. Some of you must have been wondering about the differences now it’s time to reveal all Music for many of us id 5. Pro 40 inch is definitely a hot selling product featuring modern display and full cpu and gpu performance plus high end amd is definitely one of the most trending hotspots. Above all, display part is not to be missed. With 2.2k resolution and 16 by 10 aspect, ratio is able to show more content in the bottom of the screen. Good thing that you will not miss any important info from now map design protects the display with excellent, regular reduction 2.2 k resolution rate, almost 20 percent improved compared to fhd in pixel density. So next time, when you browse through the website, you will see how clear it would be 300 screen brightness with no splash screen, it’s good enough to use during the day time. Besides, with 100 srdb white color gamma, it is surely a trait for your visual experience and it totally supports anti blu ray production in hardware instead of a software, so it wouldn’t turn air low over time overall id 5 pro 14 inch is the best vision among The same class from the resolution ratio, color, gamut, dimmer intensity and brightness – it currently remains the overwhelming choice of your daily use. Now let’s get to the intelligence experience part. It replaces the tedious process of a fingerprint definition and pressing the button to turn on id 5. Pro 14 inch also doubles the design of the third generation of mq, which arranges extreme mode, intelligence, mode and energy streaming mode for people who love performance, balance and mute power system.

Whether you are looking for the high end performance for ultra slim and long term battery life, the third generation iphone queue – is what you need now speaker. Openings are arranged on both sides of the save panel keyboard and the overall details are unified. Touchpad supports the gesture operation, so now we can get rid of the mouse for convenience. On the i o part id 5, pro 14 inch is featured with the design of a dual usb, a and dual type c. The whole laptop is equipped with hdmi. I o and full size sd card reader plus the essential 3.5 audio interface it’s. Definitely a multi tasking helper for office use film, shooting video production and others as well. Now let’s move to the performance test, with impressive productivity up to 11th gen intel tiger lake i7 and amd system r7 plus brand new sensory architecture design with 7 nanometer process. It has greatly improved the single core performance with a wider application range compared to the previous generation 4800u. Next, the tech score of cinebench, r15 and r20 compared to the 4800u. The single core performance got improved by 15 to 25 and what about the whole core performance? Guess what 20? In terms of 3d microscopes, we can see that the mx 450 graphics card of id 5 pro 14 inch is 10 percent higher than that a newly eliminated mx 450 product memory test compared with 4800u ipad 5. Pro 40 inch equipped with 5800u has a major improvement in reading writing lawyer languages.

According to the ssd test, compared with a certain model, its reading and writing performance has reached the top level, pcre 3.0 solid state for extreme mode. The cpu power consumption of one single time is stable at about 30 watts. The frequency is 3.112 gigahertz and the temperature is 74.4 degrees. The cpu performance release of 30 watts can fully make the daily office use and a certain game playing needs for game players. This is the part you should pay attention to. We choose several popular online games and single player games on the market for tests. It turns out that the id pad 5 pro 14 inch is superior in the actual gaming experience and the game performance is improved, even though the graphics cards are the same in terms of productivity. We carry out ps, running test pr radio export test and common 3d renderers running test id 5. Pro 40 inch has a lead of a 5 percent to 10 about battery life. Pc markton uses a battery of 56.5 horsepower which allows the modern office hours to reach 11 hours and 30 minutes all in our id 5. Pro 14 inch offers your 60 by 10 high resolution and high calorie damage. Current amd’s latest processor intelligence, experience of facial recognition and compressive io design power is all that is all for today.