These are pretty spatial. These are different. These are not for everyone actually yeah. This one can be used by anybody, but the specialty of these headphones is like these are built for kids. I dont know about you. Sometimes I feel like I dont, want to let my kid use one of my big headphones, like Im, worried about the loudness of the sound, whether its gon na hurt his ear or not so Ive been looking for kids headphones and, if you know me, if you Have watched my other videos, I always buy a lot of different brands. I always buy products from a lot of different brands and then do some testing some comparison and then pick the best one yeah in my world best doesnt mean the most expensive in my world. Best means the best performance and also very good value for money. Well, these two are from the brand named iclever. This one is bth15 and this one is bth12. Bt, h15 costs only 45.99 US Dollars and bth 12 costs only 36.99 US Dollars. These are built for kids, so these actually comes with a limited volume level, and if we want, then we can actually switch between kids mode and adult mode. Okay, as usual, we will go through unboxing and then we will go through all the testing process, but before that there is one request: if you end up liking this video, then please dont forget to click on the like button and please subscribe to this channel.

Well. Lets start from this big one. This one is bth 15.. This one offers 45 hours of play time and only 10 minutes of charging will offer 6 hours of listening time. So thats really great lets. Do the unboxing and lets check what things we have got inside the box? I really like this packaging. It looks so nice, pretty vibrant. It says magic switch one step pairing so yeah that should be a very easy process to pair it with any smartphone wow. This one one also comes with RGB light. They have also printed the specifications – Bluetooth version 5.2 thats a very big plus point because most of the other headphones that Ive tested comes with Bluetooth version 5.0 and the dynamic drivers are pretty big 40 millimeter Dynamic drivers. This should offer very good sound quality, Lithium Polymer battery and the battery charging time. It says up to 3 hours, but my personal experience real life experiences. It only takes 150 minutes to get fully charged. Well lets unwrap it Inside the Box. They have provided a very nice pouch to carry these headphones so yeah. This is really a nice touch. Well, I really like this. They have color matched the pouch with the headphones great. They have provided a nice quality, 3.5 millimeter cable. There is a USB A2 USBC charging cable and a user guide. There are a lot of illustrations inside the user guide, so yeah its very easy to understand and use.

I really like this color I mean this is really one of the most vibrant colors for kids. Its not that dazzling its not that gorgeous, but its a bit subtle. Yet vibrant! Look at this! This one even comes with a very nice RGB lighting. There are three other very important things about headphones is like Comfort, build quality and weight. The build quality is very good in hand. It totally feels like a flagship class headphones and if youre gon na talk about Comfort, I think then Im gon na give this one 10 out of 10. in the cushion on top cushion attached to the headband is very soft, and even if the headband is so Sturdy, its not like this headphone is gon na press on the air, its super comfortable, the cushions the leather, the pads everything is so soft and comfortable. Okay, let me test the weight wow, its only 227 grams thats really feather light. Well, there are a few buttons on the right headphone in the volume rockers mood button and the RGB button all are located on the right, headphone Music. As I have mentioned earlier, this set of headphones comes with volume limiter. I mean there is a safe volume limit mode and to activate that. What you have to do is to press both the up and down volume button. At the same time, that will activate save volume limiter and to deactivate. Once again, we have to press both the volume up and down button at the same time that will activate normal mode.

When this one is in, say, volume mode, it wont allow to increase the volume Beyond 85 decibels, which is actually a safe limit for all the kids. Another thing I like about this set of headphones is: we dont have to press the power on off button to power it on or off. What we can do is unfold it to power it on and fold it to Power It Off. So its super easy for kids to use it, and this wont drain the battery so easily, all all together for build quality, Outlook and appearance. I will give this one 10 out of 10 and for ease of use. I will also give this one 10 out of 10 and definitely this one will get 10 out of 10 for safety limit thats thats one of the most important aspect of this set of headphones. But as you know, I always want to check how good is the performance of a set of headphones lets. Listen to some music Lost in Time very good, sound quality. I really didnt even expect this much because I thought these are for kids and maybe sound quality. Would be like on par good, better than many other, but really I didnt even expect that this one would offer premium. Sound quality now lets check the cheaper Edition. This one is bth 12. This one costs only 36.99 US dollars. As usual. Iclever have printed some specification on the package: Bluetooth version 5.

2. This one also comes with 40 millimeter Dynamic drivers. Batteries are Lithium Polymer battery and actually this one doesnt even take two hours to get fully charged. I dont know why they have written up to three hours inside the box. As usual, there is a USB A2 USBC charging cable and a 3.5 millimeter cable, along with the user manual, which actually describes everything. Clearly, the cushions are really even more soft than the other one than the bth 15 one. I can feel that this brand eye clever, have thought about all sorts of conditions and all sorts of scenarios, so they have tried to deliver the most possible Comfort to all the kids who are gon na wear these headphones. This pth12 also comes with a very good RGB Lighting on both the sides, and there are many different and RGB modes on the right side. There are volume, rockers a play, pause button, a dedicated RGB button and a dedicated power on off button. There is a 3.5 millimeter port, a USBC port, and the microphone is also located on the right side to cycle through the moons I mean 74 decibel 85 decibel and 94 decibel just press the volume up and down button at the same time, and it will cycle Through 74 decibel 85 decibel and 94 decibel sound mode. These headphones can reproduce premium, quality, sound, so thats really amazing, and they have managed to make it far more enjoyable and comfortable. So if you are thinking about online learning e learning, then yeah kids will be happy to wear this because its comfortable and its fun there is RGB lighting.

Well, we can use these headphones from iclever. I mean both the bth15 and bth 12 through Bluetooth and we can also use the 3.5 millimeter port and when we are using 3.5 millimeter Port, we can get infinite time of battery life. We can share two headphones. At the same time, I mean the kids can share music or cartoon show, or a movie, whatever theyre, enjoying with their friends through sharepport, which is really a nice feature. Well, thats, all about this bth15 and bth12 Im super satisfied with the performance, and these offers very good value for money, especially if youre looking for a kids headphone. Then these are one of the best that I can recommend. As usual. I have left two links of these products in the description box below if you are interested, go ahead, check those links, but before you go, if you have liked this video, please take a while click on the like button and subscribe to this channel Music.