private encryption key it’s. A little disappointing but that’s how it works with idrive on the upside idrive, adopts aes 256 bit encryption to secure your data at rest and during transfer. This makes the cloud storage service much safer than many of its rivals that do not encrypt users data during transfer. Another advantage of using the solution is that they store your files on numerous data centers all over the united states. With this, you can be confident that your data will remain secure. Even if one server or a whole data center suddenly fails from all indications. Idrive prioritizes security, so it earns four out of five marks in this category slightly missing out on the full marks that takes us to security’s closest sibling privacy. Both features actually go hand in hand. So let’s look at how i drive fares when it comes to privacy, as we already mentioned, idrive operates in the us. This is not a good sign, as the country has built a reputation for performing international and domestic mass surveillance. Besides, the country often targets technology companies that claim to offer privacy to their customers as long as a company is based in the united states, government agencies can easily compel it to hand over its customers data.

They only need a relevant legal instrument like the patriot act. Fisa or a national security letter with an accompanying gag order, but this shouldn’t matter, if you choose to use end to end encryption as this means the company itself won’t be able to read your data. However, we still can’t be certain of what the service is doing. Since it uses cloud source software, while there are lots of metadata to sort through idrive through its privacy policy states that it gathers users, personal data and records sessions, however, it’s mostly insignificant data like address name payment info browser type, ip address device, name size of upload Packets and data and session times according to them, they only collect this data to improve their services. Personalize users experience and communicate more effectively with them, while on the surface idrive’s privacy policy seems all right. Users need to be aware that the provider is required by law to get rid of the encryption from files and folders before handing them over to government agencies. If lawfully obliged to sum up our findings for this category, we don’t regard idrive highly when it comes to privacy thanks to the invasive policies of the us governments. Therefore, it only scores three out of five when it comes to privacy. Next, we look at the interface. Interestingly, idrive offers compatible apps for the most relevant platforms, including windows, mac, os, ios and android. It must be said, however, that the most remarkable clients in terms of features and elegance are the desktop apps, depending on your preference.

Idrive can backup your whole phone or hard drive, or only specific folders and files. You can also set the backup to either run on a schedule or manually. Everything is literally automated with all the clients making idrive one of the most intuitive cloud storage providers around another feature that aids user friendliness is the sync feature that allows you to synchronize folders between different devices. Everything is easy to do thanks to the intuitive menus that make it effortless to create your desired configurations. You can literally do anything on the clients without being overly experienced with smart devices or modern innovations. We also believe it’s impressive, that idrive clients are replete with settings. For instance, the desktop client comes with controls for data verification, folder and file exclusion, bandwidth throttling and more. Meanwhile, the android apps allows you to backup everything on your phone. From your contacts to your messages, you can also pause backups if your device’s battery level has dropped below a particular level, it’s also worth adding that backing up files and restoring them do not take time at all, especially if the files are not heavy. If you experience any problems related to speed it’s, most likely not from idrive, as we said, the apps are easy to understand and navigate, and the interface is user friendly. Within a couple of minutes, you would have understood everything in this category. Idrive scores a perfect 5 out of 5 thanks to its flawless performance that takes us to customer support, which is an important part of every cloud storage service.

Good customer support is fundamental to a cloud service provider. Thankfully, this company has an incredible tech support team filled with knowledgeable and friendly agents, who are always ready to help resolve your problems as fast as possible. You can reach the company via three main channels. Live chat, support, 24, 7 phone support and email support. Furthermore, the company also offers different support resources such as video tutorials that cover all tips and features about the usage of the service. The video tutorials, especially help users learn how to exploit the plethora of features in the best way possible. Additionally, the company provides a knowledge base, packed with faqs and blogs, to answer some of the most complicated cloud related questions. On top of that, there is a step by step, wizard that walks you through how to create the first backup. New users will especially find this really helpful in the customer support category idrive again bags all the points. Finally, we will review the different plans offered by idrive and their prices. Idrive offers a free plan, but that’s not really the impressive part in itself. As most cloud service providers do that, however, in an extremely generous move by the company, the free plan comes with five gigabytes of storage, which is more than what most of the rivals offer. By contrast, dropbox’s free plan comes with only two gigabytes of storage. There are several different plans available for paid users depending on whether you are a single user or company.

The plans are grouped into three main categories called personal team and business for the personal category. You can either choose a 5 terabyte plan that costs 69.50 per year or 10 terabyte plan that costs 99.50 per year. The team category offers different plans that range from 5 terabytes to 50 terabytes for 99.50 to 999.50 per year. Meanwhile, the business categories plans range from 500 gigabytes to 50 terabytes, while allowing unlimited users and devices the prices range from 199.50 to 799.50. Of course, the stipulated prices may vary depending on the duration for which you sign up, and we didn’t consider the different special deals and offers that the company periodically runs. In fact, you may find lower prices on their website if you check it now, if you have a large enterprise, we recommend a business account instead of a personal one. Business accounts come with additional features like multiple user management, vip supports and server backups in the pricing category. Idrive again begs all the points. To sum up: there’s, no doubt that idrive is one of the best cloud storage providers out there. However, the company is located in the united states, which is not ideal if idrive tickles, your fancy see the official links we have added down below for an amazing 50 discount on this service right now, we believe p cloud is the best of the bunch with its Frill of awesome features unbreakable, encryption, easy to use clients and competitive pricing.

There is no doubt in our minds that pcloud is the best cloud storage service out there. Also, the cyberlab viewers can get a special 65 discount on pcloud. All you have to do is to click the official link we have added in the description box down below and this discount will be automatically applied, but keep in mind that this offer is only available for a limited time so hurry up with that. We have reached the end of this video and we’d like to thank you for following us through now it’s over to you, we’d like to know your feedback. So let us know in the comments section what you think of idrive. We will reply to your comment. Please hit the like button if you haven’t already and don’t forget to subscribe for more videos.