I want to share my thoughts and review of the mafia club membership, whether you have been playing for a short period of time or very long period and you’re curious to see what you exactly get for your money. Well, hopefully, i’m going to detail exactly what those are and whether it is worth it for the price. Now you can also find my full written deep dive of mafia club on my website, so check it out at onetechtraveler.com and make sure you keep it locked by subscribing to our team kba channel to see more videos around idle mafia to help you play more understand. More the capos and just enjoy the game so without further ado, let’s jump in so i’ve timed, the video for today, because we have a few events running that. Allow me to highlight exactly what mafia club does for you. Uh. We have the japan event, which we can dive into shortly, um but you’re going to find mafia club here and if you are not familiar with mafia club it’s, just going to sort of strip away a lot of the features that are hidden behind some advertisements that You have to basically watch for, like 30 seconds to activate them. It strips that away, plus a few extra features which we can dive into. It is a monthly membership. It’S going to run you roughly five pounds, five dollars a month, it’s a subscription, but you can cancel it within the google play subscription or for ios.

I imagine in apple’s app store. You can cancel it anytime, pretty much when you like. Activate the first time, if you just want to try it out um the headline features kind of going to give you an idea but there’s definitely more depth to it. Firstly, you’re going to get 60 diamonds per day skip all videos, unlock bounty list, autofill unlock five speed six times and unlock skip battle, so not much in terms of description for what they actually do: 60 diamonds per day, which is calculated as 30 days. You’Re gon na get roughly 1 800 diamonds over the life of a month, so diving in we’re actually going to start with unlocking bounty list autofill, which is a very easy one for us to look at. It is in the office section. If you go on bounty list, you’re going to get the few quests, you can send your couples on and after roughly two hours you can claim the rewards after finishing those missions. Now, where the mafia club fills in is you have like two additional features within bounty list? One is you can get up to six additional daily quests and those are hidden behind 30. Second advertisements. It can get quite tedious, but here you can basically unlock them all and there’s a total amount. You see six. You can run that down to zero. Uh you’ll see this like mafia club logo against the number of times, so you can see it’s active and just as you saw basically, i can just keep pressing that button.

It’S not going to trigger those advertisements, and i can unlock all six. So they are all here which is great gon na save you a couple of minutes, but over a month, it’s gon na really help a lot uh and then the second part is that autofill feature that they headlined in the mafia club subscription. So if you click dispatch, it will give you autofill and dispatch. Normally you’d have to just select the capos themselves and basically find the right couples of the same nationality and trade that that it requires, and then the number of stars, when you click auto, fill it’s. Just that one button is going to automatically assign ones that are going to directly fit those, so you don’t have to worry about your strongest capos being assigned to like the lowest bounty quests. I really like this feature a lot we can just do that instantly and on the sixth i activated boom we are done. Let me do it on the additionals that i haven’t done for today, provided that you have the capitals for those criterias yeah and then once you’re finished, with the extra quests done so that’s, the first part of mafia club. You can see it’s very smooth, very streamlined. I really like that. Moving on let’s go back to the mafia club, so on this page you can see it says, claim today when it resets uh for the next day, you can basically just click the claim and then that’s going to give you the 60 diamonds going to be a Nice touch touch up if you decide to refresh the store um like here, so that you can activate more um that’s kind of locked behind the underworld.

Part, if you want an extra free refresh, but the 60 is going to be a nice filler, especially if you have a few shards that you want to get to fill in those legendary capos. Whenever you make your first purchase in idle mafia, you do also get the chance to pick up any of these couples for free. So we have gogogokudo, kate, oracle and bella delano flame, so they are all different traits and different nationalities. You can pick the ones that you want. I haven’t picked it up yet, and this is my first pickup so i’m going to go for bella delano since she’s the building that i want to upgrade further, and i pick that up sweet. So we’ve done the bounty list. Outfield let’s now go into fight, speed, so fight speed is going to be applicable to any kind of battle scenario, which is really awesome, whether that’s turf wars uh the jailbreak. I think i’ve got a few jailbreaks that i can do to show you, so we can check that out here. So let’s go to next fight, there’s, also a few things in jailbreak that we can also benefit from. But i quickly show this you’ll get the one times two times and the six times that six times this look behind mafia club. It really speeds through things quickly, so you can basically accelerate that much more than you normally would, which is up to two times so that’s really handy.

I can select this if you haven’t activated those packs after the stage. You can also do it without needing to see an ad. Alternatively, if you’re kind of up against very high powered stages in jailbreak uh, you can get a number of video booths, normally there’s, maybe five times, and that is going to run. You like additional advertisements for each here. You can just click, get it now and you can just get a boost to try and increase your chances of succeeding in those. So i’m gon na just select this one, and i can even do one more so i’m. Just gon na go crazy on this let’s go for damage, combo a kit. I like that right, that’s done another thing: you can also skip stages, so i’ll do it. After this, i kind of don’t like skipping stages, because i want to actually see how they fight it out but skip stages. If you really want to like speed up that process, then you can do so and again because it’s six times we’ll see if i can win this yeah, especially with those added buffs, so let’s get an another increase cool all right. So we have. This is on hell mode by the way, so one two three four five, six, seven, eight nine ten eleven so just to show you uh, t27 teleporter. You can instantly skip seven stages, it’s, basically done on the number of stages you complete in the previous uh round.

Minus five and then you can’t skip past seven stage, seven, so normally i don’t do it, but just to see what it looks like and first time what that’s going to mean for me. Let’S go ahead and do that now one two three four: five: six, seven cool so it’s just skipped us all the way further and let’s get the critical hit. It basically gives us the rewards for winning each round straight in a row. So i’m gon na go slot machine, let’s, choose brutality, bandage friendly couples, damage skill reduction, strength, capital increase and then let’s go on the battle recovery. Oh another brutality, bandage, crazy man, seven! This is the first time, but you can see here we have the rewards for all seven battles that we skipped and you can see these are the roads we got now. You also saw i picked up the slot machine, which basically gives a chance for me to double my rewards, so we would get these first. Three, the jailbreak coins, the cigar and the normal key, and then here i picked up some additional ones. So i’ve collected all of those and now only thing that i sort of don’t like about that is. It might also reduce the number of chances of getting those challengers where you can kind of get more uh fights so yeah up to you, whether you want to use it um but yeah. If you’re kind of struggling with the difficulties of them, then i guess it helps you to complete it.

So you can get all of the rewards from this uh jailbreak session, but yeah i’ll finish that for the rest, so that was another part of how it looks like for jailbreak with the six time battle, speed that will also affect yeah turf wars. Whenever you are claiming new buildings within the the city that you have started in any of the normal fights like the arena and uh, also the gang fights as well i’ve already done mine for today. So i can’t show you but yeah you get the gist. So that’s actually very handy for just speeding all of that up that covered the unlock of fight speed six times. We also have the unlock skip battle, which is yeah: okay, basically it’s, just exactly what it says. You skip one of the battles, but i like to play all of mine, so i don’t really find that part too interesting within a mafia club um, but kind of the biggest thing that i really liked is skipping all of the ads. Now, of course, this is a free to play game. You don’t have to spend any money on it, but mafia club does definitely help if you’re looking to just make one or small purchases within idle mafia and don’t plan to do so with any of the other packs it’s, basically going to be any of those pickups. That give you sort of additional boosts, whether that’s the cash cigar mystic normal keys shards, even some of them, like you, saw from the truck they don’t require you to you, know, watch a video, but quite often to do that you, you also need to watch so Yeah, that would be really handy.

There let’s also go into event japan, because that’s skipping videos, which is kind of present in many of the functions like increasing income, uh, anything like that uh. It also affects so i’ve spent two and a half hours away from event. Japan normally you’d have to watch an ad. I can just press this mafia club button again and it’ll. Give me double without needing to watch the ads so stacking that up multiple times within a day week plus like is going to make a big difference to the overall experience. It’S just much cleaner. You don’t have to waste time watching it, but you can still reap all of the rewards which i think is really worth it so, especially on the double boost and normally again a video abuse. You can just click, get it now that’s going to double my income. We don’t have to watch, we just skip it and you can stack up to 12 hours in a day that’s both for the events and for your your city and again that’s just going to make such a big difference. We also get like helicopters coming in. You can just get those additional parts for cash and the sushi in this case, but yeah. I really like the event. Japan and you know you can pull this slot machine so uh, just wherever you kind of experience having to like access boost by watching an ad. This is just gon na strip that completely like in every aspect, so it’s, just a very clean user experience, while still begin to get a leg up with any of those additional boosts that you would normally have to watch if we go to the office.

Well again, the income click get it now and i can just press the button to stack it for 12 hours and away. We go so like the ida, mafia name sort of implies. You know it’s, not a game that you need to be fully active in as long as you’ve. I guess, got your capos to the level. Otherwise you need to keep refreshing it. So yeah that’s that’s kind of it uh let’s, see if this one’s going to trigger nope that’s, just a normal cash let’s go to the bounty list again yeah, so i’ve already done it for today. Anything else i don’t need to get my shards from my friends list cool, so that’s kind of it that’s mafia club membership. Now is it worth it so for the price again, i mentioned is five pounds a month or five dollars subscription base, but you can cancel it at any time if you are just playing the game pretty organically and but one sort of access will give you a Bit more of a boost with doubling the income access to those uh helicopters, the the cash fans that are coming through to just give you extra cash cigar like mystic keys, normally you’d have to watch a lot of advertisements and what i do is kind of just Like access it and then just do something else, 30 seconds or rest my eyes and then come back. This means you just can just strip away.

All of that you don’t have to worry about which ones are sort of worth waiting for um or you know if it’s going to get tedious. This is just you can just press, whichever ones that you see and collect them and uh yeah. You know that’s that skipping as thing is kind of the biggest thing i like about mafia club. Of course, you kind of think. Oh, they shouldn’t be locking it behind, but that’s kind of how these sort of games work um. I kind of like the fact that they give you the chance. If you do want to get extra boost, that you can just watch and add, but five pounds five dollars a month is really not breaking. The bank is a very minor cost to just how much it really liberates the overall game. Experience um makes it much more enjoyable, more fluid, uh kind of feels like it’s, not really, i wouldn’t say locked down as much because again, you’re still playing within the normal realms of the game um, but for those additional things again, it just makes it much less Tedious having to wait, it’s more instantaneous without feeling like you’re, throwing money to the game, it’s, just an overall game enhancement, experience, um, it’s, also equivalent to those costs of you know. New rank offers two legendary capital shards for like two capos, you know it’s the same price as what you do for mafia club for the overall month.

That is just gon na make a much bigger difference to your overall game experience. So for me i definitely think it’s worth it um. Of course you can just go free to play like i have been doing for the past month and you know i’ve been enjoying the game and growing organically. Well, i haven’t really found the need to get those packages yet, but maybe i’ll do it so that i can kind of make videos to show you what they’re about, but for my own experience, i’ve sort of found it really enjoyable to play organically free to play. Mafia club is just going to be, if you are someone that is enjoying the game and a bit more invested to making the part of watching advertisements less tedious, and you kind of want to just enjoy all the additional benefits like the battle game. Speed um like going through jailbreak any of those like wars, just a bit more quicker um. Then i think mafia club is worth the money how long you want to subscribe to it it’s clearly just uh depending on you know how long you feel you want to have that kind of experience. If you’re sort of not playing as much, then you can cancel it or you can just do it one month and then just see how it goes. But for me, even just after you know a couple of days of unlocking it and just exploring how much more it improves my overall, you know playing the game.

Mafia club is a nice touch and highly worth the money, especially because it’s a very small amount and then, of course, we can talk about the underworld past another time, so that kind of wraps up my thoughts and review of the mafia club membership within idle mafia Have you signed up to mafia club? Let me know down in the comments what your experience or whether you think it’s worth it, whether you like it for different reasons or you’ve, decided to go for different, like packs or just completely free to play. Let me know down in the comments again i kind of just subscribe to it, so i can make this video to help those who are i mean and aring or weighing whether they want to do it or whether it’s worth it. My opinion it’s worth it just for skipping the advertisements, while getting access to all of those booths alone, just makes the gameplay much more cleaner and doesn’t feel as locked in as it is optional it’s a nice add on you, don’t have to have it it’s, not A necessity or essential, but if you are interested in mafia club membership, it’s worth five dollars. So thanks a lot that kind of wraps up this video review for ida mafia again, if you want to see my written review check it out onetechtraveler.com and if you found it useful and would like to see more, give this video a big thumbs up and subscribe.

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